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    Species: Minotaur

    Race: Gogorra

    What Our Society Values: Strength & Honor

    Building Style: Medieval

    Ideals Of Society: Respect & Brotherhood

    History: Myth,The founder of Mitski, Was on his usual every Monday day, He was in his boat fishing.

    Fishing was a pleasure to him, While he was gone away for about 6 hours from his town, A wild friendly

    known Parrot from Mitski flys to Myth with a letter in his mouth,Myth takes the letter, opens it, and starts to

    read, The message went like this,Dear Myth, A band of Orcs has attacked Mitski, They have looted almost

    everything, destroyed the people & houses and killed fellow warriors and friendly town people,We need you

    here as soon as possible, Many Minotaur died during the raid, The minotaur guard has tried their best to

    defend the town but, we were not ready since we have been taken out by surprise.The people are still trying

    to pull out the fire, Unfortunately, we have a lot of dead bodies.Sincerely,~Anonymous. Myth was very angry

    and frustrated, he went to Mitski as soon as he could, When he arrived to Mitski, He seen all the burning

    houses, all the injured people, Dead and burned bodies all over the place,Myth was very upset, He quickly

    went to his warrior team and asked them about what happened exactly, They told him that a band of Orcs

    appeared from nowhere and attacked the town silently, Myth, decided to get his revenge, So, he declared

    war on them, And started to rebuild what had been destroyed, And trained a lot of his people to warriors,

    After about 3 weeks,Myth decided to attack with his troops, So, Myth lead his team into the war, Riding their

    horses with their swords, After 30 mins of driving the horse, they have finally arrived to the orcs camp,

    Where Myth lead his troops to the battle.Both sides were doing their best to become victorious, Mitski had

    around 23 fighter while the band of Orcs had 27,It was an uneven fight, however, Mitski was still able to

    keep up and win! Mitski then burned down the Orcs camp, looted it, kept nothing but dead bodies. Mitski

    had revenged for their gone brothers and sisters.It was a great battle, however, Mitski had lost 14 great

    warriors that will never be forgotten, During that day, Mitskiwas celeberating its victory, Mitskis people

    decided to hold a party at their town, Everyone was invited! Girls boys men and women cats and dogs, From

    all ages,There was a lot of beer and happiness during that day, The people were glad for the peace. Mitski

    was still sad about the gone warriors, And made a funeral for them 5 days later.However, Just because

    Mitski won the fight, and it was peace, that did not mean that Mitski could go lazy now, Nope! The next day,

    After the funeral, All the town people, Boys and girls, Men and Women, went up early, and everyone had a

    job to do.There were people who were bringing wood for building and other purposes, People who were in

    the dark scary dungeons looking for valuables, cobblestones and other ores. People who were farming to

    feed the town,People who were enchanting tools and gears for the town to get better,And people who were

    training on their combat skills for the next wars,This work was done every single day, Except for Saturdays

    which was a rest for the fellow people.These people were not forced to do it, They volunteered to help their

    town get better and better! They worked hard, Everyday, from day to night, Getting better and better. Mitski

    however, is still looking for people to join the family, We are always looking for people to come in and help

    us and be part of us, of what we call, a family.So join the call to arms, Today, We are always there.~Mitski

    What do we do:

    As a clan, our main goal is to have fun, after all, it's just a game, We like to go mining in the scary, dark dungeons, Farm, in the sun light, and chill with other clan members, We also do some PvP when we get bored, build houses and other buildings.



    Clan Server: play.frameworkmc.com



    1. No Hacks (Xray, etc.)

    2. Respect fellow clan members

    3. Do not use clan resources without permission

    4. No swearing/racism

    5. Do not steal/grief other clan members

    6. Low Activity may result in a demotion

    7. Do not provoke wars with other factions without Minotaurus King/Minotaurus Noble Permission

    8. Must be in European timezone!










    How to join:

    Ingame Name:

    Minecraft Age: (How long you have played MC)

    Your Age:

    Job: (Select a job from the list above)
    Skype Name: (Required and very useful!)

    Time Zone: (European/Close to Europe Timezone only!)

    Why do you want to join us? (Keep it short while getting the message through)

    Other: (Other information about you and such)


    Leadership Ranks:

    Minotaurus King (Leader of the clan, Rank cannot be obtained)

    Minotaurus Noble (Co-leader of the clan, Runs the clan when Leader is not here)
    Minotaurus Knight (Trusted member who has been in the clan for awhile)
    Minotaurus Captain (Has been in the clan for at least a month)





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    Hey, I was wondering if you can make a Minotaur skin for me? Picture below:

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    Well done on stealing my topic http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1952107-mitski-survival-type-europe-timezonearound-europe/

    You stole pretty much everything, and edited few stuff, this definitely leads to success.

    Do not join this clan.
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    Thank you Jade, I like it <3
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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could make me a Minotaur skin, Here's a picture below


    Thanks in advance!
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    We've found a Kingdoms Battle server, which will go online very soon!
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    Quote from Tragri


    The first three rules are completely ridiculous, maybe rule 2 is understandable, but calling people Sir or Ma'am? What was going through your brain at the time of writing that? And Rule 1 is just for people on a complete power trip I don't even wow.

    And making people wear a certain skin is stupid as well, you're taking this far too seriously

    If you find this stupid, then leave, you're not applying so what do you care about? please do not post anymore in our thread, thank you.
    Also, The Sir and Ma'm rule isn't really applied, in fact, it was gonna be taken out

    Also, To all new applicants, Skype is now a must have, If you don't have Skype you will be rejected, so if you don't have one please download and create an account, it's free and easy!
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    Quote from aduceronx7

    just two questions: do i have to wear the uniform to enter? and, if i do, can i edit it?

    Yes, you must wear the uniform and you cannot edit it.
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    For now, I will be taking care of new applications.
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