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    posted a message on Life In The Woods: Renaissance Survival Server

    I didn't get anything :o

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    posted a message on Life In The Woods: Renaissance Survival Server

    IGN: Xethiro

    Age: 20

    Location: North Carolina

    I was referred by one of you current players _Chickadee. She said this was a really fun server to play on so that's why I hope to play! :D

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    posted a message on ><><><><><>< Blue Lagoon <Survival> <Semi-Vanilla> <Magic> <Whitelist> <18+> Server! ><><><><><><

    This is the Blue Lagoon Survival server!

    We are a whitelisted, 18+, semi-Vanilla server that has a few plugins to enhance your experience!
    The owners are very active and would love to have you join the server!
    Our lands are fresh and our farms are bountiful please come join us today!

    Please give us feedback on the server!
    We always listen!


    Magic - which you can find here!
    MCMMO - Perks for mining, harvesting, etc.
    Bookshelf - for storing some things
    MyPet - You get your own pet!


    1. Don't be a jerk - griefing/stealing will result in instant and permanent ban, without warning
    2. This is a mature server - swearing, ect will be allowed - MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN

    3. PVP only if both parties consent (Application word: Magical)

    4. Build at least 300 blocks away from spawn, and a fair distance from other players unless agreed upon


    5. ABSOLUTELY No giant statues of your (or any) character, signs, ridiculous things...ect

    (Failure to be a tolerable human and follow no. 4 and 5 will cause structures to removed without warning)

    Whitelist App:

    1) IGN:

    2) How old are you (Please do not lie):

    3) Why do you want to join:

    4) What can you contribute to our server:

    5) Tell us a little about yourself:

    6) Secret word:
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    posted a message on FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 Whitelist Server
    IGName: Mysticgoth

    Age (must be over 16): 17

    Sex: Male

    Country: USA

    Do you speak English: Yep

    Why do you want to join: I would like to join a small server for Feed the Beast. Big ones are overbearing.

    How would you contribute to the server: Helping those who need help, and giving you one more person on the server.

    Have you been banned from a server: Been playing since infdev and I've never been banned.

    How often will you play: Depends on my school schedule, but I'll try as much as I can.

    What's your personality: I'm an interesting person who you would like to be friends with. I play a variety of games, mainly zombie games. I like being nice, except to those who are just plain stupid. I don't cuss, so thats a plus side right? Hmm, I can't really explain myself more. Might have to figure it out if I'm able to play. :)
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Unleashed 1.1.4
    This too, accidental post.
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Unleashed 1.1.4
    Disregard this please.
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Unleashed 1.1.4
    Do you speak english?
    Fluent English and a little Mandarin.
    Have you ever been banned from a server before?
    Never have, and I've been playing for a very long time. Since Infdev.
    What will you contribute to The server?
    I will just be another active person playing and interacting with people. :D
    How often will you play?
    Depending on my schedule, it really depends because I'm a senior in high school and I have many priorities to get done.
    Tell me a few positive and negatives to yourself:
    Positive: I create eccentric buildings, and I'm pretty good with ComputerCraft, Forestry, and ThaumCraft. Oh and I don't cuss, that's a plus right?
    Negatives: If people are just plain stupid and ask meaningless questions, I get a little irritated. Also, I get flustered if they are immature people who talk about sex, drugs, alcohol, and the sorts.
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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wild Wasteland | Serious RP | Now Closed! |

    IGN: Mysticgoth
    Age: 17
    Past RP Experience: I haven't been able to get onto a RPG server before.. So I have none. They always say something is wrong with my application, even if its following their lore and what not.
    Time you can Dedicate: I'm a senior in high school, I have many priorities that need to be done, but I can get maybe 2 hours a day. Maybe?
    Why do you want to join: I'm taking the time to fill this application out so thats a pretty good reason. I like making characters, and its Fallout. Who is stupid enough to not like this game.
    Did you read the Rules: Did I? Check the bottom of the page. ;)
    Have you ever been banned: In all my years of playing Minecraft (Since 2010), I've never been banned. Only not whitelisted. #Sad Life


