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    This is a 16x16 texture pack, I drew most of the inspiration for this pack from my beloved wife, who helped me every step of the way in creating it. Its also kind of a "Girly Pack" but there is more to it than that, regardless of the abundance of pink. Its light colored and light hearted. We hope that everyone who tries it finds it as fun to play as we do.

    Link for 1.9 version: DOWNLOAD 1.9

    Link for 1.8 and earlier version: DOWNLOAD 1.8

    Subscribe to Qtpie on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/AzQtpie22

    Direct DOWNLOAD link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5q0y75p3jlv1wbr/Cheerful_Pack_v1.6e.zip
    Here are other texture packs which I have created:

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    This is a 32x32 texture pack to use as an alternative to the default textures.
    This texture pack is my first venture into making texture packs at higher resolution. I started with my New Realism 16x textures as a base.

    Give me diamonds on Planet Minecraft:http://www.planetmin.../a-new-realism/
    Subscribe to me on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/Mythra13

    Direct DOWNLOAD link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/bi799dzdyqndu5r/A_New_Realism_[32x]_v1.4.zip
    Here are other texture packs which I have created:

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    *DrZhark, on 20 March 2012 - 6:18 AM, said:

    I think the best way to go about this list, so it's easy to access is to make a thread with it, I'll link it in the OP, and perhaps you could do a poll to see which mob you guys want done next, and I'll do it.

    If you want to take the time to make and maintain that thread, I'll appreciate it


    Q.: Can you do xxxx mob for me?
    A.: You're welcome to post your ideas/suggestions, I have a list of mobs to do...

    (...from his Opening Post on the Mo' Creatures official thread:)
    Mo' Creatures by DrZhark


    I'm Mythra13 and I maintain this thread when I have time and am able. It is official because it has been authorized by Dr Zhark himself. It is UNofficial because it is maintained by myself and there is no guarantee that if you post something here it will make it into his awesome mod. These lists shouldn't be confused with a "To-Do-List" and merely reflect the wishes of those who enjoy the mod and would like to see even more added to it. So without further ado I present the:



    Ants: Made and implemented
    Centipedes: Small but long insects, which can bite the player, sometimes venomous.
    Butterflies: Made and implemented
    Moth: Made and implemented
    Fireflies: Made and implemented
    Owls: Made but not yet implemented
    Eagles & Hawks: (Forest, Jungle, Taiga, Mountain) Hunt small animals like bunnies or other birds.
    Falcons: [Domesticated] Fly when ordered, find drops, bring them back for you, kill small animals for drops.
    Vultures: Tries to eat pork, beef, chicken, fish and rotten flesh when dropped on the ground.
    Flamingo: (Beach) Pink bird, avoids players and eats raw fish.
    Seagulls: (Beach) Can be attracted by throwing fish, cooked or raw, drops feathers.
    Pigeons: Tamable bird, eats seeds or bread.
    Geese & Swans: Large birds which prefer to be swimming on water where they can find it.

    Crabs: (Ocean & Beach) Made and implemented
    Lobsters: (Ocean) Spawn on ocean floor, can be caught and cooked as a food.
    Shrimp: (Ocean) Passive mob, very small, drops shrimp meat when killed.
    Seahorses: (Ocean) Mostly decorative sea creature, avoids being near players.
    Sea Turtles: (Ocean) Passive turtle living in ocean, can be ridden.
    Electric Eels: (Ocean) Active at night, can shock player do defend itself.
    Baracudas: (Ocean) Aggressive fish, also attacks smaller water creatures.
    Swordfish: (Ocean) Swims very fast, feeds on squid, sometimes jump above water.
    Hammerhead Sharks: (Ocean) Aggressive, eats rays and avoids larger sharks.
    Tiger Sharks: (Ocean) Aggressive, reacts to movement much like Ocelot but attacks instead of fleeing.
    Killer Whales: (Ocean) Attacks everything but dolphins can even reach shore just out of water to attack.
    Whales: (Ocean) Very large, passive animal.
    Giant squids: (Ocean) Large, aggressive animal. Spawns in very deep water and is rare.
    Narwhal: (Ocean) Lives near snow biomes in ocean, very rare, drops it's horn when killed.
    Manatees & Dugongs: (Ocean & River) Passive animals, avoid player.
    Hippos: (River) Become aggressive when approached or player is in the water.
    Otters: (River) Passive, eats fish, on death it drops 0 - 2 leather and 1 fish.
    Platypus: (River) Rare, passive mob, avoids player and is venomous.
    Frogs: (Swamp, Jungle) Passive amphibian to improve atmosphere.
    Toucans & Peacocks: (Jungle) Colorful birds for improve atmosphere

