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    posted a message on --------->NEW 1,000,000 SLOT SERVER! NO WHITE LIST!<---------
    Yeeaaah... um. Just because your server allow you to have this number of slots... does NOT always mean it can support that many users online.

    There's a pretty good chance it won't get you far over 150 unless you had made a serious investment like Amazon/Google did with their series of servers.
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    posted a message on Mature Miners 1.0 Server
    IGN: Nacon
    Time Zone: EST (-5)
    Age (18+) No exceptions: 27
    Banned? If yes, tell me your side*: It take me more effort to get banned, never banned.
    Anything you would like to share: Graphic artist working from home. Is in relationship with spadedevil. We're looking for server to play together without kids bothering us. Tried to host a game for both of us but my connection wasn't good enough.

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    posted a message on Performance boosts in the release.
    Ok... cool.

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    posted a message on 1.0 New Features! OFFICIAL Report on New Features! MINECRAFT IS RELEASED!
    Quote from CosmicJoghurt

    IJKL camera controls don't work for me. At all. They do nothing. H/Y and M/N still work.

    Confirmed SP creative mode.

    Actually, I just came back to say that they do spawn, but they're not spawning much as we'd like when hunting for their pearls. Collecting pearls is getting harder now...
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    posted a message on 1.0 New Features! OFFICIAL Report on New Features! MINECRAFT IS RELEASED!
    Endermen don't seem to be spawning on surface anymore, on 1.9.5 Server.

    Can someone confirm?
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    posted a message on THE ENDER! - A new realm!
    I don't like the shape of its head... It look like the chicken or a duck.

    I'm excited for it but... the head is killing that mood.
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    posted a message on Compatibility Thread (For Androids!)

    It does run, but it's not stable, however... when crashed, it doesn't full reboot. It get stuck at the boot up, have to take the battery out to force another reboot.

    More developing news to come.
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    posted a message on Inventing the [square] Wheel
    Don't we already have something similar?

    Yeah, we do.

    Sorry, I just don't see how that's a great idea.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    On day 3.

    It's that second sapling has been planted, firmly into the dirt; with warm amber light glow from a lava fountain, keeping it a lit. Praying for a sprung of life into the little sapling. Sitting in my dark corner with stars in full twinkling display, waiting.

    Thinking to myself about how much I blamed myself not able to catch that third sapling from the second tree, as it plunged down into the deep unknown void. Only if I could've invested my dirt around on the final layer. Even if I can't dig them back up without losing dirt down below. I cringed at the idea. Cuddling myself closer as if I was getting cold. Tempered by my anger, brooding with my eyes locked onto the last and only sapling.

    Wind blew and behold the storm it came, it was snowing.

    To my amazement, haven't felt surprised for such a while. Doubtfully believe snow would ever come at all, but it has! Blanket of snow was forming on my surface, stood up excited, realizing I could finally have protective friend, a snowman! Tilting my blocky head up toward the sky, soaking myself in such a beautiful view of snowing wind. I closed my eyes, just to remember when was the last time I ever had snow. (Last time was back in 1.3 update, before it was removed.)

    Opened my eyes and turns around to see if my tree has finally come to life. Then the worst fear came, snow killed the last and the only sapling tree I had.

    "No!" I screamed.

    With a quick dash into a blanket of snow, dug my hands in, digging. Trying to find that last sapling. Panicking with eyes wide open, breaking my blocky finger nails as I've dug too deep into this hopeless pile of snow and dirt.

    "No! This can't be happening!" Starting to blame myself even more, how couldn't I not realize how much snow could kill such a little tiny weak sapling. Knew better than that, but foolishly amazed myself with blistering freezing cold snow flakes dancing in the wind. Distracted I was and now enraging myself in a pool of emotional panic. Kicking snow out of anger... slumbered myself exhausted into that dark corner with stars in full twinkling display, thinking.

    On day 4.

    The sun came... have not moved since then. Had already thought of everything I need to do to survive. I was in and out of short denials. Wishing to believe I could make do without the tree. No... I knew I was doomed, but not like this.
    Could try reserving all the woods I've gathered from the last two trees. Turn them into charcoal for light... sticks for tools. I would, however, meet my dead-end as I'd run out of woods. Food, I need food. Didn't realize I was starting to get really hungry. Could easily plant the melons and mushrooms, but I was too depressed to carry on. It has become too hard to ignore the fact that I failed to keep my wood supply in check.

    Knew I was gonna get really hungry... then the pain would come afterward. Slowly draining my life. Hardly see the point to keep building with everything except supply of sapling. Then all those hard work would become useless because I don't have enough wood to build myself more tools, even if that take few days before I ran out of woods. Can't shake the fact that I already lost at the very moment when snow came.

    My platform is turning all white, covered in snow. Slowly becoming bore to stare at my hopeless would-have-been-successful platform. My eyes wanders further than the edge of my platform. Watching the snow falling pass him and down further to the deep dark void. Laid down on my chest, crawls toward the edge, peering my head over and looking straight down into that void.

    "What is down there?" I pondered.

    Slowly stood back up on my foot, teething myself right to the edge. With a last sigh, I plundered myself down to see with my arms wide open. Suddenly was free of weight and worry. Falling down along with the snow, then I was faster than snow, that now they fall on my face instead. As I've already sighed before my fall... couldn't help but to have sigh once more with pure amazing bliss.

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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
    I just noticed they added another key function. "Button 3 to pick up blocks." It doesn't seem to do anything. (Maybe it's for creative mode, not sure.)

    Also, they changed the key for inventory to E instead of I.
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    posted a message on Login Failed
    Quote from missmobius

    I'm not so computer savvy, I'm on a Mac

    Where do I find this ".minecraft" folder (why is there a "." there?) Also confused by you saying don't delete it, so DO NOT delete the ".minecraft" folder, okay (not that I know where that is)

    Then you mention "user folder", okay where is that?

    Keep in mind I'm on a Mac, maybe things are in different places?


    Yeah, I'm not a mac person, sorry. This ".minecraft" folder is a place where your saved worlds, minecraft.jar, and texture pack are stored in. If you poke around on the forum, you may find out which folder it's placed on Mac.

    PS: If you think it sucks, shouldn't have brought a "beta" game then. Nothing wrong to have bit of common sense.
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    posted a message on Login Failed
    Quote from jeffreym23

    I had the same issue.

    The old launcher will no longer login. You have to go to Minecraft.net and download the new one. You should then be able to login again.

    This is with SSP, BTW.

    Yup, just found out about it, but you also need to delete your old ".minecraft" folder in your user folder, then you're all set to go.

    EDIT: DON'T DELETE IT, if you want to save your worlds, by the way. Make backup first.
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
    What are you 5 years old?
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    posted a message on Login Failed
    Got the same issue... time to panic!

    No no no, don't panic. Leave the panicking to me.
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    posted a message on Enderman Is Sabotage!
    I think Endermen only add more challenge for creating better trap/farm system. Just because Endermen breaks your system, doesn't mean you can't defend it with tricky press plate and few pistons to release lava spill. :wink.gif:
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