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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    How do I install Modloader onto my server, so then I can play with my friends with mods that require Modloader?
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    posted a message on Battlecraft
    1. How old are you - 13

    2. Do you have a youtube channel that we could check out? - PJohnnyJX

    3. Rate yourself from 1 -10 how cool you are-i would say - What ever Rainbow Dash would be placed at. (about an 8)

    4. Rate yourself 1-10 how honestly you answered the last question - 10. Rainbow Dash is Best Pony. (about a 6)

    5. Minecraft username - NakedKitten

    6. How long have you been playing Minecraft? - Since 1.4 Beta - 8 Monthes

    7. My house so far on
    - It's still being built, and will look awesome when it is done! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.3 Rank Update : 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Quote from intruder175

    I hope this isnt violating any rules but i made a link to a temp download for Modloadermp

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    posted a message on Opulentia - a hardcore server [PVP] [PVE] [50 slots and counting!][no whitelist]
    *Minecraft username: NakedKitten
    *Age and location: 13, South Carolina, USA
    *Previous bans: N/A
    Referral (how you found out about our server): Reddit
    *Reason for acceptance: Why not? I am an awesome builder, I am really friendly, and I *DERP* a lot.
    *Say what you think the proper uses of fire and TNT are: Fire - To use as a light source. // TNT - To remove a large sum of blocks that is useful for mining.
    Additional info (some of your achievements in minecraft or just trivial knowledge): I know every recipie on Minecraft, and Rainbow Dash is Best Pony.
    *Have you read the rules? (Y/N): Yes
    *Prove it: {} 11
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Okay, so I keep on getting the crashing problem.

    I've downloaded Optifine (derp), and I have it all ready to set up.
    I bring the class files to the minecraft.jar, delete the META-INF, and close it.
    I then open Minecraft, and BOOM! Black screen.
    I even checked up on Youtube, but those guys aren't showing us something that is required to get it running....
    So, I'm tired of restarting my minecraft over and over and over again... And now I need to figure out what am I not doing correctly?
    If you guys know the problem, reply please...

    P.S. Don't say anything like "Did you delete META-INF" because that will get me pissed that you didn't even read the post...
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
    I was about to play a 1.7.3 server, but then it asked me to update. So I was like "Wtf?". I exited MC and brung it back up, and of course, on the news, 1.8 has came out. Came to for release time. I barley missed anything!


    1.8 is out bitches!!!! xD
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    posted a message on Minecraft error
    Quote from epikal

    That error is normally down to spyware, check this: Failed to Launch: Fatal error occured (4)

    THANK YOU KIND SIR!!! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Failed to Launch: Fatal error occured (4)
    Thank you good sir!

    At first, I tried deleting it straight up. With Task manager, but then I knew I had to download Malwarebytes again... Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! :DDDDDDD
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    posted a message on Minecraft error
    If you are wondering how I fixed it,

    For some reason, every time I try to connect to minecraft servers, It wont let me connect. This is what I keep getting: " Fatal Error Occurred (4): Address family not supported by protocol family: connect". I can not get it working, no matter what. If anyone has any bright ideas for me, please reply. Because I can't play on any servers because of this.

    BTW: It started when I tried switching my .minecraft from a 1.8 client to 1.7.3 client so I could play some 1.7 servers. Any help anyone?
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    posted a message on [24/7 HARDCORE PvP/PvE] VectisCraft [GREY-LIST] | DEDICATED HOST/SYSTEM [HUNDREDS of incredible FEATURES]
    Quote from MizLiv

    Yah, thanks for just laughing. I've worked on this for a long time. It's impossible to get any players...

    Its maybe that you make a page long thread on one server. All you have to do is post up a little one line description with the IP above it. Then if you want all this other crap for the server, put it on some signs rather than just making it way too huge for people. Most people would just say "TL:DR". Like I did. So can you just please give me the IP so then my lazy ass won't have to read this 2 page long post on how epic your server is, and all the plugins that you have? All I want is the IP man.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Changing the Chests
    One thing. The Open Chest Lid

    The second thing:
    Its the desert biome guys. Mojang said that they would make the biomes HUUGE!!! And evidently, Even at the horizon, it is still there. I think that a couple of people will get lost in the Mojave desert again. Lul.

    But if im wrong, then the second thing is a pain to find.
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    posted a message on wont connect, but it's up?
    I try to get onto with my downloaded minecraft, but it says that I can't connect after 30 tries. I go to and its up. Wtf? Its just that my computer is being a **** that I can't connect using Minecraft downloaded, but I can connect to the website, log in, and do everything but just play minecraft. ;_;
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