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    posted a message on How do I make a car with no mods?
    If you want to make a basic static car, then here's a compact example I came up with.

    Take a gander at the brick jalopy. Nothing fancy, but it gets the point that it's a car out, and only takes up a 3X5 space.

    Side View

    Isometric View

    Front View

    Back View

    Comes in stone brick gray, ugly cobblestone, environmentally wooden, and brick red. Replace the respective parts with blocks of the needed type for contrast, or make an ugly patchwork thingy by mixing them. Floor of interior (which is by default gray cloth, but customizable) has a pressure plate to open doors, while the driver's wheel can be whatever the heck you desire, though I personally use a stone button to represent it.

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    Original Concept Drawing:

    A reoccurring dream within the head of many a Minecraft player involved the creation of a massive chunk of iron or (seeing as metal is excruciatingly difficult to obtain in large under normal circumstances) stone, slapping some sort of propulsion system and a TNT cannon atop it, and then precede to blow the crap out of a near-by mountain. While such a fantasy is still just that, a fantasy, it's always fun to see what you can build from currently available resources.

    And with that, I present to you:

    Tank goodness (ignore the figures in the distance, and yes, this was made using creative!). This weapon here is the Tactical Anti-Nemesis Konstruct Mk I, or simply TANK Mk I for short. Specifically, the model showcased is a Mk I B, with a closed turret for maximum crew protection.


    Main armament:
    Basic dispenser gun.

    Side Arms: Two side dispensers, sponson holes for shooting arrows.

    Dimensional Specifications: 7X5 hull / 3X8 Turret
    Armor: Smooth stone composite.

    Crew: 1-3 (Driver, Gunner, and Side-Gunner.)

    Engine: Blakmajik's Ship Controller (Zeppelin Mod 1.1.0)

    Additional Images:

    Back view.
    View from interior.

    Compartment View.
    Side image of the Mk I A.

    View From Turret on the Mk I A.

    Of course, as impressive as the MK I is, it's post-alpha dispenser gun is inadequate at dealing any damage to structures outside of Fire Charges. So, what do you do when you want a weapon capable of leveling a building?

    You build a bigger Tank.

    The "Minecart of a Mad Griefer" Mark C Behemoth is truly an awesome sight to behold. Armed with a fully functional 3X5 TNT cannon, with a co-axial dispenser cannon just cause', the Mark C is capable of both leveling structures and combating enemy tanks. Yet despite being a formidable weapon in its own right, being experimental, the Mark C is not without a few...Small flaws. Problems with the cooling system make it imperative to constantly refill the turret with water after moving for a prolonged distance, leaving a crewman exposed to fire. Another flaw regarding the turret is it's inability to fire the main gun while moving (the end results having shown being...Catastrophic, to say the least.) The main gun itself has to be loaded manually, which given the complex nature of TNT weaponry, also forces a crewman to move outside of the tank to do so. While not ready for the fast-paced Minecraft battlefield as of today, hopefully future implements will allow the heavy tank to fight with as much capacity as their smaller counterparts.

    Main armament:
    3X5 TNT cannon.

    Side Arms: three side dispensers (one on the left and two to the right), Co-axial dispenser gun.

    Dimensional Specifications: 8X5 hull / 3X9 Turret

    Armor: Smooth stone/iron composite.

    Crew: 1-3 (Driver, Gunner, and Reloader.)

    Engine: Blakmajik's Ship Controller (Zeppelin Mod 1.1.0)

    Additional Images:

    Back view.
    Interior shot.
    Alternate Side View (+ Cannon Crater)
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    posted a message on What does the powered minecart even do?
    Way back in the early days of minerails, before electric boosters, or before people discovered the booster glitch even, these clunky things were meant to push Minecarts like a locomotive. You first went behind it, inserted some coal into the furnace (by right clicking on the opening side) and then made a mad dash for your minecart in an attempt to get onto it before the darned thing pushed your ride away. Now a days, they're glitchy and even less reliable, their only practical use being pushing chest carts, which even then they have difficulty doing.
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