    Geckos: (Jungle) Small, passive lizard to improve atmosphere.
    Chameleon: (Jungle) Lizard which uses camouflage and can't attack.
    Komodo Dragon: Made and implemented.
    Gorillas: (Jungle) Neutral mob, will attack if provoked.
    Orangutans: (Jungle) Rare mob.
    Chimpanzees: (Jungle) Made but not yet implemented.
    Baboon: (Jungle) Neutral mob, whole pack will attack if provoked. Can spawn in groups of 1-5.
    Monkeys & Lemurs: (Jungle) Spawn in groups, climb and swing from trees, usually avoid player.
    Jaguar: (Jungle) Rare mob, aggressive, can climb trees.
    Pandas: Made and implemented.
    Sloths: (Jungle) Rare, passive mammal, slow moving
    Koala: (Forest) Rare, small, passive mammal, tamable with leaves.
    Okapi: (Jungle, Forest) Rare, passive mammal. Like deer and zebra combined.
    Tapir: (Jungle, Forest) Rare, passive mammal. Like deer and pig combined.
    Anteaters: Rare, neutral mammal. Eats ants and has large, curved foreclaws.

    Beaver: (Forest & River) Builds home in river.
    Ferrets, Weasels: (Forest) Neutral mobs, avoid player, tamable with raw chicken.
    Mongooses: (Forest) Hunt snakes, chickens, mice and rats.
    Badgers: (Forest) Small and aggressive mammal.
    Moles: (Forest) Made and implemented
    Squirrels: (Forest) Live in trees, flying & normal types; flying falls slowly to the ground.
    Raccoons: (Forest) Made and implemented
    Red Pandas: (Forest) Behave like ocelots, can be tamed with sugar cane.
    Hummingbirds: (Forest) Made but not yet implemented.
    Porcupines: (Forest) Neutral mob, half heart lost by touching it.
    Skunks: (Forest, Plain) Warns player away, then gives the dirty litter effect including nausea.

    Lemmings: (Mountain) Small mammals, jumps of cliffs to escape the player.
    Bobcats: (Mountain) Smaller sized BigCat that avoids player and hunts birds.
    Bighorn Sheep: (Mountain) Neutral, avoids player, attacks with horns if provoked.
    Alpacas: (Mountain) Rideable, shearable creature, eats grass like sheep.
    Llamas: (Forest, Mountain) Passive mob, eats tall grass, tameable?
    Elk & Reindeer: (Forest, Taiga, Tundra)
    Moose: (Forest, Taiga)
    Giraffes: (Forest, Plain) Eat leaves off trees, are docile creatures.
    Gazelles, Impalas, Springboks: (Plain)
    Buffalos, Bison: (Plain)
    Bulls, Oxen: (Plain) Basically cows with horns, protect cows from players.
    Zebras: Made and implemented.
    Rhinos: (Plain) Poor eyesight, attacks anything that gets too close.
    Elephants: Made and implemented.

