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    These are some World Seeds that I have found and seem interesting. Please send me some seeds to post on to here WITH a description, or else I will not post it. Also please send a pic or two of it.
    Some seed, well let's are named a bit "little kid innapropriate" if you know what I mean.

    Special thanks to Banishga for creating the seed pics!


    3666440496532277820 - You spawn in a spider dungeon! It's Awesome! (Spawn is confirmed. Thanks to tehgritz.)

    2484616403790488353 - Cool Jungle Area.

    Glacier - Spawns you in a Very wicked area with floating surfaces and Mountains!

    gargamel - Spawns in a cave, And surrounded by many amazing Mountains

    404 - Spawns you in an area that has an un-beatable Cave hidden under gravel in your spawn. (You must find as much resources to survive)

    707 - produced a large penninsula connected to a large island filled with mountains.

    Lucifer - ironically dumped me in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Although there was lava coming out of a hole in a mountain.

    102 - has HUGE mountains going all the way to the cloud layer. Also has lots of epic lakes and a giant lavafall.

    warhammer 40000 - It produced a world that would work as a real Warhammer 40k terrain for a battle. complete with a strangely shaped hill next to mostly flat plains, and an ocean with small islands.
    this really feels like a Warhammer 40k world.
    Coordinates: 76, 76, 88

    1337 - Huge coal and iron veins everywhere, close to the surface. A few open caves and places that seem ready-made for houses, just add doors.

    R0C2Z0951781 - I spawned in a large snow biome with some neat overhangs/mountains around.
    Coordinates: -89, 71, 17

    Marco - gives a very... weird world

    Chunk Error - producing a diagonal hole in the floor and more

    666 - producing lava coming out of a mountain with burning trees.

    canihazcheeseburger - good map with awesome mounts

    87676765 - gives weird world.

    AWESOME - then you will start off with a snow wonderland

    bieber - a perfect pit of fire with a small diving board and a flower on the tip? seems planned.
    Theres also a long mountain with a hollow underside.

    Chunk Error - A typical map, although I did find a surface lava lake right next to where I spawned
    (X=123, Z=-244). Lots of flat sandy areas, a few tree covered hills. Ironically, no chunk errors though :P I would post a couple of screenies, but I think this map is too generic to warrant fiddling around with taking shots and uploading. Or I'm just lazy...
    Suggested by ebellini

    Let's get some bacon - A large beach with a huge ocean in front, and an enormous forest behind. Also a small group of 12 pumpkins can be found near the spawn point (assuming the spawn points do not differ so much from where I spawned :S)

    Leave blank for a random seed - Probably the most godly ocean ever found (for me at least). A huge ocean really.

    Randomizing seeds... - You spawn in a small valley surrounded with tall steep mountains. Some coal is very easily found on the ground near the spawn. As far as I explored, the world is mostly composed of very flat valleys, perfect for building, surrounded by mountains (including a few with snow on top). A large lake with tundra biome next to it is also there.

    Show me some crazy map please. - My last but definetely not least seed. This map seems like the usual thing as the spawn is on a tiny beach near a pond and a dense forest. Althought, once passed that forest, the epicness begins. The laws are physics are redefined as this map is showing us what a floating island really means. I'd love to add snap shots as I've got a few but I don't know how :/ I'm on a mac btw if it changes anything.

    What happens when a guy gets bored... - Type of map is an enormous island filled with trees with a nice little overhang and surrounded by an ocean. An archipelago is also found all around the main island.


    asian ***** - spawns you on top of a snow covered mountain (no coordinates)
    Given by prodegy

    tetris - you spawn on a beach with pools of water and in those pools of water you can see tetris shapes made with blocks

    Secret - spawn you in a frickin' awesome desert
    Given by Chaos167

    Dalek - random floating tree, go to x: 35 y: 65 z:-33
    Both given by john28rocks

    Amaya sucks - Click Here for pic album.

    Pokeylucky - Filled with arches, waterfalls, and floating island.

    -11 - Filled with arches, waterfalls, and floating island. (Confirmed by retrolake)

    fly - Filled with arches, waterfalls, and floating island. (will need confirming)

    10101101 - makes a really nice map with lots of land and not that much water it doesn't. it has mountainousness parts through out the map. i haven't found any dungeons so far and i have explored quite a bit. it also has some nice scenery to go with it. it also has a lot of nice areas to build on

    baroness - lots of mountains.. (sorry not much else to say)

    "A World Seed." - You spawn on the banks of a river, surrounded by rolling hills on both sides. Havent really further explored.

    "Smurf Yeah!" - An AMAZING overhang!
    Both given by T Man T Rex

    MYST - awesome hills and stuff :D
    Thanks to r3FuzeMC for seed.

    Ocean - Spawns a huge ocean area right in front of your eyes!

    7 -Small clay pits (2)

    Minecraft - Spawns you in snow

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz - Flat spawn

    Notch - Nice map with floating blocks

    Piggy - Gives you a beach with a bit of grass

    ABC123DEF456 - A regular map? .... Or is it?

