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    Quote from jaboopy


    Don't worry, that doesn't happen any more. Now the only visible part of the monoliths is the eye, and you can see that through all terrain. No more jump scares. Instead, you just quietly cry while hoping there aren't any holes in the fabric of reality that they'll be able to see you through.

    I mean, the piston traps can still be scary, but that's just because they're loud and sudden when all you've been hearing for the past few minutes is the murmuring of monoliths and your own footsteps.
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    I seem to be having some difficulties getting the mod to start. I can select it in the profile editor, but when I press play it loads something for a moment and then does nothing. I followed the install instructions (translated for OSX), but it just doesn't seem to want to work. Not knowing much about Java there's not much I can do, but it looks like the launcher couldn't find Main.class for some reason. I checked, and it's most certainly there.

    If you want I'll PM you what the Development Console had to say on the matter.
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    Quote from corinanth

    the point is regardless of personal opinion it is a pointless restriction that limits creativity to a set of rules that serve no purpose to game mechanics and therefore should be removed out of respect for human creativity regardless of what the stuck up survivalist/ realists think

    Quite aside from insulting a large portion of the Minecraft community (including myself), you've just spouted a massive amount of what is scientifically known as ­. It is your personal opinion that it's a pointless restriction. I rather like it, since it makes sense and makes designing houses and suchlike and actual challenge. You know, challenges? The things that fuel creativity? If you remove a restriction, you remove the motivation to find a workaround that could potentially be useful in other aspects of gameplay. I'd much rather keep some challenge than wind up playing Classic with new blocks.
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    Quote from ChadGarion25

    What's stopping you from making more storage? Or just not collecting it anymore? Incinerate it, drop it off a cliff, give it to your fellow minecraftians, build the local village a new zombie bunker and earn their silent gaze of gratitude.

    Storage can be expanded to accommodate a surplus of any type of item or block. What's more feasible, building more chests, or making a combination recipe for every item in the game you happen to have too much of? Or do we need to have a hoarder intervention?

    Storage takes up space. Easily navigable storage takes up more. Clearly labeled, easily navigable storage takes up a lot. Good looking, clearly labeled, easily navigable storage... You get the idea. As for not collecting it anymore, I never like getting rid of resources, and it's invariably irritating to clear it out of my inventory anyway. I rarely play multiplayer, and I've yet to find a village in a location close enough to a place I'd like to settle to be called local. And I'm not suggesting we set up a storage block for every item in the game we have too much of. Most other items either have a collapsed form already or are suitably hard to obtain as to not need them. Cobblestone is everywhere. It's everywhere, it's useful, and it is almost impossible to obtain some items without it. It's useful for tools, it's useful for building, it's useful for redstone, it's required for the medium-range food items (pork, beef, chicken), and it's practically impossible to get diamonds without it. Cobblestone is too useful to throw away, but it's too plentiful to keep.
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    Quote from evileye881

    Simply No

    That's a helpful statement.
    Quote from Prince_Deity

    Why do they have to rip the textures off of other things?

    Partially because I think that those textures could be very nice if they had more options for use, and partially because I don't want to take up more texture slots.
    Quote from TheRedstonian

    I don't think this is a good idea

    If u want that make mod

    That's like saying "If you don't like your car go and make your own". One, I lack the ability to do so and the motivation to learn to do so, and two, I genuinely think this idea would improve the game without taking a substantial amount of effort.
    Quote from ColoBob

    You aren't making the distinction between true stone and cobblestone in some of your statements. I don't like the idea anyway though.

    I straight up say "cobblestone" when I'm talking about cobblestone and "stone" when I'm talking about stone. I'm not sure how i can be clearer than that. Quite aside though, could you explain why you dislike it? I acknowledge your opinion, but I'd like to see if it's sufficiently thought out to be respected.

    Quote from Path_Of_Pie

    If you have excess cobblestone... either dump it or get a massive storage area. I think current stone slabs are fine. also... making a storage block out of blocks that can already be placed does not work... B)

    You're sort of missing the point. I tend to wind up with a lot of cobblestone that I want to use later for various projects, but I frequently lack the storage space for it. And I fail to see how a storage block for placeable blocks doesn't work. Indeed, I have a quite clear image of how it does work.
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    Now, I'm sure we've all faced the same problem: Too much cobblestone. Stone is the single most common block in the game, and due to the fact that stone, when mined, produces cobblestone, cobblestone is therefor the easiest block in the game to acquire, intentionally or not. There are blocks of iron, blocks of gold, even blocks of diamond, and yet, there are no blocks of stone/cobblestone. This needs to be fixed. A related problem is that stone slabs are not stone but that weird marble thing. So, I propose a two birds, one stone solution.