    Name: Mana Luvtrot
    Age: 27
    Place of Birth: Asheville, North Carolina
    Appearance: (http://minecraft.nov...4/fallout#apply) Broad shouldered young fellow with chestnut brown, messy hair. He also has a small bite mark is on his left shoulder and another on his right leg. He has dry-cracked hands, from working with his tools and climbing rubble and rocks.
    Traits: Finesse, very agile, charismatic, mechanical intelligent, four eyes, and open to new ideas. He has a small frame which allows him to get around quickly, but he also has a higher chance of breaking bones.
    Personality: Doesn't like being around people he doesn't know, he is shy in most cases. He is nice, in his own way, to people, but he does repair things for the town he lives in. He also gets terrible anxiety if he can't find a part that he needs.
    Fears: His gadgets and trinkets falling apart, giant ants, Radscorpions, and not finding enough parts to fix something.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Special Requested Items: His fathers' very own handgun, Mana now calls the pistol Mana, and a leather and cloth tunic (White).
    I'm not going to start at when he was a baby because what would be the point? <Breaking News: Baby pushes mountain day after being born>. So I'll start when he was 10.
    Mana was living in a medium dense town called Asheville. It was surrounded by tall mountains with the surfaced plagued by dead, ashy trees (hence the name Asheville). In the center of the city, was a mall that once held stores like Bleks and Dallirds, but he wasn't sure that was right. The mall had cracked walls, and the parking deck that was around back, had bits and pieces that had fallen. There was a giant B on the front of the mall, and thats where the Bleks was. He lived in a small, pieced together shack just out of the view of the mall. His mother was 35, but she liked to tell him she was always 29, even after her birthday. Mana always knew the truth though. He loved his mother more than anything in the world, even his father. His father was 36 and was never around much. He would always go somewhere looking for things to bring back and to sell. There weren't many kids in the town, and the ones that were there were always mean to Mana, except one boy, who didn't have an arm. He later became Mana's best friend. His name was Tester.
    On Mana's 14th birthday, his father wasn't there. His mother had made her very own Radscorpion casserole that was passed down through the family. Tester had come to the small party, and a couple of the his mom's friends came to celebrate his birthday. One of his mom's friends Tareena, gave Mana 17 bottle caps. His mom got him a wrench and a screw driver. Mana wasn't very pleased with the gift, but he thanked his mom for the tools. Tester got Mana a slingshot, and a couple of walnuts. Later after the party was done, Mana's mom apologized for his father not showing up. Tester was about to leave but Mana ran up and asked to go shoot his new slingshot. Tester was happy to, so they went to the abandoned school house.
    As they entered it was really dusty and murky inside. Half the building collapsed, but the way to that area was blocked off by the debris that had fallen. There was old parchment and shattered glass on the floor. The flow of light from the window was blocked by all the dust that had accumulated. Tester suggested they shoot at the radroaches that lived throughout the building. As they walked around looking for the roaches, they noticed there was some green slime covering the wall and floor. They walked over and had no idea what it was, so they laughed and continued walking. They came to what seemed to be the cafeteria. They went back into the where the food used to be prepared and saw steps down to the basement. They were both skeptical about going, but finally decided that the roaches must be down there. They went down and to a door, but it was locked. Tester turned around and started up the stairs, relieved for not having to go in. Mana remembered that he had his screwdriver and wrench. He took the wrench and started hitting the door knob but it didn't do anything. He then took his screwdriver and unscrewed the screws to the door knob. The knob fell off and the door crackled open. It was completely dark, so they left the door open for a little light. Mana looked around and saw a light switch. Unlikely for it to work, he tried it anyway. One light blinked on in the center of the room. It was a very dim light and it flicked constantly, but it worked. They could see crates and they walked over to them. One of them was open; it contained a variety of empty cans, and a backpack. Mana picked attempted to pick it up but was unable to. He opened it up and discovered it had 14 handgun bullets, an atomic Nuka-Cola, and a 2 iron bars. He took the handgun bullets and Tester took the Nuka-Cola. As they started back towards the door, there was the sound of falling debris. They thought it was just the building falling again.
    Once they got to the door, Tester started up the stairs followed by Mana. Just as Mana got to the 3rd step, something ran up behind Mana, grabbed his leg, and pulled. Mana screamed for help and Tester bolted down the stairs. He couldn't see Mana, but could definitely hear his cries of bloody murder. Tester ran over to the the crate with the backpack and grabbed an iron bar. Him being not strong, he could barely lift it. The screams were getting louder as Tester walked into the darkness. Another light flashed on, and he could see Mana, bleeding from his leg and shoulder. There was a dark figure hunched over flailing his arms at Tester. Tester ran up and hit the figure in the face with the iron bar. The figure fell over and didn't move. Tester dropped the bar, and grabbed Mana with his one arm. He pulled Mana to his feet and they Tester wrapped his one arm around Mana. They hobbled towards the door, and stumbled up the the stairs. Back into the light, Tester saw that Mana had been stabbed in his abdomen.
    As they both got to the door, blood was starting to run out of Mana's mouth. They grabbed the door handle and exited the building. A bystander saw the doors swing open, then came the two boys out of the dusty building. He sprinted over to the boys and picked up Mana. They both ran to the medical building that was roughly 1 mile away. Just as they reached the building. Mana had passed out, but everyone thought he was gone. Tester started crying. They busted open the door and the doctor jumped out of his seat and saw the boy immediately. He ran to a cabinet and yelled at the man to place Mana on the bed. The Doctor came back with bandages, and anti-septic. The man asked the doctor if he was still alive, but the doctor wasn't sure himself. He didn't even check first. As he checked his pulse, a small faint beat started. When the doctor stabilized Mana, Tester ran out the door. The doctor said the wound in his stomach region wasn't deep but it did puncture one of his organs, just barely though. About 20 minutes later, Tester came running back in the shack with Mana's mother. She was already in tears. She ran over to where he was laying, and the doctor came over, put his arm on her shoulder and asked to speak with her. The Doctor said that Mana wasn't likely to live because of the punctured liver. Tester was listening and came over. He told Mana's mom, that he has a disease that wasn't curable and he wasn't expected to live much longer. He volunteered himself to give his liver to Mana so he could survive. The only problem was that this doctor wasn't skilled enough. The doctor did mention that there was a secret medical area inside the mall. They thought he was kidding because the mall was abandoned. The doctor said to walk up to the southeast door, and look under a black rock. He said there should be a lever that opens the door. He continued to say that they would be confronted by gaurds that will ask for a password. "The password will be 'Keep it clean'" he said. They all started for the mall, except for Mana's mom, who went home to wait for her husband.
    (Very sorry for how long this is...)
    At the age of 20, Mana's father was deathly ill, but he wasn't very interested with his father, because he wasn't there much for his whole life. Even for his incident when he was 14. After Mana healed, his father handed him a pistol. He named it Mistake, for the death of his best friend. He carried his best friend organ inside him, which made him think he would always be alive. Even though it has been 6 years since, he was still feeling the pain from that death. Mana decided to move to another city after his fathers.death. His mother grew very sad and fell into a deep depression. He only visited her once in a blue moon. She was always happen to him, but there was never anything new in their lives. Nothing much more has happened in his life. As Mana kept aging, his mother's depression grew worse and she eventually killed herself because she could barely provide for herself. Mana found out when he went to visit her and he was devistated. He visited her grave, mourned a little, and left for home again.
    When Mana was 26, he left his town and started a journey to Alaska, where he had rumors from caravans that it was a nice place to live, even though it would be very cold. He heard rumors of life being easy, where electricity was still being used and provided. He had high ambitions for this place, but he knew it would be to good to be true. He ran with a caravan that was headed to Alaska, and they sold him a leather tunic and pants. 6 months later, Mana was 27 and he arrived in Alaska to be amazed that it wasn't anything like the stories had told.
    RP Example:
    Bypasser from the biography - Stanley