    8675309 - Spawns on cactus 45% of time.

    mojang - Might spawn you in desert with no trees (60%)

    y2k - flat land, lava pit on the surface, cacti and a nice little bridge from mountain to mountain

    Area 51 - Mega cool world

    1137 - Flat land with a bit of forest.

    42 - All times tried gave mushrooms - Beach - Trees

    markus - Icy wasteland

    ghast - Lava fall, Mountains, lakes.

    amro is super cool dood - Crazy mountains

    X=614 Y=931 - Iron spawns on Surface.

    Lava everywhere - Sweet mountain!!

    94 - Spawn next to a lava lake.

    8080 - Tons of trees!

    QUICU812 - More epic mountains

    omgjizzfacelol spawns next to an undersand dungeon

    CreeperIsland - Best mountains Yet!!!!

    meatspin - Cave with Iron and coal

    Mountains - Flat plains, Desert.

    dittos - Gave awesome map, Mountain one side,

    CreepersPlayland - worlds all the time.

    omgwtfbbq - Weird Looking tree.

    Pikachu - Impressive mountain!

    Pancake - Now these are the best mountains

    117112131124 - Try it for yourself.

    isaidahiphopthehippiethehippietothehiphiphopyoudontstoptherock - Gives you extremely flat land.

    Seed - more & more epic mountains

    Gimme Diamonds - Good cave, Turn around.

    Epic Fail - Desert flat land.

    TnT - Destroyed Land?

    Painfulleap - Very Nice ocean!

    iwantamountain - Sick mountain!

    herobrine - Disk shaped mountain

    thecakeisnotalie - No description.

    8==D - Just awkward mountains.

    Float - Biggest forest EVAR!

    debug - has bugs lol, Floating sand mountains

    i don't really think seed will do anything - Oh really?

    -77+1001 - Pretty cool looking mountain

    Helmsdeep - Flat looking land!

    google - bipolar biomes

    xD - another cool map!

    I miss adom - Epic cave.

    NILLA WAFERS - Woah...


    4chan - preeeettyy nice!

    6033331213417514554 - Hmm..

    -992366569 - Some odd looking terrain!

    Kanto - Another real good map!

    Power of One - Spawn by a lava lake also with a field of pumpkins!

    GreenCrack - Natural bridge connecting two mountains

    thisbetterbegoodnotch - It really is good...

    pi - Lots of cool mountains and caves

    I Can Haz Cheezburger? - mountains

    iqw - Just look around!! :)

    seecret Beta 1.4 - Naked mountains, Awesome cave views, Lava dungeon - Its a MUST!

    Club559 - Amazing caves, mountains and fields!

    Naboo - Take a wide look around they'res much to see

    Endor - Cool disk-like mountain!!!

    A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one - Give that a try, it should spawn you directly underneath, if not, very near to, a pretty sweet overhang.
    Exploring will find you other mountains, overhangs, and seemingly impossible structures, as well.

    Given by AFKVegan

    1082820314 - This (for me) spawned me near some really sweet overhangs (like massive)

    x: 56 y: 76 z: 100

    Given by Segolia

    2012 - Actulaly I had the wrong seed in mind. In general, this one spawns you in a huge sand circle (although there are multiple spawns), sometimes with bodies of water, and surrounded by trees. Coal can be found near the surface as well.

    Click here for more pics and info.
    Given by mir_egal123

    16081992 - always spawn near this epic mountain Co-ords are x.80 y.66 z.70
    Given by Pandagaicp

    4439621652545409966900803 - Should spawn you next to a lake at coordinates (x: -40, y: 65, z: 29). But if you turn around and go to coordinates (x: -47, y: 69, z: 29) you should see this:

    Here for more pics
    Given by mir_egal123

    Mars -
    You spawn in a small forset next to a large mountain.
    Go into the whole in the side of the mountain to find:

    1) The mountain is HOLLOW! A huge grass and sand filled area underground and aboveground at the same time!
    2) A hidden vally with an EPIC waterfall leading from a high up cave.
    3) A Split-End Cave where there are many large tunnels and tributaries.
    4) A stepe drop hole that will kill you if you fall in it (All the way to diamond level with exposed DIAMOND!)
    5) A Zombie Spawner somewhere in the cave.
    6) More :Coal: and :Iron: than you know waht to do with!

    Just head North from the spawn point and get into the mountain.
    (You may want to Hack in some torches, its pretty dark!)

    Spawn Point (or near)

    Given by dylandylan72
    Pics by CrazyCat

    Rammstein - spawned me near a gravel beach :o

    Co-ords : x:57 y:-67

    Given by BenVdd

    6977946921004747428 - crazy cliff/overhang things
    surface iron
    all right at the spawn...haven't gone exploring yet but i figured it qualified as an awesome seed just from what's at the spawn point
    Pic Link http://img690.images...0320005410.png/
    Given by msandrew

    -1044235874 or showmetsomebooty -will generate huge valleys. Go to co-ordinates (x: -24, y: 90, z: 14) and you should see them.

