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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    from a user that started minecraft in its alpha stages and began using nethercraft (in my eyes one of my top 5 mods of all time) in the beta stages of minecraft development, if you do plan on continuing your updates take your time to make sure that you're happy with the update and not just trying to push it out because of the demand :)
    That said I'm looking forward to you coming back in full force Scokeev9
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    posted a message on Do you guys still have your first world?
    yep sure do all the way from the alpha days :)
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    posted a message on Do you listen to music while playing Minecraft?
    Deadmau5, specifically 4x4=12 album.... cant go wrong
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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
    does anyone know how to transfer a 1.2.5 instance from multimc 3.1 to multimc 4.0. Ive tried to copy over the instance but i get alot of lag and the GUI flickers. I can just reinstall the mods and transfer the saves, just wondering if there was another method :)
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    i seeem to be getting a bit of lag from the newest version of MultiMC on 1.3.2, tried on a server with both the vanilla launcher and MultiMC without any mods and the framerate is the same, around 50-80fps but the multimc launcher lags quite a bit, ive got 2gb of ram allocated to the instance so it isnt that. Anyone else having a similar problem?
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 vanilla server ( Whitelist)
    Minecraft Username(IGN): Nagaskasa

    What is your age?: 17

    Why would you like to be a part of the server? looking for a server to test out some new shader mods, and to be part of a small friendly community
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    Quote from EveIyn_McKnight

    Allow me to clarify... if I were to make a NEW INSTANCE, it's automatically updated to the most recent Minecraft version, so if I still wanted to make a new instance using 1.2.5 version of Minecraft to install mods that only work with 1.2.5 currently, I can't it. It automatically updates to 1.3.1 as a NEW INSTANCE. My old instances are fine, they stay at 1.2.5 but anything new, nope, no choice in the matter. I've been mentioning this for quite some time, Fork continues to state the problem doesn't exist, I see others making this claim, and still Fork doesn't respond. I have visual proof of it if need be, just ask. (I've tried replacing the 1.3.1 version with a clean 1.2.5 version, it doesn't register it, it's automatically updated to 1.3.1 still no matter what I do).

    the issue that forkk13 has said that doesn't exist is CURRENT instances being updated. New instances will be made 1.3.x since MultiMC (to my belief, correct if wrong) pulls the minecraft files (jar, bin etc) from the minecraft servers, so since the servers have been updated to send out 1.3.x files any NEW instances will be the most current version of minecraft. In no way is this a bug and not Forkk's fault it's just the nature of the thing. In any case there might be a workaround but you'll have to search around.
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    Quote from BananaOfFury

    I am running 10.6.8 and when I right click Multi MC It doesn't show the option to "show package contents" Can anyone help?

    hmmmmm ok not sure about that, i haven't been on snow leopard for a while now, i've recently upgraded to mountain lion, so i'm not to sure, my best bet is either wait for a bug fix or google for a workaround to be able to 'show package contents' or similar optioin (could have been renamed?), besides that i dont have any advice, sorry. Good luck on you search :)
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Lets Play Minecraft v1.2.5 - Season 4
    Ok so I have an interesting question to do around 1.3.x, forge and mystcraft. Since 1.3.x now has local LAN capabilities will this allow for different demensions to be active via chunkloaders in SSP, in a similar fasion to how demensions are loaded in SMP when people are in said demensions. Just curious (thinking of evil ways to abuse mystcraft dense ores and RP2 frame bore while resorces are transported via enderchest)
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    Quote from Furious1964

    Sorry to be a bother again but I noticed that when I created a new instance, I didn't have my regular skin on. It was the default Steve skin. How do I get it back?

    usually that has something to do on the Mojang side of things, your skin gets pulled from minecraft.net when you log in. If ever playing offline then this will hapen. It hasn't dissapeared and it shouldn't be (but correct me if im wrong) MultiMC's fault, it just hasnet been pulled from minecraft.net when you logged in.
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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
    Ok so those like me on mac who have the issue of updating then the window closes indefinatly here is a fix. First BACKUP YOUR MULTIMC. Next you want to download the update but NOT install. Once downloaded, quit MultiMC and find the MultiMC application, right-click and go show package contents. Next go Contents/Resorces, and find the files MultiMC.exe and MultiMCUpdate.exe, trash/delete the file MultiMC.exe and rename MultiMCUpdate.exe to MultiMC.exe. This fixed the problem that I had and should fix yours. Remember to BACKUP YOUR MULTIMC/INSTANCE(S). I wont take any responcibility if you screw up and didn't backup your data, thats your fault. Hope this helps :)
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    posted a message on Scokeev9's Mods [13 Mods] RegenOres and Machetes for 1.3.2
    scokeev if you are comming back that is great news fir the modding community, cant wait for nethercraft and biome colours to come back up to date :)
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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
    so i've noticed that others have had a similar problem on the mac where you try to update to the latest version and the window closes but the application remains open and the only way to close it to force quit. Has anyone found a solution? I havent seen anyone directly post how to fix this bug yet.
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Mod Installation support thread
    Quote from Kal Choedan

