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    posted a message on Slim3Craft {100% VANILLA} l UHC MODE l (Whitelisted) [1.7] {CLOSED APPS} l Fun Community l (CLOSED FOR NOW) [PvE]
    I have already accepted you on the Skype :D
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    posted a message on Slim3Craft {100% VANILLA} l UHC MODE l (Whitelisted) [1.7] {CLOSED APPS} l Fun Community l (CLOSED FOR NOW) [PvE]
    1. IGN: Nakaoji
    2. Age: 21 years old
    3. Country/Time Zone: Malaysia - GMT/UTC+8:00
    4. How long will you be able to play considering your time zone: Maybe 1 to 2 hours daily. In all honesty, I can't say I can play everyday because I got a degree to pursue but then if i'm on to something like a big project or even an event, I guess I can squeeze a time slot for that. :)
    5. What is your experience with minecraft: I have been playing minecraft since 1.7.3 and now it have been 1.7.2. Damn. I am old. Haha
    6. Why did you choose to apply for our server over other servers: Because when I read your forum thread, i'm pretty sure you put a lot of time and effort to write the whole post. Other than that, you denied and put on hold to some other applicants. I guess that's what triggered me to apply for a whitelist. You are actually trying to find a real player who will not grief, whine, curse, steal and do other misbehavior. I like that because you have the same thought as me. If I own a server, I will do the same thing as well.
    7. Why should we pick you over the others that have applied/may apply: Because i'm from Malaysia. I bet you guys never had a player from Asia. Haha. Just kidding. The reason why you guys should pick me over the others is because i am friendly and cheerful. I like to mingle around with people or even help others if needed. For me, in life, you have to be polite and respectful for the others so that, the others will respect you. That is my life principle and it will not just be implemented to my daily life, but also in whatever i do including in a server where people are from all over the world.
    8. What is your favorite thing 1.7 has brought: The new biomes. I really like the new ice biome especially :D
    9. Are you familiar with the concept of Mindcrack and know what UHC is: Yup. i'm very familiar with it. I watched most of the mindcrackers videos and I really like Etho and VintageBeef. Both of them are very playful but then still polite with the others. As for the UHC, if it is about the death count and also no health regeneration, then i'm familiar with it :)
    10. Do you have any ideas you can contribute to our server or anything you know you want to build: As for now, my only idea is to build a medieval town. Where the rest of the players can come and go anytime they like. Unlike building it on a singleplayer where nobody can come and comment on your creativity. I guess that is also one of the reason why I want to join a decent server. Had enough of playing alone. You can get bored very easily if you play it alone. Haha.
    11. If you can, attach pictures of your builds: I can give you the pictures through PM if you want because I don't know how to resize the pictures. Haha
    12. What certain skills distinguishes you from others: I guess, i am more into a build kinda guy. I have been building modern houses and medieval buildings for the past few years. But up until now, I have a very little knowledge about redstone. Haha. Maybe some of the players in your server will help me learn redstone. Who knows :)
    13. Skype (It is required): naim.jamalludin
    14. YouTube (influences your possible acceptance if you have one and are successful): Sadly, no.
    15. My favorite color is blue
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆

    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Nakaoji
    Where are you from?: Malaysia
    Your age? (if you're under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 20
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? I already read and yes, i agree =)
    Did you vote for us? Yes
    Extra notes?: Looking forward to play in this epic server =D
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: From Minecraft Forum and Planet Minecraft
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que
    Role-Play Exp.:I've been playing on a Role Playing Server for a few month
    Why Us:Because i am looking forward to play in a server which have both RP and great players. Your server provides both and in additional, it also provides mature staffs, i presume.

    Time You Can Dedicate:3-4 hours daily
    Brief Description of Yourself:I'm a very friendly person to someone that i know or someone that try to approach me. But usually, i'll just be silent and do my own stuff. I love to help people in need. I can build houses and community buildings. Since i love to build, i hate griefers. I've been griefed for quite few times and that is the main reason sometime i moved to another server. Hopefully, this will be my all time favourite server =)
    Explain Role-Play In Your Own Words:Role-play is where you create your own character and that character will develop according to your background story.
    What Is Powergaming and Metagaming? Explain in your own words:Aww man. i really suck at explaining power gaming and meta gaming. I guess i just put it in my own words. Power gaming is where you are exaggerating about what your character can do and what your character had done. Whereas meta gaming is where you are out of character by telling stories that contradict what you are in the back story. (I hope this is not a deal breaker as i just put it in my own words :D)


    Name: Nakaoji Sado




    Appearance:Wears helmet to cover his true identity.


