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    PopularMMOs .
    they do mods showcase and challenges and alot more whatch them on youtube

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    IGN: NEONdawn5752

    Age: 30

    Time zone or country: EST USA

    Email:[email protected]

    Youtube channel:ARMYsniper5752

    Link(s) to where you stream: https://www.twitch.tv/armysniper5752

    Have you streamed or done Youtube videos yet? yes twitch

    If you haven't done any yet, do you plan to as soon as you are on the server? yes youtube

    What are your plans once you are on the server? build, mine, explore, talk, and if i can get gamemode1 clean up the server that people has left abandoned or just placed blocks and did not claim or just made it look bad.

    How often will you be able to be on the server?at least 1 to 2 times a day for 1 to 4 hours

    How long have you played minecraft? since 2015 lost interest in 17 but came back 2 months later

    What are your minecraft strengths?Building and trolling only if allowed after asking a owner or a senor admin.

    Do you have a mic and discord? yes but can not play and have a stream going and have discord running at the same time (computer/internet not strong enough for it all)

    Tell us a little about your channel. Example: How long have you been streaming/uploading? this is the end of my 2nd month

    How many followers/subscribers? Times per week? i have 3 right now

    Any additional information you'd like to share?i am still trying to iron out the finer things in my streams but i am able to stream. i am hoping that my followers and friends can help me get enough to get a upgrade in my pc and internet. i am hoping that your server can help.

    i am hoping i can get to be a mod so i can stream that and do trolls too. having mod can help me be a better streamer, i believe (more stuff that i can do you know?). by only doing basic stuff that anybody can do is not very entertaining.if are willing to let me be a mod and come to your server to stream it i will promiss that i will try my hardest to up hold your rules and guidelines.

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    hi is the server still up?

    my IGN is NEONdawn5752

    i stream on twitch and would love to start to play on your server

    hit me up on [email protected]

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