    Given by mir_egal123

    Hello mr. Creeper -
    I believed it was some terrain generator error so I used code 1618960483 to generate it again and went to the exact same position, this came out : http://img534.images...omrcreeper2.png
    awesome overhangs too...
    Given by meggle

    1784338777788894343 is an amazing seed
    Original Thread: viewtopic.php?f=1031&t=197658

    Sovetsky Soyuz - spawned me in Siberia o.o
    Given by Shroomer

    HUGE slime - its a canyon with a winter wonder land to one side. holy S**T if you walk a bit away you get HUGE cliffs and a BIG lake
    Given by wrednax

    DesireForBlood -

    and if you keep walking foward...

    NOTE: It is not an absoulute spawn but I've tried it a few times and I always spawned near.
    Given by xHelloMisery

    America - This seed has some nice caves, and amazing varying terrain. Found snow next to sand. Went farther than found nice hills and grassland.

    If you're wondering why there's numbers above the animals, I'm using debug mode and that's the code for the animal.

    Showing the varying terrain
    Nice water area
    A pond and different ways to get out
    3 squids trapped :D
    Found some iron and a natural cave
    Found another natural cave and some cows

    More vids at his channel! (This is the third vid in the series)

    Given by Kaysick

    56955934530498634 - Not the most AMAZEING seed, But fairly Entertaining

    Caverns are close to surface, Mountains are awesome Heres some pics:

    Given by javarock

    Freirenite - My spawn put me directly in front of some pumpkins

    After exploring abit, found several cavern entrances in the immediate area.

    plopped my house down near a small cavern with some coal in it.

    Went on a little cavern expedition and found it to be a rather complex system.

    All the caverns are untouched apart from the torches and a few blocks of dirt to get around. The walls of the cavern are littered with an abundance of coal and iron as far as I could tell. I found a few lava pits at a relatively low depth too.

    I haven't gotten around to exploring most of the terrain above, but from what I've seen, looks to be quite interesting with valleys, mountains and a few overhangs. Biomes I've seen are Snow and Grass, haven't found any desert areas yet.

    iron please! - after spawning i found a massive cave system just filled with tons of iron ( about 30 minutes and i came out with 138 iron with most likely another 100 or more in there since i didn't explore it fully) a cartograph layer scan confirms TONS of iron on this map.
    iron please! thread.
    Given by doom101

    murton - There was a lovely small reservoir which lead to a very nice river lined with trees and on the side i found a quite weird patch of water:

    I walked a bit further to the beach and found another one just the same:

    I'm guessing these could be all over the place, could be used as farms or something :)

    There were also some quite nice mountains and overhangs!
    Given by hste

    Zombiecraft - Nearby there is a great island
    Given by hellskater78

    roflcopter on fire - spawned in a massive mountain- dessert, elsewhere there are some awesome mounts and such
    Given by adasdad

    asdfniceguy - There are many mountains, and I think this may not be a glitch because I've seen it happen before, but near the spawn is a large exposed rock field. Coal or iron may be exposed. Beyond that is more mountains.
    Given by ssbbnw

    Dead Space - Awesome Mountains Everywhere, as well as Some Overhangs all Great places for castles with plenty of :Coal: :Coal: :Coal: :Coal: :Coal: :Coal: on the surface :D Please try it
    P.S. Spawn may vary
    Given by Omnineco

    4chan - is pretty dangerous
    Common Spawn 1: On top or adjacent to a pretty decent cliff with waterfall
    Common Spawn 2: Middle of a rose field with the cliff from Common Spawn 1 ahead
    Common Spawn 3: Directly above a lava lake (you don't stand a chance...)
    Common Spawn 4: On top or next to a cactus
    Common Spawn 5: Open marshland
    Common Spawn 6: Near burning trees caused by the lava lake from Common Spawn 3

    But the most common seems to be either 1, 3 or 5. I've only spawned on a cactus once but that lava lake is a pretty common spawning point for me.

    Oh, and btw, this is a view from near Common Spawn 2, looking at the cliff from Common Spawn 1

    Given by TheBAMStuff

    BunjiIsAwesome!!! - Lots of trees, small hollow O shaped figure.

    Make a mine, trust me.

    10 minutes mining = 25 :ironore:, 4 :goldore:, and 56 :Coal:.
    Given by Aaron4451

    Project 7896 - Very cool seed

    Go to this for pics!
    Given by Qualjak

    SonicFan91 - There's a lot of cool stuff.

    Catherine Hale -

    at X: - 21.4
    Y: 70.6
    Z: -105.7

    Is the most perfect valley That I am living in, and underneath is a really good cave system.
    Given by Thaddiousz

    sand - No its not sandy, lol.
    Beautiful world with lots of trees and GORGEOUS mountains, with one mountain that goes above cloud level without harsh slopes. Also, their is a wonderful rock slab with plenty of iron/coal to start off with.

    Here for pics!
    Given by Jrzfine

    :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    You can find the original thread here.
    The list was by LordAnemoi
    Here is HIS list.

    Glacier - Spawn on a beach with cacti and mountains near the spawn.

