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    Great job on this mod Boni, I really do like the way it turned out since it's release. Will the cutlass ever be added back in? I ask because the full guard pattern can still be found in villager chests. It wasn't used for anything else and I was a tad bit curious if your adding it again or adding new toys it could be used for. Possibly Samurai sword's? I know a few websites that could give you some extra ideas for the future but I don't know if I could post those sites here. The Minecraft Forums has a tendency to bark like a wild mut on anything out of the ordinary so give me a holler sometime will you? Later gator.

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    As much as I love the Fallout series and Minecraft what version of Minecraft are you working with? I ask because with the release of Fallout 4 coming this Black Friday in November (day after Thanksgiving) I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS! Any updates :D

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