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    Question: how does this enchantment work with branches and 2x2 trees?
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    While doing chores and getting an extra 30 minutes or so works, it's exhausting and artificial. You need to get your mother to trust you. She cares about your academic performance, physical health, social life, and interests, so you need to start improving all of these things. She thinks that you're addicted to Minecraft, and this addiction is affecting your well-being, so show her that you can still keep all the aspects of your life going strong while playing plenty of Minecraft.

    Do note.. you can't do that if you're playing Minecraft all of the time.
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    posted a message on Could society work in minecraft?
    Here's an idea about reproduction: ignoring how a couple would reproduce, once they give birth, a baby mob will appear. The baby is a passive mob that will follow one of its parents at all times. If it's right-clicked, it will be placed in the chest slot as an item and appear on the person 'wearing' it in a baby carrier. While it's worn, it can't take damage, but if the person wearing dies, they die as well. It can't be placed in the rest of the inventory, and taking it out of the slot turn it back into a mob.

    As a mob, it will not attack enemies, has 3 hearts of health and has no armor. Skeletons, Zombies and Endermen attack it on sight, everything else does not attack it.

    What does this mob do? If a new player enters the server, the baby will disappear in a cloud of smoke and the new player will appear in its place. If there are no living babies (on the ground, not being worn) at the time, new players won't be able to join.

    EDIT: Do note that the baby as a mob can't see past 8 blocks, and will start to shriek if it's away from a player or approached by a non-parent with a weapon. Anyone can pick it up, though.
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    posted a message on Cave spiders aren't actually mineshaft spiders + Changes in behavior
    I like this idea. With this idea implemented, leaving your mine unlit and unclean will result in a Cave Spider infestation. I'd increase the chance of cobwebs and eggs being placed though; with these small chances, cave spiders will rarely start an infestation. It should be uncommon, seeing as how the spiders themselves are already rare and only place cobwebs and eggs while you're in the same chunk as them.
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    posted a message on Remove Witch Spawn mob. Make them back to hut.
    Quote from ShadowElite5

    Witches however can not. Yes they are easy to kill when faced straight on but eventually they will kill you.

    If you find one, all you need is armor and a stone sword. Charge at the witch. Since you'll be 11 blocks away from it, it will drink a speed potion. In that time, you'll be able to get close enough to damage it, and it will drink another potion. The witches drink so many potions that they don't even get the chance to attack.

    In the end, you don't even need to do any of that. A bow and arrows can be obtained easily, and they can attack witches from out of their detection radius.
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    BTW, there's a spider dungeon and a zombie dungeon in my mine. If y'all want to turn that into an XP farm, you can do that. It'd go with the public enchanting table quite well.
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    posted a message on Inconsiderate players harvesting all the trees?
    This is clever, but it only really works as a trap. It explodes the moment you chop down one block, so it doesn't give players the chance to chop down the rest of the tree and wait for saplings to drop. I like the trap, but its only use is as a griefing tool.
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    IGN: SD1AN

    Age: 13

    Why should I let you in?: Completely vanilla multiplayer servers, and well-kept ones at that, are practically nonexistent. I was never one for PvP. Raiding, griefing, stealing, and going against fellow players can be fun sometimes, but I'd prefer to spend that time doing something less destructive (in the literal sense). It's fun to play with others, and this server fosters a friendly, cooperative, vanilla Minecraft environment. I think I'd fit in. Maybe I won't be doing anything grand, but at least I can be a voice, a set of ears, and a pair of hands for others. That's.. something, isn't it?

    Also, I remember playing on the original NillaCraft. I didn't play very long, but I thought that server was awesome. Still, since I didn't play long, I feel like I need to redeem myself. It will be fun, anyway, won't it?

    What do you plan to do on the server?: Build a home, hang out, chat with others, help them out, and enjoy myself. As I said, I probably won't be doing anything grand, as I'm not the best builder and I'm the worst at dedication. But chattering and joking around is something I love to do, so I can assure you I will do that.

    Have you been banned before? If so, why?: Once (for a couple of months), for insinuating and then blatantly stating that someone had a crush on someone else. I was incredibly stupid a couple of years ago. o_O

    Have you read and do you agree to the rules?: I agree to the rules, but I refuse to hail the hydra and I shall NOT vote for Soviet Bear! Forcing an opinion upon someone just to let them in!? That's indoctrination! Tyranny!

    EDIT: The first thing I will do is see and pray to the LunaeLux Statue of Worship. You built one, right? ..Right?
    EDIT 2: Ah, I forgot an entire section of the application!
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    posted a message on To all people who apparently "see" Herobrine, or sightings
    Why do you care that people like to believe Herobrine is real? This topic has been made a million times and no one changed what the believers thought. Just ignore the believers.
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    posted a message on My opinion on server "Donations"
    Perhaps some of the servers you've been on wrongly refer to in-game cash shops as donations, but definitely not all of them. There's a line between donating to a server and purchasing items from a server:

    Money that is given to the server owner purely for the sake of paying the cost of hosting and upgrading the server is a donation. If it comes with some minor perks like some diamonds or a user title as a gift, that's fine. If the server owner spends the money on anything but the server, it's not a donation - it's a purchase.

    The idea here is that the user is paying the owner to keep the server up. If the owner spends that money on anything else, they aren't satisfying their side of the transaction.

    Meanwhile, money that is given to the server owner in exchange for items is a purchase; a micro-transaction, if you want to call it that. While the money can be used for the server's upkeep, it can be used for other reasons. After all, the money was given directly to the owner. The server is not the focus here, the items are.

    The idea here is that the user is exchanging their money for items from the owner. Once the items are given, the transaction has been done and finished, and the owner can use the money as they please.

    Simply put, you're complaining about servers disguising in-game purchases/paywalls as donations. If this bothers you so much, find a server that allows for proper donations.
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    posted a message on What do you consider a minecraft 'house'?
    A functional, fully-enclosed, blast-resistant, lit-up space with one entrance and one exit is a shelter, in my opinion, while a house is a larger shelter with a bed, a workbench, a furnace, a storage room, a farm, a mine, and a focus on aesthetics as well as function.
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    posted a message on [8x] SplitCraft "Simplicity at its Best"
    Quote from FellowFan

    It has been a while since this Texture Pack was updated. My Premium Account was hacked by someone and I couldn't play. I still don't have one but I know a lot of people liked this texture pack so I'll work on it for them. It now can be used with the new versions :D

    There's just one issue. The download is behind a frickin' survey. In essence, I have to pay $0.82 for the download, and even then, the survey might not count as completed. Hell, it's very difficult to pay online where I live, so this pack is a premium pack for me.
    How did everyone else download the pack?
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    posted a message on But... but... I was Shift'ing...
    Quote from Victoria_

    They were not carrying them around. It was a hardcore world (first word of their post) so the entire world is gone.

    I have had similar issues in the Nether (though thankfully never on Hardcore). I found it is normally, like The_Yarik_Cool, due to me not quite pressing hard enough at that time and not due to any bug etc.

    Listen. The point is, he had 32 diamonds on him, and not stored in a chest in the Overworld. It doesn't matter that the world was hardcore. What the heck was he doing?
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    posted a message on The Above Avatar Tells You They Love You
    W-w-what..!? I'm sorry, b-b-but, I'd like to love a human.. preferably my age..

    (That's what the person in the avatar would say, anyway.)
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