    7896 - Spawn on a beach with 2 lagoons.

    gargamel - Spawn in a cave in a valley.
    Mars - Spawn near a cave. (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Spain - Spawn on a beach next to a harbor. Hill nearby with a cave in it. (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Skeleton - Nothing of any interest near by. (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Karkat - Lava pool to east of spawn. (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    8D - Between Snow Biome and mountains (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    10110101 - MASSIVE MOUNTAINS at co-ordinates x:43 y:79 z:82 (Puts Glacier to shame)

    Moon - Spawn at a desert near mountains, there's a formation of sand shaped like a hand pointing (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Jojo - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Iron - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Judgement - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Tower - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    The Fool - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Slowbeef - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    General Ironcius - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Crash Cymbal - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Rigel - The Worst Absolute So Far. (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    Park - Very Boring

    Logitech - Massive Mountains Like 10110101 and Glacier

    Atticus - Snowy Biome (Found by ProbablyARobot)

    Metapod - (Found by Absolute)

    Butterfree - (Found by Absolute)

    AndroidAR - (Found by AndroidAR)

    worstseedever - (Found by Crunk Scunk)

    Pidgeot - (Found by Absolute)

    SuwakoMoriya - (Found by AndroidAR)

    Ninetales - (Found by Absolute)

    Gloom - (Found by Absolute)

    Farsight - (Found by Farsight)

    niburu - (Found by Cres)

    Paras - (Found by Absolute)

    Arcanine - dungeon just beside spawn, underwater, as you can tell from the floating zombie (Found by Absolute)

    jupiter - (Found by Cres)

    Leave blank for a random seed - (Found by AndersHR)

    io - (Found by Cres)

    auditore - (Found by Cres)

    last 1 - (Found by ProbablyARobot)

    Firenze - (Found by Cres)

    White - No Desc.

    Sony - No Desc.

    Survivorman - No Desc.

    spiritual - (Found by Cres)

    Mojang - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    Sega Genesis+CD+32X - (Found by AndroidAR)

    Punch trees - (Found by Alan_)

    Camera - No Desc

    Los Angeles - No Desc

    Fairly Legal - No Desc

    24 - No Desc

    Finale - No Desc

    Science - No Desc

    Mass Relay - No Desc

    Mt. Everest - No Desc

    Olympus - No Desc

    Phoenix - (Found by julian7793)

    rigtige mænd er voldtægtsmænd - (Found by Little Faith)

    lolcat - (Found by werty894)

    Jordyn - (Found by codyyo)

    -9999-G - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    fool's Paradise - (Found by CrazyGamer6)

    5484241002579614770 - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    5786187676466187587 - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    776127695203000308 - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    TMNT - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    Michael Bay - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    James Cameron - (Found by BlackMonarch)

    Odysseus - (Found by Roflmon)

    566 - No Desc
    Akuamarin - (Found by anorangesniper)

    -404 - (Found by Darvince)

    Crash Cymbal - (Found by gravistar)

    Meglamonia - (Found by repression)

    Chunk error - (Found by repression)

    Megaloneus - (Found by Megaloneus)

    cliffsofdover - (Found by Megaloneus)

    seedfortheworldgenerator - (Found by Megaloneus)

    thenewerworld - (Found by Megaloneus)

    pariahism - (Found by Megaloneus)

    backtrack - (Found by Megaloneus)

    Sniper no Sniping - (Found by Reconnoob)

    Map11 - (Found by Reconnoob)

    Gayhooal - (Found by Reconnoob)

    ohgodwhy - (Found by Sw1ss4rmy)

    this better be good - (Found by Sw1ss4rmy)

    23 - (Found by Smartie)

    51 - (Found by Smartie)

    lololololololololol - (Found by firemasterelf22)

    Kyle - (Found by firemasterelf22)

    Sasparilla - (Found by firemasterelf22)

    Stockholm Sweden - (Found by Pink Wool)

    centrillion - (Found by Digitalboy)

    forum - (Found by Digitalboy)

    Themperror - (Found by Themperror)

    Trollface - (Found by HAVOK684)

    DBZSSJ3THEME - (Found by TCG360)

    pillbug - (Found by Digitalboy)

    temperature - (Found by Digitalboy)

    dungeonspawner - (Found by Digitalboy)

    centipede - (Found by Digitalboy)

    scorpion - (Found by Digitalboy)

    iguanadon - (Found by Digitalboy)

    this is taking too damn long - (Found by portablekiller)

    Friday, December 21, 2012 - (Found by portablekiller)

    bbq chicken pizza - (Found by portablekiller)

    Pia - (Found by portablekiller)

    fun for all - (Found by portablekiller)


    New pair of shoes - (Found by portablekiller)

    Lots and lots of sand! - (Found by portablekiller)

    94848283 - (Found by HAVOK684)
    manhorn slaughter - (Found by ironicallycorrect)

    Reindeers and Unicorns lul - (Found by ironicallycorrect)

    Chuck Norris - (Found by buster2Xk)

    ASDF - (Found by buster2Xk)

    nurse joy - (Found by Metal_Shadow)

    diamond land of happyness - (Found by Metal_Shadow)

    Guude - (Found by sambino97)

    boringoldworld - (Found by sambino97)

    cheeseisawesome - (Found by sambino97)

    wthwasthat - (Found by sambino97)

    SMPsurvival - (Found by sambino97)

    One Winged Angel - (Found by Metal_Shadow)

    fat knockers - (Found by 8enjo)

    The Sad Slave of the East - (Found by Red_deadlock)

    Dark Eco - (Found by Red_deadlock)

    Guild Wars 2 - (Found by gysa)

    Aquaman Sucks - (Found by gysa)

    Gysa - (Found by gysa)
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    Please wait about a week for your map to added. I still have to organize about 100 maps!
    Official Map List
    Created by Mzaq


    5. The Map List


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    News and Info

    RECENT UPDATE (8/13/11): Added more maps, cleaned up the home page a bit.

