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    Mystique Craft
    Shogun Productions is proud to present a Minecraft RPG server like no other.


    General Information
    Have you ever wanted to experience a serious Roleplay server that allows you not just to role play actions, but to do them as well? Well Mystique Craft is the place for you. Here on Mystique Craft, our foremost goal is for you the players to be happy, and we are always working towards that goal. Mystique Craft is a RPG and PvP world that is your oyster. You can do whatever you like, so long as it abides by our rules. Our Server is meant to allow Roleplay to integrate into the other mechanics, such as warfare, economic, political, and religious RP scenarios.

    • Enjoy Serious RP, where people actually respect lords and dukes...
    • Build towns and cities and get protection from plugins...
    • Ride dragons across the land...
    • Enjoy our 8 different PvP classes...
    • Learn to master our 40 hand-made abilities for our classes...
    • Join one of our three religions...
    • Be a Dwarf, Human, or Elf...
    • Rank up in our custom caste system...
    • Bring friends and enjoy our Group oriented PvP system...
    • Enjoy our balanced classes and our balanced economy...
    • Rise up from a lowly trader, to the wealthiest merchant...
    • Fight for religions, races,kingdoms, money, and glory...
    Server Staff
    IGN: Position : Roles
    Wilaysee51 : Owner : Medium Tech Support / RP Administrator/ Moderation
    Ipauceb : Head Administrator : High Tech Support / Moderation / Lead Tech
    Silentstealth : Administrator : Low Tech Support / RP Administrator / Moderation
    lordcheeze4 : Administrator : High Tech Support / Moderation / RP Administrator
    They are all great people and will always be there to help you :)
    Rules of The Server
    • No over swearing, spamming, racism, sexism and such!
    • No spawn killing people who go to their town spawn, or who come out of beds!
    • Role Play correctly, I.E don't spit in a king's face!
    • Respect Players of Higher Rank
    • Respect our Staff!
    • No 1x1 Towers!
    • No Floating Trees, and replant!
    • Buildings must be realistic, this a medieval RP server people No TVs!
    • Keep the world neat and clean, make the world enjoyable for new players just as others did for you!
    • No advertising other servers!
    • No combat logging!
    • No infiltrating other towns and griefing them!
    • No blocking doors with blocks!
    • No using hacks!
    Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.