    Armadillo: (Plain) Passive creature, tough skin.
    Kangaroos: (Plain) Neutral, jumping mammal, avoids player.
    Hyenas: (Plain, Desert) Aggressive, wolf like carnivore.
    Meerkats: (Plain) Found in Savannah/deserts.....Found in large groups..... Make burrows under ground
    Bearded Dragons: (Desert) Passive, docile creatures, can be picked up and carried.
    Tarantula: (Desert) Aggressive spider, very quick when charging player.
    Hedgehogs: (Desert) When attacked rolls up into a ball, you will take damage if you step on it.
    Camels: (Desert) Can be ridden like horse but is slower.
    Coyotes & Jackals: (Desert) Hunt bunnies, mice and rats, avoids player.

    Arctic Foxes: (Tundra) Hunts mice and rabbits.
    Tundra Wolves: (Tundra) Hunt slightly larger animals.
    Yak: (Taiga) Large woolly oxen, passive and have lots of health.
    Walruses: (Tundra) Lives on ice, and it eats fish, and is rarely eaten by polar bears.
    Seals & Sea Lions: (Tundra) Hunt penguins, are hunted by polar bears.
    Penguins: (Tundra) Passive, found in large groups, can be lured with fish.

    Lynx: (Tundra, Taiga) Smaller sized BigCat, hunts mice and rabbits.
    Snow Leopard: Made and implemented


    Giant Snake: Rare, aggressive serpent, based on smaller snake models.
    Giant Bats: Dangerous flying enemy. Spawns only at night above ground.
    Giant Bees: (Forest, Plain) Aggressive, flying insect. Oversized version of natural creature.
    Giant Mantis: (Forest) Oversized version of natural creature, very deadly. Attacks smaller creatures.
    Giant Termites: (Forest, Underground) Spawns in darkness, avoids light.
    Giant Worms: (Desert) Sand Worms like in Dune, rare spawn, long and about a block in thickness.
    Slivers: Small, slug-like parasite. Doesn't attack directly, infects other mobs making them hostile. Infected creatures have the AI and attack of style of a zombie, periodically releasing a new sliver.

    Sirens: Very rare, spawns only on small islands, swims very fast, can paralyze player making them deadly.
    Sea Horses: Oversized version of the natural creature. Rideable?
    Kelpie (Water horse): A horse that lives in rivers and ponds, but walks on water, is sluggish on land.
    Sea Serpents: Can crash boats, and can not survive in too cold of water.
    Amamemasu: Lives under ice in cold biomes, smashes up to attack, throwing the player up too.
    Kraken: Extremely rare, very large sea monster, found only in deepest ocean, has lots of health.
    Leviathan: Spawns once per world, huge creature with many tentacles found very deep in ocean.
    Hydra: Very rare, multi-headed creature, lives at the bottom of the ocean, comes up only to pursue player.
    Water Elemental: Looks like a waterspout. It's fireproof, and when killed drops a water block that fills the area with water.

    Living Pumpkin: Seems harmless until within 2 blocks, then attacks player.
    Hostile Melon: Looks like ordinary melon until within two blocks, then attacks.
    Stalking flower: Lives in grassy areas, follows you, until jumping onto your face, making you lose health.
    Triffid: Tall, mobile, aggressive and venomous man-eating-plant.
    Tree Monster: Spawns in the jungle, waits for player to be within 2 blocks then attacks.
    Ent: Made and implemented
    Dryads, Wood Nymphs: Appear a beautiful women but attack when players back is turned.
    Swamp-monster: Somewhat human in appearance but plant like and lives in and near bodies of water in swamps.