    This is a collection of all sorts of maps! All maps are welcome. If you want to see more maps just send me the name of it and I'll add it. Also, give me feedback on the maps and if I should change anything. Sorry the maps are not alphabeticalized, I'll do that later when I get the chance. The authors of each map can be viewed at the forum page. Some maps will require mods and may not be compatible with the latest version! It is NOT my fault if this happens!

    Just updated the whole list. Don't expect your map to be added right away since I really want to get everything fixed first!

    Coming in next big update:
    -More maps
    -New categories
    -Update Map Count and Update Log
    Also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading my Mini-Updates for the latest news on OML. It will give you much detail.

    -Some maps will require mods and may not be compatible with the latest version! It is NOT my fault if this happens!
    -Some maps are a work in progress so they may not be done.
    -Some maps may be still in beta or testing process so the download may not be available.

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    By Vechs

    Super Hostile 01 The Sea of Flame
    Super Hostile 02 The Endless Deep
    Super Hostile 03 The Infernal Sky
    Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns

    Some pics:


    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=207989

    Skylands - Popular -
    By BarthVader

    Description: Skylands is a custom tailored world for the Beta version ofMinecraft, a game of exploration and building in a virtually never endingprocedurally generated world.

    More pics at download!


    Imperial Lands - Popular - REQUIRES MODS -
    By lolo500

    Description: Hey guys, this RPG map is called Imperial lands, map consist of 7cities, 1 secret empire, 5 villages, more than 50 quests (Functional books, iuse the books to explain the quests). World was inspired in Oblivion,Morrowind, Fallout 3 and a lot of other RPG's, and also assassins creed 2 insome structures.


    Description: An adventure map.


    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...p?f=25&t=189494

    By Convict38

    Description: its the year 2013 the world ended 4 months ago you are one of thesuvivors as you travel across plains mountains deaserts and oceans you build upyour stockpile of supplies dodging mobs of monsters that survived. but one dayyou find a man who looked like he was attacked he was about to die but beforehe did he told you that there was a city about a week away that had tons ofsupplies.... Well its been 2 weeks and you've found nothin but want to keepgoin. if you find it then youll have to defend yourself against mobs whileharvesting resources that have been overlooked by roamers once you get enoughresources fix the city and make withstand the true test of time.
    Starts with a small little starting house carved into the mountain. The Bank isgaurded by the hostile Raggers gang aka: skeleton spider zombie creeper pigzombie but if you get past them theres great riches.
    War torn streets adds craters from meoterites hitting the city Volcano is notnear the city


    The Bay
    By Ateam1212

    Description: After Being Abandoned by your crew, Sergeant Pepper found you. Anold captain himself he was willing to get you on your feet. So he gave you asword and got you a room in Pevensy Bar (soon to be Inn) and bought you 2boats. that lie there on the dock. He also said something about how their was asecret bit of armor in the bar. X marks the spot.


    By Oldshoes

    Description: In Broville there is plenty to see and do. There's hiddentreasure, forgotten tombs, secret rooms/passages, lost ruins, and of course thetown itself! Whether you like exploring, looting, building, or destroying,Broville is the place for you.


    Castle Adventure!
    By Crewd

    Description: Find the nine diamonds to escape.


    TO DOWNLOAD: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=74945

    Trial of the Old Ones
    By Raziel

    Description: You wake up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sand. There aremany pyramids around you, each holding a different secret. Your objective is tofind your way back to IceVille. However, creatures calling themselves the OldOnes, have put many challenges in your way. The desert holds many secrets, oneof which is a place called the underworld. Will you find your way back toIceVille and how long will you survive?


    Dig Deep
    By 27

    Description: Nothing but a destroyed lighthouse, a will and an obsessedminer...

    You're an explorer, and you've stopped to investigate a lighthouse in Ruins....



    Vechs' Schematic Compilation Pack 011
    By Vechs

    Hey gang! This is a compilation of schematics I have made for Minecraft.


    Ink Blot Island + Giant Ocean
    By Vechs


    - Large island surrounded by a huge ocean, you can go out into the ocean a bitand Minecraft will still not begin to generate chunks on the other side

    - Increased levels of iron ore, coal, and clay to compensate for being on anisland

    - Many hidden dungeons (As you walk the surface of the island, look for MossyCobblestone and Obsidian poking out of the ground...)


    Vechs' SMP Adventure Map
    By Vechs


    - This map is a compilation of sorts, of almost everything I've made in mySchematic Compilation Pack, and the dungeons I have made, and my TownConstruction Kit.

