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    Skype: Naikavon2
    Country/State: U.S./IN
    Timezone: EST

    What do you like to terraform?: Mountains are my best

    Past Experiences: I have worked in building multiple adventure maps before.

    Experience with VoxelSniper: Been using it for years.

    What kinds of lores have you written?: Horror and Fantasy

    How long does it take you to come up with a basic story line?: It can range from 10 min. to an hour depending on how complicated the story is, but I can sometimes be slow as I like to be extremely descriptive and I.

    Past Experiences: I often write in my free time, I have won several competitions with short essays or stories. I also play dungeon-master for my friends when we occasionally get together for DnD.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Ever been banned, if so why?

    Experience with Minecraft?
    Since Minecraft Alpha

    Experience with Minecraft Servers?
    Moderater on three servers, played on many servers and can follow rules well

    What race would you like to be (And a backup race)?
    Human and Elf as backup

    Extra info, want to tell me anything about you?
    I would like to play very soon

    Are you willing to change your skin to match your race (Not Mandatory.)

    Where did you learn of this server?
    Supahbadninja my friend

    Did a friend tell you about us, if so who?

    [email protected]~

    Would like to hear from you soon!
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