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Hello. Welcome. I am NNemesis.
If, for whatever reason, you are still reading this, I shall tell you a bit about myself.
The earliest known evidence of me using a computer dates back to when I was about 4. I was using Microsoft Word to edit a writing masterpiece, an excerpt of which is below:


I was doing this for a long time, then suddenly I was more interested (I think when I was about 8). I fooled around with computers a lot more, which - although a great learning tool, caused the need for about 2 new home computers and countless re-installs of Windows. My knowledge gradually increased until I was 11, then I became very interested in computers. By the age of around 12, and three quarters I was programming in Java. When I was about 13 and three quarters, I started to get an interest, in the hardware side of a computer, and now, I am nearly 14, and looking at building my own computer very soon indeed.

I also do a bunch of other stuff. I draw pictures, make digital artwork (both 3D and 2D, I'm not great at either), and I also do a bit of photography. Sometimes I make music on the computer, but it's only as a way to get through compulsory music lessons at school.

I live in Sydney, Australia. 'Down under' - as some might call it. Actually, I just got a brilliant idea:
Every time I hear someone call Australia 'Down under', I shall refer to the USA / UK as 'Up Over

It's obvious now that I'm running out of things to say here, so I'll leave it at here.
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