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    posted a message on Will Minecraft PC version run on Windows 10

    The minecraft forum is one way to download mods though the Curse client is probably the best or at least the easiest.


    Anyplace else is might be a bit sketchy.

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    posted a message on /locate not working

    Temple generation and mod spawning are 2 separate things and aren't directly linked together.

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    posted a message on Big Reactors port for 1.9.4 / 1.10.2 - anyone interested? (update2: Mod is working on both 1.9.4 and 1.10.2)

    This is a Suggestion post chain that was posted in CyberdyneCC's BigReactor Gethub repository. Since this for is further along he has stopped work and suggested posting suggestions here. So I am. (Getting the formatting for these posts in decent shape is was a pain.)

    Suggestions: For protecting players from a proposed radiation effect.

    NJM1564 commented 12 days ago

    "Rather than making armor that players would have to tediously

    change into every time they handled the yellorium, an extra nuisance if
    they need to clime up the reactor with out a jet pack, you could make
    it an enchantment.

    It could be applied to most armors and even jetpacks.

    And preferably be applied by crafting the armor surrounded by reactor casing blocks.

    A simple system that could be configured to make it much harder to make if needed."

    bookerthegeek commented 12 days ago

    "I personally like the idea of stand alone armour.

    NJM1564 commented 11 days ago

    Climes up to the top of the reactor top put in the yellorium. Hay look a zombie. Dies.

    In 1.10 we need armor. And jetpacks will also be very important.

    When I was playing Inf Skyblock I spent so much time switching back and
    forth between the rad suit, jetpack, and dieing that I was sick of it.

    Besides there are already 1000+ armors. And they are all mostly reskins of each other. I want to see a new idea.

    Oh and isn't that a mask that represents anarchy? Are we supposed to
    even take your comments seriously or are you just messing with us. :/"

    killerall5385 commented 9 days ago

    "i would lean on the side of an enchantment."

    spannerman79 commented 9 days ago

    "I'd say more enchantment then actual item.

    Reason being is that (slowly) mods are either being caught up to
    1.9.4/1.10.2 they themselves are in effect taking over from other mods
    that never went further then 1.7.10.

    NJM1564 have you actually worn a radation suit before? I have. Movement is very difficult. "Flying" is the same to expect pigs to fly backwards.

    All comes down how realistic this is to be."

    NJM1564 commented 6 days ago

    "Have you ever worn a jet pack before? Kappa

    Or directly carried radioactive material? Moving radioactive material
    around bin any significant quantity should be never done by hand.
    Automated carts and heavy shedding should be the only except able
    method. So yah if you wanted to go mineing in only a paper thin armor
    that when breached will lead to certion death then yah lets go with

    Now if you like adding some balance you could add a slow effect to
    the player when he has the radiation protect enchant and is exposed to
    radiation. IE carrying refined yellorium. Being a bit slow instead of
    poisond seems like a good trade off.

    Unrefined yellorium IE yellorium ore would only really require any
    random armor to stave off the minor radiation. So iron armor would be
    enough for protection.

    And a low chance of poison and the chance increasing over time if not
    wherein anything at all would all be a nice and interesting mechanic set
    of mechanics.

    Nothing to frustrating just a step in the posses of making a mid to end tear power source."

    LimeTheOn commented 2 days ago

    "If i can add some insight from the perspective of a player/modpack author of 1.9+ clears throat

    Radiation was always just a hassle we had to deal with on a side-note
    not as a serious issue since at the point where we were dealing with
    uranium and such we had either ridiculous regen values applied to us by
    botania/beacons/rftools/etc... that we could just shrug it off ezpz or
    we had such armor/extra hearts that the damage values from the poison
    were more or less nothing and the only problem was the player getting
    hurt sound that was merely an annoyance so if you accept suggestions
    heres mine:

    -Slowness is a good trade off as NJM mentioned

    -Armor values should be looked at instead of armor materials if youre
    going for that because of the custom armors of 1.9+, currently we
    encountered about 60+ armor types from various mods and im consciously
    avoiding adding more but some still slip in every now and then.