    Before there was none, then there was one. It created this universe, filled it with stars and moons and planets. On this world it created the air, the earth and everything between. But when it was ready to create new, thinking life it felt torn.
    Eons flew by as it twisted and turned unable to decide which life form fitted best to live in its most beloved world, the battle inside its mind harsh and neverending. As time past the battle went on, its mind cracking at the seams of the two opposing ideas clashing. It could eventually no longer bare the thought of unending war and it gave a great sigh and split.
    Rillifane and Moradin were born.
    This is what we call the First Era.
    No longer joined into one being Rillifane created the Elves and found them a city among the trees of Yuirwood, a safe haven in a world shared by Moradins people, the dwarves. Moradin saw the city of Yuirwood and then created a home for his dwarves, Belegost in the Blue Mountains. The two races lived besides each other for many years conflict brewing beneath the surface fueled by resentment and hate, encouraged by their creators.
    That was so until the day of the Giorian battle where the elves lost their beloved Aiden Windspeaker, a leader amongst their people and the dwarves lost the children of the greatest smith to have ever lived. War was declared and many battles were fought. Everyone lost.
    Centuries passed by when suddenly a Third piece of the one appeared. It named itself Gredrif and the ever lasting war halted. Rillifane and Moradin had not expected a third part, they had not foreseen his presence. The two gods ceased all battles, waiting for Gredrif to make his move. The Third Piece was happy with the stalemate his presence had caused and decided to simply wait.
    And thus the third era began. The two races experienced a whirlwind of happiness, wealth and technological progress, their time no longer spend fighting each other. But the peace did not last after decades into the cease-fire a horrifying attack on the Dwarven outpost of Bellegain stopped all thoughts of peace. Soon an Elven settlement followed and back to a Dwarven town until the day the forest of Quanti'll burned down.
    Rillifanes anger was a terrible thing to behold the sky above his home in Yuirwood blackened. Seething, white hot with anger the Elven god turned to the Dwarvens greatest mine and wished it gone, lava boiling up from the ground turning everything beneath the surface to ash. Great bolts of lightning tore down the Dwarven mountain until it had been completely leveled.
    Moradin saw his people and their work die and decided to take advantage of Rillifane's absence. He turned to Yuirwood with the blackened sky. But before he could below the great words of destruction the Third piece interfered. Gredrif saved Yuirwood and told his two siblings of the existence of a Fourth piece. One none of them had seen before and the only one who could have been responsible for the attacks on the two races.
    For neither Elf nor Dwarf had wanted the peace to end.
    Gredrif decided he would investigate this Fourth piece. Knowing his absence would cause the Elves and Dwarves to start their war again he created a third race, the humans, to keep the peace. He encouraged them to build cities and villages. The centerpiece was the capital Gerdyn, where the High King ruled in his castle.
    The Third organized a council consisting of an even number of Dwarves, Elves and Humans to negotiate any and all conflicts between the three races. The High King alone had the right to veto any decisions that might cause another war.
    As the darkness of the Fourth approached and the once lovely world turned hostile and dangerous, creatures of the night crawling nearer to the civilized parts of the world Moradin no longer thought of the Blue Mountains as a safe haven for his Dwarves. So he moved his kin to the Sotmos Mountains, closer to Yuirwood and Gerdyn. The new Dwarven home was called Lanolim.
    As centuries passed the world grew darker and the Fourths army marched closer until it all culminated to the turning point of the new Era. A great army marched on Gerdyn and took the castle, executing the High King on its front steps. They say that even now his skeleton lays at the front of his ruined keep, his spirit haunting the walls by night.
    Rillifane and Moradin could stand it no longer and forged a temporary truce as they went looking for their sibling whom no one had heard from since he started his search. The first two pieces left their creations to their own devises and we now come to what they call the fourth era or the Godless Era.
    Caste System
      Peasant, The lowest of the low, all players who start out in the server will start as a peasant. All paths will branch from this.
      Bowman, to be a bowman you must be the ranger class, these are the backbone of all armies, to be a bowman you must be a part of a army. This is the beginning of the Archer path.
      Squire, Squires are a knights right hand man, to be a squire you must have a knight to be a squire to, and be either a paladin or berserker class. This is the beginning of the Warrior Path.
      Clerk, to be a clerk, you must be the cleric class, you must also be in one of the three religions. This is the beginning of the religious path.
      Mayor, the mayor is the start of the Leader Path. To be a mayor you must own a town, and have 3 people under your rule.
      Marksman, this is the 2nd rank in the Archer Path. To be a marksman, you must be in a army, and be a ranger level 5.
      Knight, to be a knight, you must be a berserker or Paladin level 5. You also must be in a army, and have a Lord. You also need a squire.This is the 2nd rank in the Warrior Path.
      Imam/Monk, to be an Imam or Monk, you must be cleric level 5 and must own your own religious building for either Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism. This is the 2nd step in the religious path.
      Lord, to be a lord you must own a town, have at least 5 people under your rule, and have to have two knights.
      Woodsman, woodsman is the third rank in the Archer Path. To be a woodsman you must be level 8 ranger, you also must be in a army.
      Paladin, To be a paladin you must be a level 8 paladin or berserker class. Paladin is the third step in the warrior path, to be a paladin you also must have 3 knight’s under your leadership and have a lord.
      Bishop/ Ayatollah/ Senior Monk This is the third rank in the religious path. To be this you must be cleric level 8 and have two clerks. You also must have a crusader.
      Duke, duke is the third rank in the Leader Path. To be a duke you must own a town, have 4 knight’s, and have 10 people under your rule.
      Archer, is the final rank in the Archer Path. To be a archer you must be a level 10 ranger, and must be in a army.
      Crusader, to be a crusader, you must have 5 knight’s under your command, and have a lord and a Bishop/Ayatollah/ or senior monk. You also must be level 10 berserker or paladin classes.
      Caliph, Pope, Lama. This is the highest rank in the religion path. To be this you must be level 10 cleric, and must also have 2 bishops/ ayatollah/senior monk at least. Their can only be 1 Pope, Lama, and Caliph for each religion.
      King, to be a king you must have 12 people under your rule. and you must have 6 knight’s under your command. You also must own a town. This is the final rank in the Leader Path.
      Mage, Mage is the first rank in the Magic Path. To be a mage you must be a warlock or wizard.
      High Mage, to be a High Mage you must be a level 5 Warlock/wizard.
      Elder Mage, to be a Elder Mage you must have 2 High Mages under your command, and must also be level 8 warlock/wizard.
      High Wizard/warlock. To be a High wizard or warlock you must be level 10 wizard/warlock and must have 3 elder mages under your command.
      Trader, to be a trader your must have 1 shop. This is the first rank in the merchant path.
      Merchant Lord , to be a merchant lord you must have two traders, and must own 3 shops yourself. This is (currently) the highest Merchant Rank.
    To make a town official and have it protected you will need...
    • A town hall/keep.
    • 3 People to start the town(not including mayor)
    • A religious building
    • Walls
    • A Inn
    • A jail
    • A Barracks
    • Town/Nation/Race Flags
    • A 2000 Gold Payment to the server.
    • Stables.
    • Blacksmith.
    Applying to the server
    Post as a comment below
    OOC Information
    In-game name:
    Timezone and Age(Will Not be Judged based on Age):
    How often would you be able to play?
    What is the definition of power gaming and meta gaming(In your own words)?:
    In-Character Information
    Character Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human):
    Character Name(Must Be According To Race):
    Character Biography(One Paragraph Please):
    Character Goals:
    Screen shot of your skin:

    Screen Shots
    Contact Us
    If you need to report someone, or just want to give a suggestion feel free to email us at [email protected]
    Also when reporting please remember to have evidence or to have testimonies from players you have no connection to but who saw the crime.
    If you like our server and want to donate feel free to contact us at [email protected].
    Enjoy the Server!
    Sincerely the Mystique Craft Staff.
    (Server will open at 7:00 EST on 1/12/13)
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