    - Includes a pre-made city with walls, city plaza, city hall, public reed,wheat, cactus, and tree farms, four bedrock boat shafts, and a dock.

    - The city has empty lots clearly marked out with stone slabs (Will hopefullykeep "Hey he's building in my area! Mods ban plox!" arguments to aminimum)

    - A spruced up version of Ink Blot Island for you to explore

    - Latest version of Infern Island for you to explore

    - Many, many dungeons and hidden secrets ( I lost count, way too many to list.)

    - Solid stone beneath the city ( Will hopefully remove incentive for people totunnel all over your town...)

    - Enriched levels of resources underneath the grassy areas outside the city(Enough for everyone on your SMP server, hopefully late-comers to your serverwill not feel like everything has already been stripe mined...)

    - Intended for an SMP server, would also make a great playground forsingle-player.


    MethaneBoy's World
    By MethaneBoy

    The Portal Gun Mod Is Optional
    No Desc


    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=233956

    Namsu island 2
    By joe123652


    Mods needed:Elevator mod (viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=221103)

    Link to Map:http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=215779

    World: The Stolen Fortune
    By Ressficent
    Texture Pack: Jolicraft

    You are an adventurer, living off the land as you make your way along towardsan invisible goal.
    Every day is the same to you.
    That is, until last night, when you received an extremely vivid dream.
    In it, a mysterious voice told you to make your way to Dinsar City.
    Unable to shake the vision, you prepare to leave for the aforementioned city.”


    NowWith Guilds
    By xViinskI

    Requires: MoreCreeps & Weirdos, Books

    Description: You start off in your home town by submitting your application tobecome an adventurer to the Mayor.


    Searchfor Derpes
    By Jumanski

    This is an adventure map with stories of aliens and kidnappings and a veryvicious ending.


    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=245159

    By RobDM

    Description: "you are in jail for an unknow reason, lights shut down,zombies are everywhere"

    I have no ideas how long it take to finish it. With the solution I needed 10/20min. This is not about killing mobs, it's running away from them.

    I mixed two textures pack and I changed a couple of things inside to fit withmy map:
    - ShortStuf7's Clean Design :
    - Survival Horror Mob Skins : viewtopic.php?f=25&t=81709
    - Zombies
    - 6 Chapters
    - An automatic checkpoints system
    - Zombies
    - And more



    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=216361

    By Oste_Popp

    Description: Its a survival but you can look at it as an adventure white norules, because its 6 hidden challenges


    Mine Land
    Author: RoarImAMonster

    Description: RPG map with quest and adventures.

    Category: Rpg or Adventure

    Mods: Functional books and minecart mania

    Link: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=222778&p=3195895#p3195895

    Sebastian Hurle and the Forgotten Village
    Author: cuuldude

    Description: You find yourself in an abandoned village, and it looks like ithas been this way for some time. As you explore you find out the sinistersecrets that led to the village's demise, and you realise that it is down toyou to save the whole of Minecraftia from the same fate.

    Category: Adventure

    Mods or Texture Packs needed: None

    http://www4.picturep...com/photo/a/538 ...383637.png

    Link: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=261603

    Secrets of the icing!
    By Georgebrown

    Explore the map that contains many secrets, and joys with extreme theme parksto classic memories of the retro video games. The map include secret areas, andtasks for you to take part in, and diamonds have to be collected for a highscore!


    TheTomb of Herobrine
    by kanokarob, with help in part by Seibai for his Primordial Desert MapGenerator

    Story: You are on an excavation team deep in The Herobrine Desert. It was youand your co-worker's jobs to find rubies and sapphires that allegedly werefound in the sand. What you found was so much better... A well made ofsandstone, that no one has dared explore... You awake in your tent, to findeveryone else is still asleep. You were having a strange dream of a giantcharacter, with realistic eyes, burning you to death. You go to the well, andjump...

    This is an Adventure map, with a tad of Puzzle mixed in.


    1. Do not break blocks unless prompted to.
    2. Play on peaceful until prompted to. (optional until prompted to)
    3. Do not place blocks unless prompted to.
    4. No cheating!

    Backups of map are suggested, as some parts make it impossible to return in theevent of death.


    Author: Doveclaw

    Description: You are here to explore the lands of Krop Tor for it's riches

    Link: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=264455

    Revenge or Honor
    Author : Twentybelow24

    Description : You are a criminal.
    Wanted for crimes against the King.
    Once caught you are sentenced to rot in prison for the rest of your miserablelife.
    Ten years go by.
    An invasion of zombies have attacked the land.
    And then you escape... for revenge.

    Video :

    Link :
    The VictoriaVille InsaneAsylum
    Author: Gurnumsbug

    Description: You are a patient in an insane asylum...
    You have awoke to your room door unlocked and open...
    You have no idea why it is open, and is currently confused about the strangeobjects and creations around you...
    As you start to walk around you notice, things aren't how they used to be...
    Are you awake? Are you asleep? Have you died? Have you gone...INSANE?
    This is your job to find out...

    Category: Puzzle

    Mods / Texture Pack: Requires custom texture pack, provided in the download

    Picture or Video: See the thread, many are provided

    Anything else? The game has a very strong art direction, making it quite uniquein Minecraft games.