    You need to ask about this on the Additional Pipes thread.

    ok thanks! hope its easily resolved.
    p.s. Loving the quick responses guys!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][BC2.2.14 - BC3.1.5][REV2.1.3/REV3.1.0] Additional Pipes for BuildCraft (Teleport Pipes)
    ok so i've been playing with a bunch of mods all working flawlessly with no conflicts and i returned from the nether ad get a saving chunks error. been on a few other threads and i know its additional pipes related and have been directed here. i'm wondering if anyone can help with the problem.
    Mods loaded: 40
    ModLoader 1.2.5
    mod_CodeChickenCore 0.5.2
    mod_4096Fix v4 for 1.2.5
    mod_NotEnoughItems 1.2.2
    mod_DoggyTalents 1.2.5
    mod_EnderStorage 1.1.1
    mod_InvTweaks 1.41b (1.2.4)
    mod_PigbearLaser 1.4
    mod_Railcraft 5.2.4
    mod_RedPowerControl 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerLighting 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerMachine 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerWorld 2.0pr5b2
    mod_stevescarts 1.2.0
    mod_WirelessRedstoneCore 1.2.1
    mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons 1.2.1
    mod_AdditionalBuildcraftObjects 0.9.1-100 (MC 1.2.5, BC 3.1.5)
    mod_BuildCraftCore 3.1.5
    mod_BuildCraftBuilders 3.1.5
    mod_BuildCraftEnergy 3.1.5
    mod_BuildCraftFactory 3.1.5
    mod_BuildCraftTransport 3.1.5
    mod_AdditionalPipes 3.1.0 (Minecraft 1.2.5, Buildcraft 3.1.5, Forge
    mod_SneakyPipes 0.1.1 (Minecraft 1.2.5, Buildcraft 3.1.5, Forge
    mod_LogisticsPipes 0.2.5B (built with Minecraft 1.2.5, Buildcraft 3.1.5, Forge
    mod_BuildCraftSilicon 3.1.5
    mod_BuildCraftZFP (Forestry Package)
    mod_IC2 v1.95
    mod_AdvancedMachines v1.5 for IC2 1.95
    mod_CompactSolars 2.2
    mod_IronChest 3.3
    mod_PortalGun 1.2.5v1
    mod_ThaumCraft 2.1.6b
    Minecraft has crashed!
    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 6d5ee209 --------
    Generated 6/3/12 8:22 PM
    Minecraft: Minecraft 1.2.5
    OS: Mac OS X (x86_64) version 10.7.3
    Java: 1.6.0_31, Apple Inc.
    VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Apple Inc.
    LWJGL: 2.8.3
    OpenGL: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 OpenGL Engine version 2.1 NVIDIA-7.18.11, NVIDIA Corporation
    at buildcraft.additionalpipes.pipes.PipePowerTeleport.canReceivePower(PipePowerTeleport.java:178)
    at buildcraft.additionalpipes.pipes.PipePowerTeleport.getRealPossibleMovements(PipePowerTeleport.java:162)
    at buildcraft.additionalpipes.pipes.PipePowerTeleport.requestEnergy(PipePowerTeleport.java:228)
    at buildcraft.transport.PipeTransportPower.requestEnergy(PipeTransportPower.java:214)
    at buildcraft.transport.PipeTransportPower.updateEntity(PipeTransportPower.java:165)
    at buildcraft.transport.Pipe.updateEntity(Pipe.java:245)
    at buildcraft.transport.TileGenericPipe.n_(TileGenericPipe.java:145)
    at xd.n(World.java:2071)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(Minecraft.java:1861)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:819)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:747)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 99bc3e37 ----------
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