    Stanley: <Walks up to the black rock outside the the southeast door>
    Tester: "I hope this isn't a trap."
    Stanley: "I don't think the doctor will pull sorts of things, but this does sound fishy. Will you lift up that rock, it's the blackest one here?"
    Tester: "Sure." <Walks to the rock and picks it up.> "Theres nothing there!"
    Stanley: "Damnit! I knew this was too good to be true, that doctor was just getting rid of us!"
    Tester: "Wait, look at that rock over there, its blacker than this one." <Runs over to the rock and picks it up> "Theres a lever!!!"
    Stanley: "Are you serious!? Quickly pull it and lets get inside!"
    Tester: <Pulls the lever and a click noise sounds near the door>
    Stanley: "Are you positive you want to go through this? I won't blame you for not doing this."
    Tester: "I'm positive... I'm already expected to parish soon anyway, So I would like to help someone before I die, and who else but the one guy in this world who was my only friend?"
    Stanley: "I had no idea you were going to die!"
    Tester: "I thought you over heard us talking, either way. Lets go, I wanna get this over with."
    <Tester opens the door, and Stanley walks in. They are confronted with 3 guards, 2 down below aiming their rifles, and 1 perched on top of a shotty tower>
    Guard 1: "Halt, you will be shot if you don't speak the password immediately."
    Stanley: "Keep it Clean!" he yelled.
    Guard 1: "Already clean. Now where do you wish go, we have to escort you."
    Tester: "We need the medical department!"
    Guard 1: "Very well, Blue jay, escort these two, and their injured friend to the medical core."

    I must stop here, becuase I am tired, and I have to do other things like... Sleep? Lol Hope this goes well.

    "God Bless the Enclave, God Bless America" If thats not it, its close enough right?
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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wild Wasteland | Serious RP | Now Closed! |
    Disregard this, it was posted by accident.
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    posted a message on < ♦ > BLOTHERAKINGDOM.COM < ♦ > [Unique Class System] [A Whole New Experience] [The Best NvN RP] - Experience the new world [1.6
    In game name: Mysticgoth
    Real life name (Optional): Julian
    Age: 16
    Class: InnKeeper
    Code: MT11
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    posted a message on FTB Unleashed Private Survival Server
    Minecraft Username : Mysticgoth
    Why do you want to join? Why wouldn't someone want to join a server? :D
    Have you played FTB before? Yeah, but never Unleashed.
    How old are you? 16
    Have you been banned on any servers? Just like the guy above, I've been playing since Infdev... I am probably banned from some servers that aren't even around anymore.
    If so, why? Probably the silly, so-called "admins". Maybe some other reasons... Who knows. I checked the MCBans and I don't have any on there.
    What makes you stand out to others? Other than I'm a girl!? Nah, I won't bring that crap into this. I just like using railcraft and stuff. Probably my favorite mod! Oh, except the trains mod. I love... like love love that mod. I also like any food related mod, because I love baking and such. I really don't know what else to say. :I
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    I agree with Baurblades.... You won't get many people to play if they are to record on your server...
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    posted a message on Brand new Vanilla
    Ummmmmmm Hey.

    Gimmie dat IP bro. :P
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