    Orcs: Aggressive green creatures, occupy ruins and stronholds, wield axes and wear armor.
    Kappas: Neutral monkey-turtles that can rarely be found in river areas.
    Chupacabra: Aggressive at night, only attacks goats during the day.
    Leprechaun: A one block high mischevious creature, drops gold when killed.
    Gnomes: Small, irritating creatures, break into houses and move around items in chests.
    Gremlin: Small, mischevious creatures. Tampers with redstone powered contraptions.
    Hobgoblins: Slightly smaller than the player, throw stones to attack.
    Cornish Mining Spirits: Small, dwarf-like creatures, found below y-30, often near abandoned mines.
    Forest Sprites: Spawns in areas with trees, peaceful, like to plant saplings.
    Brownies: Small, brown humanoids, found in any type of forest.
    Good Fairies: Little people with wings that fly around.
    Bad Fairies: Like good fairies, but they come out at night and are hostile.
    Will-O-Wisp: Peaceful mob, has a chance of guiding a player to a dungeon or stronghold.
    Bigfoot, Sasquatch: Large, humanoid, avoids the player but beomes hostile if followed.

    Elemental Bats: Fire bats burn player, ice bats can freeze water and drop snow on ground.
    Air Elemental: Large, cloud like being. Can use lightning as weapon.
    Alkonost: A creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman.
    Harpy: Neutral bird women that are a rare spawn in Mountains, can be befriended.
    Angel: Human looking creature with large white wings on it's back.
    Flying Tiger: A tiger with wings, aggressive and dangerous.
    Thunderbird: Can only be found flying through the air, not on land, can create lightning to attack.
    Phoenix: Rare spawn, immune to fire, attacks if attacked, drops fire related items on death.
    Fire Elemental: Neutral, if attacked will burn the player. At death drops a lava block filling area with lava.
    Lava Beast: Shoots flaming arrows and lives in Nether
    Lava Snake: Spawns in lava pools in the nether.
    Fire Hydra: Spawn in the Nether in lava, up to five heads, spit fireballs.
    Fire Devil: Spawns near lava, can throw fireballs and is immune to fire.
    Shapeshifter: Disguises itself as the block below itself, and if hit with anything, it'll attack you.
    Chest Mimic: Appears as a regular chest until activated, then attacks relentlessly.

    Wood Golem: Can be crafted with wood blocks and pumpkin, attacks hostile mobs, weakness to fire.
    Clay Golem: Created from clay blocks and pumpkin, has low health.
    Gold Golem: Created from gold blocks and pumpkin, low health but strong attack.
    Diamond Golem: Created from diamond blocks and pumpkin, high attack, lots of health.
    Stone Golem: Spawns in caves and ravines, camouflaged as stone.
    Nether Golem: Spawns in nether around zombie pigmen, hostile to players.

    Centaurs: Live in settlements in Plains biome, intelligent creatures can be aggressive, has a horse's body with a human's upper body.
    Gnolls: Live in settlements in Desert biome, very aggressive, hyena-like humanoids, always found in groups making them very difficult to deal with.
    Dwarves: Live in settlements in Mountains, short and stocky people, often create mines and prefer to use axes when fighting.
    Neanderthal: Live in settlements in Tundra biome, very cunning humanoids, strong and adapted to life in cold regions, ferocious in combat.
    Yeti: Live in settlements in Taiga, tall and hairy humanoids, usually avoid players and tend to hide amongst trees, but can become aggressive if not left alone.
    Elves: Live in settlements in Forests, tall pointy eared people, protect passive creatures around them, tend to use bows and arrows in combat.
    Trolls: Live in settlements in Jungle biomes, very aggressive and dangerous humanoids, hunt animals and have a primitive way of life.
    Goblins: Live in settlements in Swamp biomes, short green creatures, very resourceful and use different weapons and equipment in combat.
    Merfolk: Live in underwater settlements in Ocean biomes, peaceful and hard to find humanoids due to their living deep underwater. The females are known as mermaids, the males as mermen.
    Mushfolk: Live in settlements in Mushroom biomes, humanoids that wear mushroom shaped caps and have a very strange culture revolving around the worship of mushrooms.