    -Radiation resistance could be applied by two means if not by armor and
    those would be potion or enchantment. You could even add levels to these
    so for example Rad Res 1 would protect you from radiating ores but not
    ingots...2 from ingots and 3 from refined cunterparts like liquids or
    high-end stuff like blutonium and ludicrite or you could just add level 4
    and move some stuff up there idk.

    Reasons to pick this method:

    With the current setup of my modpack for example if i were to equip
    myself with your armor which lets say has 7 armor 2 armor toughness on
    the chestpiece - about eq to dia - i would be killed by any zombie that
    wonders into my reactor area and hits me about 2-3 times...yes theyre
    buffed af.

    Also if you had a potion effect registered to protect from radiation
    that could be used in custom maps as a pre-req quest reward so a player
    could advance tru an area for example: "You've been trapped in this
    underground nuclear facility, coolant-leak detected in zones H,J and R,
    find the antidote(your potion)/the special gear(enchanted armor thats
    capable of protecting you from both the enemies and the radiation) to
    survive out there while you battle the infected personnel(zombies most

    What Im trying to say here is if you separate armor and protection from
    radiation it opens up possibilities for authors like me and would be
    greatly appreciated!

    Anyyywaaay, thanks for continuing this awesome mod! Hope to see it out soon :)

    Thanks for reading my "little" suggestiony thing :D"

    Edit: Used spoiler to compress wall of text.

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    posted a message on minecraft is super laggy help meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    4 gigs is normal and in fact the recommended amount for modded minecraft. I'm not sure that's the correct argument for it though. I think it's usually written in megs not gigs. -Xmx4096m. Or something.

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    posted a message on Why 1.8 lacks mods than 1.7

    And since modding is a hobby for most modders (they don't get paid to made mods after all), it's not worth the effort to update.

    To be fair most mods will probably be updated ether by the mod dev, someone chosen as a replacement, or a new mod made based on it.

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    posted a message on I need to delete EVERY single dark oak wood gate in my world.

    A program called MCeddit would also work.

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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142

    You made the transmutation thingy to big. It will go up to 5*5 size. Shift v to make it smaller.

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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    You could always make the bricks and grout dyeable. :D
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    posted a message on MapWriter - An open source mini-map!
    To whom it may concern.
    Opis has mapwrighter built into it and is updated to 1.7.10.
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    posted a message on Chisel 3 [The Dev Releases]
    i will say this once. Please remove the upgrades and plans for future upgrades.

    This is an atheistic mod not a tech mod. And that is how it should be.

    Many mods add new blocks behind a tech tree. Most people don't use them for anything.

    Most do use chisel because it's such a simple mod. That's what makes it unique and different than other mods aesthetic blocks.

    Adding things like. Upgrades that should be integrated in to the block as a default. And diamond chisels solely to add function you removed from the normal chisel will only hurt this mod. Perhaps ruin it.

    If you want to add new functions to the block or chisel do so but keep in mind the simple nature of the mod.
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    posted a message on Morph - Turn into almost any mob!
    It's hard to do anything from 3rd POV. Build, mine, or fight.
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    posted a message on Morph - Turn into almost any mob!
    Suggestion: A way to disable particles on some morphs. Blazes for one.
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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct 2
    Quote from wrinklefudger»
    I love this mod, it's fantastic. if you don't mind though, could I make a few suggestions that I think would improve the mod?

    Essence: It's identical to mob essence and liquid experience from MFR and Openblocks, and can be created by putting essenceberries in the smeltery

    A better idea might be to be able to place berry bushes into the smeltery, not toss into the gui but place it into it's phisical insides, and it would auto harvest from them. It would give smelterys a use after players have powered ore processing going. A slow trickle of auto ore gen.

    It be very interesting to create a world or pack with normal ore gen disabled.
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    posted a message on Cosmetic Armor v1.0.5 - Because it's important to be stylish
    Have you seen and talked to RiskyKen about his Armourer's Workshop. I'm seeing some real interesting possibilities from combining the two mods.
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    posted a message on RFTools, Dimension Builder, Teleportation, Crafter, Screens, Builder, Spawner, Block Protector, Storage, and more (V7.00)
    Great idea. Looking forward to fully testing this mod.

    Bug: Int on the auto crafter doesn't seem to be working.
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