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    In Association with AGTV
    Silent Productions Presents:
    The Silent Armageddon
    MC Server IP: or mc.silentarmageddon.beastnode.net
    Mumble Server IP:

    The Wilderness:

    The Wilderness is our survival world open to all players. The Wilderness is home to two competing factions, Redd and Blueu. Players have the choice of joining one of the two. Once joined, the faction grants a lot of protection and benefits. However, players that wish to remain independent may do so and even become their own faction if they reach ten players. There is no whitelist so start pwning some noobs now!

    The Nether and the End:

    The Nether and the End are places of danger but also places of adventure! Treasures and dungeons are scattered all across the worlds but beware, the Dark Lord can and will find you.


    Syren is the creative world on the server. It includes some of our greatest builds ever built! Only admins may build there but the city is open to tourism for all players. Ruled over by The Architect, who determines whether a build will be allowed to stay in the city, which will one day be open to download, and will be converted to an adventure map.

    Stuff You Might Want to Know

    This is a great server for those all about survival and PvP.
    There are somethings you should be aware of about Survival:

    1. This is PvP so people can fight you and you can lose your stuff.
    2. You can forge alliances to help protect each other from rival factions as well as hostile mobs.
    3. You are Strongly encouraged to join a faction as loners do not last long.
    4. If you cannot stand possible destruction of your creations or loss of items in a war please do not play or complain.
    5. Despite warring factions you can still have fun exploring and doing all the other things you love to do.
    6. This server is on hard mode(not hardcore).
    7. No mods or hacks
    8. No attacking factions while they are offline.
    9. No accepting, giving, asking, or spawning in spawned in items

    We are running our own custom plugin which adds a variety of new functions and crafting recipes. You can check out all of what is included and what will be coming at http://dev.bukkit.or...rver-mods/agtv/
    Some features include harder mobs, specific plant biomes, fire and black powder arrows, and other random events.
    If you have any suggestions you can message an admin and it may get added.

    Twitter: @_agtv_
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    Oh and Lenny, if you want more people, just post more.
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    AGTV Minecraft

    Hello and welcome to the front page for AGTV Minecraft. The server is designed to allow very hardcore survival and strong PVP. Don't expect to live long by yourself so find friends quick! Just login and enjoy your stay.

    Make sure you read the following info for helpful information!

    -Current Admins-
    • NamTaey - Custodial Engineer Admin
    • Kevinatoranator - Survival Authority Admin
    • Benmcafee7 - Admin
    • Ceruleanfire - New Troy Tourism Authority
    • _Clumsyninja_ - Admin
    • Pooplytwo - Survival Authority Admin
    -IP Addresses-

    -AGTV Minecraft Server-

    -AGTV Mumble Server-
    Must be an admin

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    Quote from thehoodedfigure

    What happened to the other IV Legions?

    They all died of course :sad.gif:

    :laugh.gif: We personally prefer the number 5 over all numbers.
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    Quote from NamTaey

    I am sorta done with Ruston RPG, I am working on a new texture pack currently. Anyone who wants to take the reins go ahead as long as you credit myself, Zlotnikle and ZeldaFF.

    Stealing/Taking/Borrowing Textures From this Texture Pack is Forbidden unless due Credit and permission to use is given to and/or by Ruston RPG.
    -Thank You


    Download Ruston RPG 2.3.3 [Mediafire]
    Download Ruston RPG 2.3.3 [LinkBucks]

    -Older Versions of Ruston RPG-


    -Dark Brotherhood-

    As a proud member of the Dark Brotherhood Anti-Griefer Clan, I was asked to make a special version of Ruston RPG for them. If you are also a member of the Dark Brotherhood, PM Greenwindu and ask him for Ruston RPG Dark Brotherhood Edition.

    -Fan Banners-


    Ruston RPG: Not Really Ruston, Not Really RPG

    [size="5"][font="Impact"][color="#0000FF"][url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/407422-16x-ruston-rpg-20/"]Ruston RPG: Not Really Ruston, Not Really RPG[/url][/color][/font][/size]


    -Update Log-

    ~New Wood
    ~New Wooden Planks
    ~New Wooden Planks ALTS
    ~New Cobblestone
    ~New Moss Stone
    ~New Minecart Sprite and Model
    ~New Boat Model
    ~New Leather Cap
    ~New Diamond Armor (more original)
    ~New Pickaxes
    ~New Axes
    ~New Hoes
    ~New Shovels
    ~New Bonemeal
    ~Improved Mushroom Soup
    ~New GUI (graphic user interface)
    ~Improved Lapis Sprite
    ~Improved Brick
    ~New Crafting Table


    ~New Sand ALTS
    ~New Rain Texture
    ~Katana and Bokken Sword ALTS
    ~YogBox Compatibility
    ~More Wooden Plank ALTS
    ~Fixed Cake
    ~Flintlock Pistol ALT
    ~New Pig Zombie, Pigman & Ghast
    ~Pictures Hosted By Phtobucket
    ~Fixed Fishing Rod
    ~New Custom Break Animation


    ~Fixed the "floaty" bed
    ~Added New Screenshots


    ~New Netherack + ALT
    ~New Glowstone + ALT
    ~Darker Soulsand
    ~Grass ALT
    ~100% Finished GUI
    ~Leather Cap Edit
    ~Diamond Armor Edit
    ~Diamond Armor Sprite Edit
    ~Gold Ingot Edit
    ~Iron Ingot Edit
    ~Iron Door "Key-Hole" Edit


    ~Pack Re-released


    Zlotnikle- Creator
    NamTaey- Co-Editor
    ZeldaFF- Co-Editor
    Curuleanfire- Owner of Columbia
    Kevinatoranator- Owner of Mockingbird
    LiamLion- Suggestions and encouragement
    Toaddude- Suggestions
    FailedToOpen- Suggestions
    Silent-Productions- Server and Awesome Team
    Jolicraft- Inspiration
    Bricklion's RPG Texture Pack- Inspiration
    Yogscast- Inspiration

    -Ruston RPG Supports-

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    Quote from JebusChrist666

    I like how it includes links to me and my clan page. I approve :iapprove: . Not that it matters, but I just want to say I like it.
    EDIT: You spelled "griefers" as "grievers" a couple times, and in the beginning, after "We find the griefer and tell you,before..." there needs to be a space after the comma. And under alliances, there should be a comma after "Alliance" so it's "If you want an alliance, ask!" and alliance shouldn't be capitalized. Perfect spelling/grammar makes you look more professional.

    Oh dang, I will correct those.
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    I am just throwing poo like a monkey here, but what about things slightly better than 1x? What would be the verdict on 4x and 8x?

    Oh and yes, this needs to be sticky and have a poll.
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    That is awesome! For the Greater Good!

    Some Minor Criticism:
    -It is a little hard on the eyes
    -The bow as a Bolter insults the Greater Good, my friend :laugh.gif:
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    Quote from ZeldaFF

    finished my version of a window for the wooden door.
    didn't think glass was that necessary :tongue.gif:

    You win! I like your variant the best :smile.gif:

    New Link

    What we are looking like so far:
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