    7 Sin Themed Enemies: All very rare.

    4 Horsemen Themed Enemies: All very rare.

    EnderRats: Spawn in the End, more health than Hellrats, but less attack damage.
    EnderWraith: Spawn in the End, cause blindness effect when attacking.
    EnderOgre: Most powerful ogres in the game, hostile toward the Ender Dragon.

    Pyramid Head: Very rare, very aggressive. Powerful enemy, does heavy damage with attacks.
    Necromancer: Rare, has weak ranged attack but can summon skeletons and zombies.
    Wizard: Avoids player, if pursued becomes hostile and uses spells to attack.
    Haunted Old Man: Transforms into skeleton at night if you approach him. (Terraria)
    Mummies: Spawns in desert biomes, looks like the zombie but covered in bandages, it burns with sunlight.
    Vampire: Spawns at night, burns in sunlight. Can fly but only does in order to avoid sunlight.
    Succubus: Only found at night, form of a beautiful woman, attacks by draining player's health.
    Banshee: Shreiks loudly to attack players, flies around much like wraith, can also teleport.
    Reaper: A stronger version of wraith, carries a scythe, very difficult to defeat.
    Lich: Only spawns at night during a new moon, very deadly spell-casting undead being.
    Dark Elemental: Vaguely humanoid cloud of darkness can cause every status effect in the game.
    Gargoyle: Flying grey creature that turns to stone during the day. The stone form is hard as bedrock, if surrounded by snow blocks it becomes breakable. The block drops itself, and the resulting statue can be used for ornamental purposes in base construction.
    Lesser Imp: Flying nuisance enemy.
    Greater Imp: Flying nuisance enemy.
    Beholders: Classic D&D enemy - Suggestion denied, copyright issues - possible under different name.
    Hellhound: Nether creature, immune to fire, only damaged by swords, attacks if player goes too near.
    Demons: Rare mob, only found in nether fortresses, powerful enemy.
    Jersey Devil: Found rarely in the nether, strong attacks, not much health.
    Wyverns: Made and implemented (Tamable, ridable, flying Wyvern).
    Drakes: Smaller, less powerful dragons, drakes/spawn only during night time, although, drakes can survive in any dark area.

    Dragons: Rare, very large reptile. Lots of HP, and do great damage. Different types depending on biome.
    -Red: Lives in or near lava, fireproof, breathes fire. In the Nether hides in lava and eats Ghasts.
    -Black: Spawn at night or in the Nether, very aggressive, has area of effect attack.
    -Brown: Lives in mountain biomes, avoids being in sight of player, but attacks if player comes close.
    -Blue: Lives in water, usually ocean biomes. Has water jet breath attack. Can grab player and attempt to drown them.
    -Green: Smaller than most dragons, lives in forests, does not attack unless provoked. Uses biome colors to change its appearance.
    -White: Lives in Tundra, freezes water, causes snow storms, lots of health.
    -Gray: The smallest of Dragons, lives in caves, very aggressive in protecting its territory. Can dig through stone.
    -Gold: Rarest, Largest and toughest of all Dragons, lives primarily in desert.
    -Pink: Friendly, flies, only attacks if provoked.

