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    This looks familiar... Where have i seen it before?
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    I am a dwarf and im digging a hole! diggy diggy hole. im digging a hole
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    here are some seeds That are great! sorry but I dont have screens.Feel free to put some up.

    Polynomia! = LOTS OF TUNNELS. I have been playing this save for too weeks and i am still finding tunnels.

    PowerPuffGirls = Its bizzare. Icy with patches of sand and grass around. Also Cool ice trenches.

    House = I usually find lots of coal in clusters.

    Tree House = basicaly the same as House.

    Karma = I dont remember what it looks like. Its been awhile

    So there you go. Those are my fav seeds

    OH and For The powerpuffgirls one my littles sister dared me. I said it would look plain and boring. I lost 15$ :sad.gif:

    8/10/11 : new seeds:

    Iorn Maiden


    Lolipop lolipop oh loliloli lolipop badumdumdumdum

    8/18/11 : New seeds

    Follow the gold block road! :Just started so not much info

    Hansel and Gretel : not much info

    Society Of Evil Tree Punchers! : thought of that one of the top of my head :biggrin.gif:

    Enjoy The seeds!
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    They should get married on a minecraft server! Like the yogscast server!!!!!!!!!!!
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