    The first step is the addition of Blocks of Cobblestone. Blocks of Cobblestone are made just like any other storage block; the 3x3 crafting grid filled with the respective material of each block, in this case cobblestone. Blocks of Cobblestone have the same texture as the top of a furnace. As with other storage blocks, BoC can be broken back down into its components via crafting grid. Now, here's where the interesting bits come in. When a BoC is smelted, it turns into marble. Marble has the same texture that the tops of stone slabs do now. Marble can be made into slabs which have the same appearance as stone slabs do now. Marble also has toughness on par with brick blocks. This frees up the name of stone slabs to be used for slabs that actually have the texture of stone. Thus, we can store cobblestone far more compactly whilst opening up several new options for building blocks.

    Tl;Dr: Blocks of Cobblestone made out of nine cobblestone. Can be broken back down into cobblestone or smelted to turn into marble. Marble can be made into marble slabs which are identical to the current stone slabs. Stone slabs actually look like stone slabs.
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    My good man, I don't think you quite understand. The End is a boss arena, and a magnificently designed one at that. It is bland and empty because it is not a world. It is a dead husk floating in a sea of something which is not quite nothing. It is empty because you are not supposed to be there. You are not supposed to be comfortable there, you are not supposed to explore, you are not even supposed to be there at all. The End is perfectly detailed: It's a perfectly done piece of nothing.
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    I do believe it is time to update Minecraft's animations. I've heard a few complaints about the current walking animation, but I'd like a few more new things than just that.

    I'd like blocks to be held with both hands, in third person and first person. No reason not too, since it's been proven possible with bows. And how about better sneaking and a proper sprinting animation? We have the technology. Perhaps separate mining animations for picks and shovels, a new attack animation for swords, and a tilling animation for hoes.

    What do you lot think? It is most certainly doable, with some effort. And MC has been officially released now. We could do with stuff like this.
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    Quote from canned_meat

    No...This would put pressure on SMP servers and singleplayer plus it would remove the purpose of bows...Nuff said

    It's arguable that it would eliminate the purpose of bows, and it certainly wouldn't put more strain on servers than snowballs and eggs do. These tools are thrown, like snowballs, and such cannot cause critical hits. They would also have a much shorter range, and most likely cause far more limited damage.
    That said, I don't like the idea. It seems rather unlike Minecraft. I would like to see it as a mod, though.
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    As for caves and castles, I thought there would be a bigger chance that the user builds a house first, then the wall.[/b]
    True, but building in MC is nothing if not variegated. People use all kinds of different methods.
    [b]Creepers are more than annoying. Usually. No, I ment that digging up dirt will also fill up your inventory with pebbles, and while this is no problem to a starting user, the players who have advanced to higher levels of equipment might find the pebbles annoying, because they waste inventory space. Rocks from cobble is okay.[/b]
    No no, I understand that. And, having had someone call it out as a blatant issue, I'll be removing it right after I post this reply.
    [b]Breaking rock with a wooden pick is possible, because if it wasn't, you would have to do it in a different, yet more realistic way that is probably tedious. It was put in it because it adds to the gameplay. Wood is the first tier, from there we can continue with higher tiers.
    There also is a certain point at which some things become nonsense and random. Ever walked faster on a road than on ordinary stone, while putting the same amount of effort into it? If the entire MC world was full of bumps and spiky bits, then I could imagine walking on roads is faster, but it isnt, so it shouldn't.[/b]
    ... I don't fully get that first part, but perhaps I should clarify a couple things about the part of my comment that likely prompted it; Granite is a very hard stone, one of the hardest, and pine trees (some kinds, anyway) have rather soft wood. I find it unlikely that any amount of smacking with a pine pickaxe would do anything to a block of granite IRL, and so the wood tools are merely features as, like you say, a bottom tier of equipment for gameplay reasons only. And roads are, in fact, much better for walking on than open country. Evenness of the ground is just as important to walking as it is to vehicles; too steep a hole could cause an injury. My mother broke her foot recently from accidentally stepping in a tiny hole whilst wearing dance shoes. Granted, if she had been wearing her normal shoes she'd have been fine, but it none the less proves my point; smooth ground is much easier and safer to walk over. However, in MC, there are no potholes to wound your feet in, and climbing over hills is no issue at all. Thus, in order to make roads valid, they must provide some bonus that bare terrain cannot, and so, the speed bonus. Being able to have roads in MC that provide a speed boost in addition to merely indicating a route would be a quite nice feature, you must agree.
    [b]I hope that it stays discussion and doesn't go flamewar :sad.gif:[/b]
    That is something I'll have to watch. I can get frustrated easily over the internet. This can be me sometimes.
    [b]The fact that they are expensive means that they are more balanced than the grenades, since grenades are made from che-already adressed that.[/b]
    Expensive does not equal balanced. I personally think splash potions of harm are far more expensive than they are useful.
    [b]For some reason, I look at all the sides at once, and get my arguments horribly messed up.
    Let's put it this way. Grenades, being made from rocks (common), string (also fairly common), and gunpowder (slighly less common, but still common), are overpowered due to the fact that they are easy to make. Yes, splash potions don't work on every mob, which I find quite annoying. But when they work, they work well, and the difficulty to get them (past diamond tier) means that survival won't get easy after about 3 nights.[/b]
    You would pose a good point, except that grenades do not necessarily make survival easier. As they explode on contact, it'd be pretty easy to accidentally blow yourself up if you attempt caving. Endermen can teleport away from them, so they'll be pretty useless there, and most of the other mobs are already pretty simple to fight above ground. Grenades do go farther and faster than potions do, but if you throw one incorrectly, you cannot dodge it like you can a potion. Plus, explosions, unlike potion effects, cannot penetrate armor, meaning that PVP would be harder.
    [b]Don't bang, it does not have any positive influence of your head.
    Let's get back to my previous point, where I adressed this too. Equal effort spend on walking over a road and walking over a stone. It does not increase speed of walking.
    Roads are indeed smoother, but if you make them out of rocks collected from cobblestone, it still is cobblestone, just with dirt between the stones.
    And good traction and movement is provided, and they also are safe and even. However, the former two things only help vehicles, of which in MC are only minecarts and boats, which don't use the roads anyway. And the latter things are unrelated to walking faster. Even if they were, think of this: maybe IRL, stone roads are bumpy, but MC lacks bumps.[/b]
    The dirt is to provide a little extra cost. I rarely keep much dirt around, and this'll counter that. And it makes sense for stones embedded in dirt to provide a smoother surface than stones simply mashed together.
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    Quote from Deltavor