    -The point is to build a castle, with canons, and after 30 minutes, you canstart sending bombs, trying to destroy your opponent.
    The winner is the one hitting the bombs inside the others castle.
    -Server (sort of survival)
    -Link to map:
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmw218vq1... BOMBER.zip
    Link til post: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=271956
    -NO Mods or Texture Pack needed.

    Author of Map: Duggabboo

    Description of Map: GaiaSaga is an map in alpha that will feature dramaticlandscape, innovative ideas, interlocking plots, and daring dungeons. The worldis being taken over by the Council of Ghasts, a group of god-like monstersseeking power. Most of the world has given in, but you, adventurer, will notstand for these dictators to take the world from you! Survive in dying deserts,defend mountaintop military stations, and use airships to go across the world!

    Mods or Texture Packs: None, but future versions will include optional missionswith other mods such as Planes! (viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=198188).

    Misc.: I will only continue the map if I get 5 posts telling me to continue. Idon't want to advance a map if nobody will play it.

    Link to Map: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=274259

    By Elthehablo

    - A map based for the people that are new to minecraft, with a main tutorialand various extra tutorials. Also contains trophies to gather working as a sortof achievements. (Is this long enough?)


    - It´s not only for people who are new to MC but also to people who haveexperience in Minecraft already =D[/quote]


    The Quest of The Four Pyramids
    Author: 666mayhem666

    Description: You are on a desert island, with only one piece of information:'My house is this way', you follow the sign and get caught up in a quest thattakes you deep underground, into a volcano, with one objective, find thediamond block of Santov, and the three lost dyes, however, you need to find thecountless numbers of lost diamonds in the many secrets that lay in the world.

    Category: Puzzle/Adventure

    Mods/Texture Packs needed: None


    Link Removed

    - AlienAdventures

    - An Anaheim Disneyland Replica (almost 1:1). Includes all of Disneyland

    - Replica



    Templeof the Lost Block
    By Mouzi

    Description: Can you find the Lost Block? Solve the puzzles to progress.


    Myhuge wheat farm
    By joe123652

    Description: So i have alot of free time and this is what i do
    This is the image i have more but my screen-shot button doesn't work so enjoy!


    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=207325

    Team-Fight Maps
    By Flubbesify

    Description: Battle Maps(Guns)


    Minecraft Airport
    By mextremel

    Description: Features:
    - the longest Runway ever built in Minecraft (AFAIK)
    - more Taxiways than you can shake your fist at
    - Street to/from Airport with Tunnels at the End
    - Control Tower
    - 2 Terminals
    - 4 Wings
    - 27 Gates
    - 25 Planes with full interior
    - 2 Helicopters
    - Hot Air Balloon
    - Emergency Landing of Oceanic Dreamliner on Runway 36
    - FedEx Cargo Plane unloading at Hangar
    - 2 F/A-18D patrolling the Airport, 1 parked at Hangar
    - Airport Radar Towers
    - Airship Landing Pad
    - Airport Parking Garage
    - Airport Restaurant, -Bar and -Cafe
    - Airline Ticket Counters
    - Security Checkpoints
    - Baggage Claim Area
    - Duty Free Shop
    - Restrooms
    - Airport Busses
    - Baggage Trains
    - Cargo Trucks
    - Stair Trucks
    - Tankers
    - Airport Fire-brigade Vehicles
    - Huge Welcome Sign


    Unknown Future
    Author: Cryru and Roman

    You have been kidnapped and brought to an old testing facility. You believe that there are others trapped in here but..can you save them?

    Mods or Texture Pack needed: None
    Picture or Video: http://www.flickr.co...16446/lightbox/

    A sequel is planned but I want people to vote if they want another puzzle/escape map or adventure open world one. The first part has two endings and we are planning bonus test-rooms in the style of part one, we already made one but we would like to know if people like it and want to see more bonus little test-rooms.

    The link to thread (not map): http://www.minecraft...t/#entry5533378

    The Vault
    The Author: DaBigCat

    A description: You are a traveller. After many days you have finally arrived at a small village. You look around for somewhere to stay for the night, but you find anyone else. On the outskirts of the village lies the vault. In the vault is salvation. Yet a hero is needed to open the vault. You must vanquish the evil once and for all by finding all five power nodes that have been scattered around the land. If you don't do it soon.... the darkness of hell will take over and the land will be plunged in to total darkness and chaos forever.

    Mods or Texture Pack needed: None
    Picture: http://s1188.photobu...6-04_180810.png

    The link to thread: http://www.minecraft...nture-beta-166/

    Apocalypse Survival
    Author: Bobmanx12

    Description: In Apocalypse survival you were on the last ship off Earth, the USS Tampa Bay, but it crashed, and you are the only survivor, can you get to Fort Cansoro in 1week?

    Mods/Texture Packs needed: Djoslin's Finite Liquid V3, Property Reader v1.20, Risagumi's ModLoader, the Painterly Pack I created w/ rhodox's customizer, all these are in the RAR archive that contains the map.

