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    posted a message on Undervoid Challenge v1.0
    Quote from doggy080ยป

    I'm actually working on those as we speak haha!

    My initial idea was the resource pack itself would be the challenge, but shortly after uploading I figured that maybe I should toss in a few. If anybody has any suggestions i'd be happy to add them to the list โ™ฅ

    Thanks NatchMC :D

    I would suggest adding no F3 in the rules, as in F3 it lets you view what the block you are looking at is. Not sure if you did anything with audio but removing water and lava sounds would make it much much harder, getting them confused underground would be pretty interesting.
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    posted a message on Undervoid Challenge v1.0

    Interesting. Although you never put any challenges in the actual challenge? More like a resource pack and that's all. I would put some goals, rules (such as no f3 to figure out the block), etc.

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    posted a message on Ambient Mobs

    I was thinking they should add some ambient mobs to the game, like as in bugs and such that are very small and don't drop anything, but maybe give some xp, for example, fireflies, they are little yellow dots that light up the game in forests at night in small amounts, or maybe in swamps, little gray bugs like mosquitos that are very small, and don't do anything but for the general feel of the atmosphere, I personally think these would have little negative effects and would fit in and make a better game atmosphere. I also think that there should be stuff like small little fish in water that don't give anything (like very small stuff like in swamps, tadpoles), just to make the water more lively, that way its minimal game changing, and makes the atmosphere feel better like I mentioned before, I think if properly done this idea would work out well.

    EDIT: By bugs I mean only the ones specified, and also as Wolftopia sugested, I think small birds would work great.

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    posted a message on Creative Inventory Overhaul

    Total support, I agree with everything, except I think that the favorites is useless, since we have favorite tool bars, and I think that shortcut is a bit weird, maybe make favorites built into the tool bars section? Just drag in drop in basically.

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    posted a message on New to Minecraft - please help me decide
    Quote from Geneoยป

    You should also ask this same question in the Minecraft (Win10) discussion forum (

    You'll get completely different answers.

    Then you can make up your mind.

    See, I do not understand your logic, if you just get win 10 you only get that, you get java and you get both, I find it that getting just win 10 is a bit redundant when there is a much better deal.
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    posted a message on No Crossplay for Java?!
    Quote from Romaqยป

    Heh. Wikipedia as a credible source, rather than direct links to actual quotes.

    The cool thing with Java is that the moment it is abandoned, Microsoft loses any hope of control over the IP and the community using it.
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    posted a message on [New Server] We Need Staff

    You are accepting literally everyone, not that good of an idea, some points to make:

    1) For me, and others, tell us why this server is worthwhile.

    2) There is some excessive use of bold and bright colors, annoying

    3) That free domain is not appealing, if anything I would use if you don't want to pay the low fee of $.88-$10 per YEAR for a good looking domain.

    That's just my opinion but I think you should take these into consideration.

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    posted a message on Custom Factions looking for Developer and Builder

    I would recommend reading this guide before you do anything:

    Most free developers will not do very good quality, if you want to invest in a good server, do not do factions! Think about this: You said custom warzone and custom enchants or whatever it is, but think about this, what makes it different from the thousands of other factions servers with those? What makes this one better? I recommend reading that guide HIGHLY, It would benifite you greatly with your project, but a full custom plugin server seems impossible on a $0 budget, so beware, if it isn't better than other servers, it will not do so well, like I said, try and read that guide, it can help you alot.

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    posted a message on [Not Named] Network Looking For Plugin Developers!
    Quote from BraXPlaysยป
    APPLYING FOR DEVELOPER.Age: 13.Role Applying: Developer.Discord: BraXPlays #8460.Experience (w/ proof if possible): 3 Years I own a server called RazerKill ip: (proof).Why this server?: Seems nice and I want work.How you can help with your role: I can program OP Factions,OP Prison,Plots,Crates,and Websites.Why can you be chosen over others doing the same role?: I have had 3 years of experience and am able to help I've owned 3 servers and know my way with the plugins and configs.
    Plugin dev like as in you make plugins, or you config plugins, if you need ftp or console then its a no deal, I am looking for actual plugin coders.
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