    UPDATE: Refined idea, added the ability to break glass panes, and added grenades.

    Here's a senario for you; It's early in the game, and you've yet to get above the stone age.
    Which is ********, because MC does not take place in the stone age.
    It's a metaphor for the level of equipment you have, not a literal statement on the time period in which MC takes place.
    Fortunately, it is a prosperous nonexistent stone age, full of stone, and you are building a castle
    which never existed in the stone age
    As I stated above, it is not a statement on the time period, just the level of equipment you posses.
    from which to ascend the technology tree
    which is unrelated to castles.
    Which is unrelated to this post.
    Night falls, but since you're up on the walls and have installed a temporary spider-proofing of dirt, you're unworried. However, you notice a creeper has started to stalk you, and will likely get you if you attempt to sprint for the cave in which you've taken residence
    Sprinthit, run in opposite direction, run towards cave. WHY HAVE A CAVE IF YOU HAVE A CASTLE >:U.
    A: This is Minecraft. Yes, I could climb down from my wall, *****slap the poor creeper and bolt for safety, but it's so much more fun to chuck a rock at its head. And, as for why go for the cave when I have a castle, I do say you are BUILDING one. The scenario in my mind is that you only have half the outer wall up. Granted, I should have specified that.
    Fortunately, even though you don't have a bow, and your wall is to high to take pot-shots from above, you can kill it in safety. You drop a block of cobblestone in your crafting grid, and begin chucking the resultant rocks at the creeper. After taking quite a few stones to the face, it dies, and you drop down to reap the rewards of your efforts. Naturally, a second creeper appears from nowhere and kills you anyway, but at least you gave it's friend what-for.
    And that is a good thing.
    Glad we can agree on something.

    As you may have guessed, rocks are a new item that you can throw at enemies for half a heart of damage
    Ranged fists, woo..
    No real response for this. It's pretty much a tacked on statement, with overall little effect other than to indicate an opinion that you have already made perfectly clear.
    When a thrown rock hits something, it drops as an item
    Never run out of ammunition? OP..
    Yes, because you cannot recollect arrows at all. Granted, that is only when you miss, but as rocks are, as you so observantly pointed out, ranged fists, and far less potent, it seems perfectly reasonable to go and grab your rocks even if they hit something.
    Thrown rocks can smash through glass panes (not blocks). You can get them by crafting a single cobblestone block in your inventory, producing four, and also as random drops from dirt blocks
    Fun mechanic, but also occasionally annoying..
    Can't argue there. All I can say is that creepers are also a fun mechanic who can be more than occasionally annoying.
    Obtaining a stone from dirt destroys the dirt, just like with gravel and flint. They can be crafted back into cobblestone blocks via the simple way of putting four stones in a square in the crafting grid. They can be stacked up to 16.