    Picture Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L48U9QNT
    Forum Thread Link: http://www.minecraft...age__mode__show

    The Lindwurm Castle
    The author: PoettY

    A description: The Lindwurm castle brings you 30+ puzzles, a lot of huge buildings and a fantastic atmosphere.

    Picture or Video: http://s1133.photobu...ettY/?start=all
    The link to thread (not map): http://www.minecraft...indwurm-castle/

    Made by Sky19091

    The world lies...shrouded in darkness. The seas rage, the winds die, and the earth trembles. But the people believe in a prophecy. When the world is doomed, 4 warriors will spawn... At last 4 players did spawn....
    No texture packs or mods needed

    Thread: http://www.minecraft...44#entry5657244

    The Secret of Wayhart Point
    Author: rseah

    Overview: You hear word of Wayhart Point a lively seaside town renowned for it's quality seafood and fishermen. As a trader you decide to travel there and exchange rare goods with the locals. Upon arriving however, you find the town deserted. There are no signs of life except from the occasional cow and sheep.

    As you stand at the dock you wonder, what on earth has happened?

    Pictures: Refer to Thread link

    Link: viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=275273

    The X-System
    By Bigpunk157
    -Not David's actual map but a close interpretation...


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ycae4fkuafrpxdl
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    Creative Maps

    Author: Superpish

    Description: Inspired by the theme parks I went to as a kid, welcome to Fun Land - an immense park featuring 16 roller coasters, 10 water rides, a dozen other amusements, plus plenty of restaurants, souvenir stands, and other theme park goodness. There's plenty to see and do, and even more to discover if you snoop around a bit. Oh yeah, and every coaster is interactive, no eye candy here! The map requires no special mods and should be compatible with earlier versions of Minecraft.

    No special mods or texture packs needed

    Video: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dWwYI0FeL1o


    Daren's Maps (Mostly Flatmaps)
    Author: daren1093251

    Description: Flatmaps, joke maps, and more :smile.gif:

    Thread: http://www.minecraft...06#entry5130606

    I created a map a few weeks back, didn't get noticed, so I wanted to ask you to add it to your list.

    Rebuild the Bridges
    Author: poppop17

    Description: Get enough material to rebuild a bridge! Get extra points for different materials! Try to get the most points!

    Mods/Texture Pack: None
    Picture: http://img841.images...10628144314.png

    The link to thread: http://www.minecraft...ld-the-bridges/

    Modern Roller Coaster
    Author: RedDjango
    Requires player be on peaceful

    Description: A roller coaster built more more in the style of today's modern roller coasters!




    Link: http://www.minecraft...p/#entry5363718

    Hubba_Bubba's Funland.

    Author: Hubba_Bubba90

    Description: A Theme-park containing original thrill rides and game-booths. This map makes use of the newly added pistons.

    Mods or Texture Pack needed: Text Pack: Pie-Hole (I've added it in the zipfile containing the map, they don't have to download it seperately).
    Mods: Not needed, but Single Player Commands is advised to be installed: To remove snow/ice/animals from the rides, and to skip the night because the map is intended to be played by day.


    The link to thread: http://www.minecraft...land-text-pack/[

    Ant Farm Of Doom
    -The author: jojinator97

    -A description: You are an ant, and you must build in this world. Basically, in this map, you only have a 5 block wide space to build with in width. It's just like being in an ant hill.

    -Picture or Video:
    http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/5273 ... 162914.png
    http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/1732 ... 162911.png
    http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/7159 ... 162906.png

    -The link---- viewtopic.php?f=1034&t=286586
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    Featured Maps of the Week

    By Vechs

    Some pics:



    TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.minecraft...f=1034&t=207989

    Skylands - Popular -
    By BarthVader

    Description: Skylands is a custom tailored world for the Beta version ofMinecraft, a game of exploration and building in a virtually never endingprocedurally generated world.

    More pics at download!


    Imperial Lands - Popular - REQUIRES MODS -
    By lolo500

    Description: Hey guys, this RPG map is called Imperial lands, map consist of 7cities, 1 secret empire, 5 villages, more than 50 quests (Functional books, iuse the books to explain the quests). World was inspired in Oblivion,Morrowind, Fallout 3 and a lot of other RPG's, and also assassins creed 2 insome structures.

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    How to Send in maps

    To request a map to be added onto this list, this is what I need:

    -The name
    -The author
    -The category (Puzzle, Survival, Adventure, Creative, Server, Portal (use Portal Gun mod), and Tutorial, Multiplayer, Normal (plain map)
    -A description (I will use it)
    -Mods or Texture Pack needed.
    -Picture or Video (Only 1 of each please, unless you use links)
    -The link to thread (not the actual map)
    -Anything else you might want to add.

    Just PM me, or post reply on here, doesn't matter.
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    I think I'll have your whole series featured on my map list. It's amazing how there's so much detail, and surprises in just a single map!
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    Quote from thedougman2008 »
    who ever made the ladders and jumping one is an @$$ hole. i get half way up then my space bar gets stuck and i fall
    have like a torch at a certain point with sand above as a save point

    Eh, I had the same problem, but eventually beat the map.
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    If people keep on posting thier seeds, and I keep finding more seeds, this list will be HUGE! Probably not as big as my map list though...
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