About Me
Ohai. I happen to love sheep and Mareep. (a pokemon)

Username: SDIAN (Minecraft username: SD1AN)
Home Server: There is none now.


  • Sheep all da way. Sheep are cute, awesome, epic and great for paintings, skipping the night and making decor.
  • Minecraft is another. (captain obvious at the speed of duh!)
  • Pokemon. (hey, I know the story and Pikachu are childish. I like the actual strategy behind the battling)
  • Pigs, sheep and creepers. Best buds! I swear it, my skin was a cyan sheep man and I always survived creeper explosions! Almost always, anyway.
Minecraft "Professions":

  • Has read the wiki about 5 times over, knowledgeable (except redstone. it's rocket science to me!)
  • Breeder, makes sure there are always at least 2 animals before killing
  • Builder, moderate designs that can make someone go wow (still learning the ways!)
  • Alchemist, knows all about potions and enchantments
  • Farmer, knows good farm designs with only one bucket of water
  • Miner, very good at spotting ores in all light levels (bad at locating diamonds)
  • Sheep Lover, will save a sheep at all costs (heck, I saved a sheep from 2 skeletons and 3 creepers!)
  • Botanist, knows the exact conditions for all plants to grow
  • Warrior, knows some moves for killing mobs (MUCH better with a bow, basic attacks)
  • Extremely addicted to MC and Sheepcraft
Fun Facts:

  • Addicted to MC and Sheepcraft
  • Rode the Ender Dragon when entering The End, at the cost of a diamond sword (yes, it spawned where I appeared)
  • Must say "caik" at all costs
  • Never says "Oh hi", must be "Ohai"
  • Doesn't lol as much as xD'ing
  • Must kill farm animals with an axe, swords are for fighting
  • baaaa
  • The below sentence is true
  • The above sentence is false
  • ssss, baaa, oink (best buds!!!)
  • Likes Pikachu as it looks, hates it as the mascot of Pokemon
  • Pichu and Minccino all da way
  • Sheep even further
  • Likes to type ... and a lot
  • Types with good grammar when speaking (kids, alots are fictitious animals! it's a lot!)

(none as of now)
Interests Visual Novels, Sandboxes, Shooters, Music

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Minecraft SD1AN

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