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    Hello anime loving builder. I have brought good news for player who likes Anime/Naruto. We have started a Naruto based server and completing the buildings, but its not going fast enough. So we need help, we need experienced builders who are willing to help us in completing the server. If you want to join and help us please follow the steps.

    Must read!!
    1.Fill the form.

    2. Get accepted.

    3. answer few more questions via Skype.

    4. Do a build test in front of us.

    5. Enter the server for few hours.

    6. If you pass, you will be with the staff officially.

    Important points!!
    1.Must have Skype
    2.Must be mature
    3.Should be on the server for 2 hours at least
    4.Must have build experiences

    Form(must read)







    Why do you think you have a chance of being a builder:

    Will you reach our expectation:

    A little about your self:

    *Note- if you miss any question we give you, you will be denied*

    *Note- soon we will tell the progress till now*
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    posted a message on Looking for builders for blender animation series to build medieval town
    if you can pay then yes we can
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    posted a message on DUDE CRAFT Looking for server OPs? APPLY NOW!
    Your MC Username- mystogan3774

    Your Age (Don't Worry If You Are Young, This Server is rated PG. I Need Your Age To Help Set Your Safety.)- 14

    What To Apply: OP or VIP- OP
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