    Rocks can also be used to craft road blocks. Road blocks are crafted in a shapeless recipe; one dirt block and six rocks, producing 2. The result is, essentially, paving stone blocks. Road blocks increase movement speed of anything standing on them by 15%
    Because it makes sense for roads to enable you to move faster in the same way it makes sense to break solid granite with a pickaxe made out of pine wood.
    Not a massive amount, but enough to make it worth the relatively cheap crafting recipe. In addition, Road stairs and road halfsteps can be crafted via the expected recipes, and function as speed-boosting stairs and halfsteps. Simple and practical.
    I'd rather see movement enhancing blocks in a different form, maybe redstone powered.
    I suppose that sounds good. I rather like this idea, but hey; forums are meant for discussion.
    Finally, rocks can be crafted into crude grenades by stacking string, gunpowder, and a rock in the workbench crafting grid
    Grenades are essentially ghast fireballs you can throw like snowballs
    They are affected by gravity
    For those who feel Minecraft takes place in an early-renaissance time period
    And not in the mentioned stone age >:U
    I feel I have already addressed this.
    , grenades have been around as long as explosives in general have
    And the poor instaharm splash potion? It would be replaced :C.
    I have absolutely no issue with that in any way, shape, or form. Splash potions of harm are very hard to use, very expensive, and not even effective against all monsters. I would have no issue if they were removed from the game.
    For those who feel like Minecraft should attempt to advance in the technological tree somewhat, it is a grenade.
    Grenades are outclassed by splash potions. Not only they have AoE, but also different effects. Also, grenades would be too easy to obtain, due to only requiring common resources.
    So, let me get this straight, you're afraid that, even though grenades are outclassed by splash potions, what with the AOE effects, they'll replace them, because they are cheaper.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment.

    Public Ideas:

    BronzeEagle: Naturally occurring rock blocks, which are about the size of a half step and can be broken with bare hands. Handy if you want to skip the wooden tools phase.
    Makes wooden tools even more worthless, sorry, no.
    Fair enough.

    76q309: Rocks and grenades have shorter throwing distance than snowballs, and road blocks are crafted by filling the workbench crafting grid with nine rocks, producing one.
    Shorter throwing distance, well, kk. As for the roadblocks (the irony: instead of blocking, it speeds you up. Roadblock. Geddit), they still barely make any sense as speed-enhancing blocks. It's practically cobblestone with 60% more stone. Or cobble.
    I feel like banging my head on my keyboard. Why do people use roads when they want to go somewhere instead of just clambering over whatever gets in front of them? 'CAUSE IT'S FASTER. Roads are smoother than lumps of dirt, rough cobblestone, hunks of rock, and whatever else you would build out of, whilst also providing a nice surface with good traction. People made roads WAAAY before vehicular transport was invented because they provided safe, even routes from point A to point B.
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    Quote from PsychoIncarnate

    I think the caveman's secret weapon was the spear

    The caveman's main adversary was homoerectus, they are a human-like species but developed slightly different. One of their main problems was their inability to twist their shoulder around like we do.

    Although they weilded hand axes, because they couldn't twist their shoulder, they couldn't properly wield a spear and never themselves made them. Humans, however, could and have a a sharp weapon they could throw and thrust forward, attacking from a distance.

    Although, cavemen did use rocks in slings, which was another of their ranged weapons.

    My title is based off the common reference as duct tape being the "Handyman's secret weapon" from the Red Green Show, wherein the phrase "Secret weapon" is referring to something exceptionally useful but often undervalued/under appreciated. I am also using the term "Caveman" to refer to any type of prehistoric human-like creature, be it homosapiens-sapiens or otherwise. Cavemen in this sense were likely the first creatures to truly appreciate the versatile uses of rocks, from making weapons of warfare to tools for gathering food, and even as building material. And you will note; many spears used rock heads. Granted, some used bone tips or wooden points, but the most common were stone.
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    Quote from KyoShinda

    How would running on something made of dirt and rocks make you run faster? /fail

    For the same reason you can viably mine rocks with a pickaxe made of pinewood; Minecraft uses sense, not realism. It makes sense to use paving stones, which were used for roads before asphalt became the main road-making material as they provide a relatively smooth, high traction surface to increase movement speed in the game, even if it is not, in a technical sense, realistic.
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    Quote from 76q309

    I like the idea, maybe make rocks and grenades have a significantly shorter flight distance? They are rocks after all. Road blocks, in my opinion, should be crafted as a 9x9 grid of cobble... It's not like cobblestone's a rare building material or anything, so that justifies the 9:1 cobble to road ratio. If you're not satisfied with 9:1 Try a 2x2 instead.

    I'm not especially keen on the shorter throwing distance, given Steve's ridiculous strength, but I do like the 9:1 crafting ratio for road blocks. I'll add the ideas to the public ideas.
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