    Dinosaurs: Tyranosaurus, Anklyosaurus, Baryonyx, Pterosaur
    Arachnoraptor: A combination of a spider and a velociraptor.
    Mushroom Dinosaur: Rare and found only in mushroom biome, Shroomasaurus.
    Mushroom Minotaur: Minotaur living only in mushroom biome, Mushtaur.
    Extinct Creatures: Magalodon, Wolly Mammoth, Saber Tooth Cat, Moa.
    Drider: Rare spawn, spider with a human/elven upper body.
    Kirin: Very rare, head of a Dragon, antlers, scales, hooves of an ox and tail of a lion.
    Cockatrice: Very rare, head of rooster, dragonian wings, aggressive, poisonous creature.
    Chimera: Very rare, head and body of a lion, a goat and a dragons heads to the sides, breathes fire.
    Manticore: Very rare, body of a lion, head of a man, scorpions tail, its poisonous.
    Cerebus: Very rare, three headed hell-hound, spawns only in the nether.
    Behemoth: Very rare, very large, four legged creature of monstrous size and power.
    Frost Giant: Very rare, spawns in tundra biome, very difficult enemy, lots of health.
    Colossus: Very rare, giant statue like creature, powerful attacks and lots of health.
    Titans: Very rare, human looking giant. Powerful and intelligent.
    Cyclops: Very rare, as strong as cave ogre, carries a large wooden club.
    Minotaur: Very rare, bulls head on a mans body, tall and aggressive. Weilds an axe.
    Satyr: Very rare, upper body of a man, lower of a goat, avoids player.
    Gorgon: Very rare, can cause paralysis if the player looks directly at it.
    Golden Sheep: Very rare, can be sheared to get gold or golden fleece.
    Nemean Lion: Very rare, claws sharper than swords, golden fur, resistant to weapon damage.
    Sphinx: Very rare, spawns in desert temples. Part lion with a human head.
    Griffin: Very rare, lion body and eagles head, can fly. Rideable?
    Hippogriff: Very rare, horse body and eagles head, can fly. Rideable?
    Hippocampus: Very rare, horse's upper body and fish tail. Rideable?
    Roc: Very rare, very large, aggressive bird, picks up prey and either drops them, or takes them to the mountain to eat them. Rideable?

    Do to the many suggestion for this mod that aren't suggesting a new creature, but instead ask for a change to an existing one or an existing feature, I've now added the following list.


    Separate the creatures into different biomes more.
    Thematic Configuration, separate mods for realistic and fictional creatures.
    Make creative mode spawn eggs for all creatures.
    Have option to make all animals not despawn.
    Add more achievements.

    Support for dynmap markers API.
    Have all armors work with Armor Stand Mod.
    Have Ogres not spawn in Millenaire villages.

    Improve models for following creatures: Sharks, Rays, Dolphins, Turtles, Crocodiles, Ghosts, BigCats, Cats, Rats & Mice, Bunnies, Birds, Ducks, Foxes, Goats and Deer

    When a panther spawns it should have a 0.001% chance of being a Pink Panther.
    Werewolves can attack villagers which creates new werewolves.
    Piranhas to spawn only in Jungle biomes.
    Make foxes tameable, give them "breeds".
    Make crocodiles tameable.
    Rats tameable with cheese.
    Rabbits tameable with carrots.
    Nets and glass jars to catch bugs in.

    A buildable scarecrow that will keep away magical (fictional) creatures.
    Press a key to have your flying horse fold it's wings to descend quicker.
    Allow horses to fit through fence gates.
    Make horse-drawn carts, chariots or carriages.
    Make dog sleds, and have dogs to pull them.
    Advanced wolf breeding to let you get different breeds (Collie, Husky, Labrador, Poodle, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, etc.)

    DO NOT be confused, I have merely taken the many, many suggestions of others here on this topic and sorted through them and tried to present them in an organized manner. So, I take no credit for the original ideas, just for the sorting and re-posting.


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    Hello, I've left you a comment before about how awesome I think your mod is. I'm still curious to know if you have plans to update this mod for MC 1.8. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered since the last time I checked your thread here.

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    posted a message on [WIP] Zora no Densha - Authentic trains and railways in Minecraft - Tracks fully compatible with Railcraft, Traincraft, ...
    Quote from Spirit_Tracks»

    No problem ;)
    Thank you, we'll see whether updating to MC 1.8 will make sense when v0.8 is out, or whether we may jump to MC 1.9.. Also depends on what the other users would like to see.

    From what I read, updating to MC 1.8 is helpful in the updating to 1.9. At least that's what I understood from the posts by Mojang.

