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    posted a message on Lumberjack Enchantment
    Question: how does this enchantment work with branches and 2x2 trees?
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    posted a message on What food do you normally eat?
    Pork or Steak. You don't need to eat as much to fill your hunger/saturation and it's not too hard to get.
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    posted a message on What would you do if the above avatar bit you? ♡
    ... I'm confused. You've kissed me before and now you're biting me. What do you really think of me? I'm convinced you're just insane.
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    posted a message on The Ender Heart
    The Ender Heart - A New Ender Dragon Drop

    (Not the best sprites)

    The Ender Heart is a new drop from the Ender Dragon. It only drops in Singleplayer. The Ender Heart is a consumable item that gives the consumer two more maximum Heart Containers. It comes with a downside, however. Natural damage (Fall damage, drowning, burning, lava, suffocation, starvation..) will deal an extra heart of damage.

    When the item drops from the Ender Dragon, it will drop as a "Solidified Ender Heart", being the second sprite. The heart right now is utterly useless. If you want to consume it, you need to repair it in an Anvil. Put the Solidified Ender Heart on the left and put an Eye of Ender on the right to get a consumable "Ender Heart" (being the first sprite) at the cost of thirty levels.

    Even after death, the two extra Heart Containers will stay with you. They will stay with you indefinitely.

    In Multiplayer, the Ender Heart simply doesn't drop from the Ender Dragon. This is for the sake of balance. You know, there are multiple people, so it'd be unfair if only one of them got to have the added effects. They can be spawned in using the /give command or Creative mode and used as a valuable gift from the administrators.

    Last of all, there's a cosmetic effect. All of your normal heart containers (and the new ones) will appear to be solidified. It's just a cosmetic effect, a nice one IMO.

    Thanks for reading this wall of text! Feedback is appreciated.
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    posted a message on New Sounds are Terrible
    Quote from Jazukai

    The new almost complete-overhaul of the sounds in the game are awful.
    I haven't been a fan of many previous sound changes, but they were small things I adjusted to, like the door sounds, some were improvements, such as TNT's boom effect, and the addition of new mobs is fine.
    But this...
    Grass sounds like sand, sand sounds like gravel, chopping wood sounds like tapping on rubber.

    I feel like the people in charge don't care about the experiences that made Minecraft so popular in the first place. The oldschool sounds were part of the appeal, and had no reason to be changed.
    Even if they felt the need to update them, why they're so inaccurate is beyond me.

    I think the sounds should be left alone, and changed back.
    In such a short time of existence, the previous updates have increased in nostalgia value. Things just aren't the same now.

    Are you still able to mine? Check.
    Build? Check.
    Craft? Check.
    Play the game how YOU want to? Check!

    You're complaining about sounds, FFS. If they give you a headache, mute the game. If you dislike them, change them with mods. It's not hard.
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    posted a message on Game lacking direction?
    Yup. A big issue here. Minecraft tries to be lots of different game types, but it doesn't very well at any type. It's just a crappy way to please all the players, and it fails at doing that.
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    posted a message on New Mob? In Minecraft ? UNKNOWN
    Is there a reason the "screenshot" is a download of an application called "Raid-Picture"?
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    posted a message on CraftableBedrock [Forge] - ALSO ADDS SPONGE!
    This would be a better recipe.

    But anyway, there's a problem. How do you craft something you can't break? Also, whenever you place a piece, it will be there forever.
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    posted a message on Concrete Block
    Quote from Eraed

    I really don't see a use for this. Crafting looks like a pain and it keeps the same basic value of gravel.
    Also coding a limited liquid isn't something minecraft is used to.

    What's rotten flesh useful for? Sponges? End Stone? All compressed ore blocks? Lapis Lazuli only dyes wool blue. Speaking of wool, once you've made a bed, it's useless. Well, besides paintings, but those are also useless. What about dyed leather armor? That's useless too.

    Aesthetics =/= useless.

    As for the second part, it doesn't sound too hard.

    1. Every tick, the game checks if there's a solid block below the source block of the liquid concrete.
    - If there is, leave the liquid as is.
    - If there isn't, make the liquid source move down one block. (Or turn it into an entity, like gravel?)

    2. After 100 ticks (5 seconds on a good machine), replace the liquid with a solid concrete block.
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    posted a message on Villagers look like squidward why?

    Are you guys kids below 14? Im 25 i thought the show was to kiddy i wanted to change the noses.

    1. You're a hypocrite. You're saying they're below 14 for supposedly liking Spongebob, yet you have an MLP (the show is meant for young girls) avatar.
    2. Age =/= maturity.
    3. On-topic. People complain about this all the time. Mojang won't change it just for you. You can try going in the textures and removing the nose from all the villager textures.
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