    Personality:Try to be a very low profile person. Speaks only when needed. Trusts only few. And most of the time, walks away from the crowds.


    Skills:Mining,decorating interior of buildings and building decent houses.

    Nickname (Optional): Nakaoji

    [b]Can Your Character Wield A Sword/Axe?:Yes, a sword

    [b]Can You Character Farm?:Yes, he can farm

    [b]Can Your Character Mine?:Yes he can. Besides, Mine is his middle name :D

    [b]What Other Things Can Your Character Do?:Building a decent house. Medieval house usually.

    Backstory (1-2 [b]LONG[/b] paragraphs):Nakaoji lives in a nation called IronFist. He was the Head of Crafters in the nation. He got so many idea and design for facilities and structures which will provide benefits for his people. But only some of it did give benefits, others, just a failure. One day, he got an inspiration about making a semi-auto wheat farm which only requires farmers to just replant the wheat. He told the King of Ironfist about his thought. The king said, "Yes, you may build it but in one condition". Then he answered, "What is it, my king?". "If this is another failure, you will be demoted and i will elect Lokk IronHeart as a new Head of Crafters. You have been spending a lot of our nation money on your failure projects. Besides, Ironheart managed to build an auto melon farm and also an auto sugarcane farm which didn't required any farmers to operate", said the King. Stunned by what the King said, Nakaoji felt challenged and accepted the condition. Otherwise, he will be seen as a coward in front of the Ironheart as he stood besides the King the whole time. Besides, the ideas and designs for the auto melon farm and also the auto sugarcane farm were Nakaoji's ideas. He knew that even though if he tell the truth to the King, the King will stand besides IronHeart. Ironheart was Nakaoji's worker when one day, he stole the blueprints for the farms and made it as his owns. So, Nakaoji started to build the wheat farm and managed to build it perfectly. It took him 2 months of effort and hardwork to finally built it. He was so excited to show it to the King and to the citizen of IronFist. He ran straight to the castle and told the King that he managed to build it. Everyone in the nation came to his place just to see the wheat farm working as this will be a breakthrough for agriculture in that nation. After gathering people to his place, he told everyone that he will demonstrate on how the wheat farm will be working. He then pull the lever and suddenly, everyone heard a 'hissing' sound. Out of the blue, the wheat farm was blown up. Debris flying everywhere destroying everything. Killing people and injured many including himself and the king. He was shocked and traumatized with what just happened. He was so afraid, he ran away from that place and by night, he managed to get out of the nation. He knew that he was being sabotaged by IronHeart. He even did not see IronHeart during the demonstration. To strengthen his prediction, he saw a pair of gloves that usually being wear by IronHeart on the grass besides the wheat farm during his getaway. How come his gloves can be there when the person is not there. That is what has been lingering around Nakaoji's mind. He believed that IronHeart came to his place when he when to tell the king about his successfully making a semi auto wheat farm. Now, Nakaoji is a lone ranger. To cover his true identity, he wears a helmet ever since the tragedy. He has been visiting nation to nation. On his journey, he visits a land called Solsteim. The land is being ruled by some great names which he has heard during his journey. He sets his mind, this might be a suitable land for him to lay low and lives there till death took his life away (FUS RO DAH)
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    posted a message on Japanese Pagoda
    Really nice considering you change the texture for glass pane. =)Really nice considering you change the texture for glass pane. =)
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    Awesome !
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    posted a message on HUGE JUNGLE VILLAGE!
    Try to make your bridge like hanging or something.

    Btw, nice ;)
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    posted a message on My daughter's caterpillar!
    Aww. So cute
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    posted a message on [WIP] The City of Stone Ruins [Gateholm Kingdom] (UPDATE OUT)
    Wow. Nice story !
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    posted a message on My Survival Town
    Very nice. Since you have a quite astonishing talent, i think your roof can be better :)

    But, seriously, very nice :)
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    posted a message on Chateau Pierrefonds [WIP]
    Very nice castle. Now, i'm jealous ;(
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    posted a message on Eternity Veritas - The City of Time's Eyes [WIP]
    Wow. Epic Structures !
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    posted a message on Underground base (WIP)
    You are a hardcore minecrafter. haha. You should watch Sokar at Youtube because if im not mistaken, he got almost the same design like yours. Maybe you can get some inspiration from him. Just saying :)
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    posted a message on The Great Rift Project (WIP)
    Nice house. Modern house thingy very nice. I recommend you to use Soartex's Texture packs. The sandstone will looks nice if you use the texture pack :)
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