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    posted a message on Help with animating a mob for 1.7.10 forge (a leg with more than one "block")

    I think that to do articulated limbs which will animate properly, you need to use the Child - Parent block relation. Basically one block derives it's orientation and position based on another block. You can even link block to block to block ( such as one might do with a snake shape ).

    Jabelar has a tutorial which is where I first learned of all this. Entity Animation Tutorial

    The real difficulty comes about because, as far as I know, you can't create Child blocks in Techne. What I do is create my creature in Techne, import it into Eclipse as a .java, then after creating the proper child to parent relations, continually edit and test it in game to move the blocks back to their original look. It's far more work intensive than it should be. But without a program like Techne allowing a block to be created as a child block, I don't know of another way to do it.

    Note: If you are going to make this mob a creature which will have offspring, smaller than themselves, you will likely need to make the whole creature a series of blocks chained together child to parent. This allows you to scale the original, prime block, which will correspondingly scale all the rest. However, if this isn't going to be a breedable creature, such as a monster, you only need to have those blocks chained which will be animated, such as the limbs.

    I may have over complicated this process, but I'm pretty sure, that's what is required for what you want to do.

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    posted a message on I want to create a dragon mod C:

    I could be wrong about this. However, what I have found is that if you plan to have a part move (i.e. the wings) for an animation, you cannot place it at odd angles, only 90 degree angles. In order to have angles like the wings appear to be in, you need to use Child to Parent part relations. The reason that I linked you to Jabelar's tutorials is because that is the place where I first learned of this technique. Techne doesn't allow (as far as I know) the use of Child blocks. In order to link them in that way, I first design a creature in Techne, like you have done, then I import it into minecraft as a .java, then start linking parts, the way that Jabelar shows to do. This cause the parts to be all out of whack and it takes a while to re-adjust their orientation to fix it. It's a much longer process than it would be if Techne just allowed blocks to be linked in that way, but I've gotten it to work.

    I hope that helps.

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    posted a message on [16x] [1.6.4] Mythra's Dark Realism V1.6d

    With this texture pack I started with my "New Realism" textures as a base, and I darkened them. However, this is more than just a darker version of that texture pack. I made new content specific to this pack and I am still working to make this pack hopefully stand out as one of the best of the "dark" texture packs.

    To use this banner just copy/paste this into your signature to show your support!
     <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1234869"><img src='http://i.imgur.com/FS5xi.png' /></a> 

    Direct DOWNLOAD link:

    Here are other texture packs which I have created:

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    posted a message on [16x] [1.6.4] Mythra's Chrono Trigger 2300AD v1.6c

    This texture pack is based on the 1995 video game Chrono Trigger. The setting for this one is a bleak and dismal future, thus the color palette is dull with browns and dark tones prevalent.

    The terrain, GUI, items and most everything is changed to reflect the style of the video game it is based on. Full credits and permissions are in the readme inculded in the download. If you like this texture pack you may enjoy the "Chrono Trigger 1000 A.D." that I've also released, or possibly some of my other texture packs.

    To use this banner just copy/paste this into your signature to show your support!

    <a href="http://http//www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1233670"><img src='http://i.imgur.com/RPqYz.png' /></a>

    Direct DOWNLOAD link:

    Here are other texture packs which I have created:

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    posted a message on [16x] [1.6.4] Mythra's Chrono Trigger 1000AD v1.6d

    This texture pack is based on the 1995 video game Chrono Trigger. The setting for this one is a fantasy world RPG, with colorful fun textures.

    The terrain, GUI, items and most everything is changed to reflect the style of the video game it is based on. Full credits and permissions are in the readme inculded in the download. If you like this texture pack you may enjoy the "Chrono Trigger 2300 A.D." that I've also released, or possibly some of my other texture packs.

    To use this banner just copy/paste this into your signature to show your support!

    <a href="http://http//www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1227248"><img src='http://i.imgur.com/GqExY.png' /></a>

    Direct DOWNLOAD link:

    Here are other texture packs which I have created:

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