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    Hi I’m Swiggty,

    Welcome to Lunar Island, a brand new Survival PvP/Vanilla experience, I have been working countless hours on this server trying to make it feel great, fair and enjoyable for players, with a balanced economy and trying not to make it pay to win, I went with this approach because of the passion I have to bring back an old school factions experience with a modern twist, while not straying to far from the base game and none of those crazy custom enchants that sent factions on a downward spiral. anyways on this server you will be able to create a faction, build bases, create farms as a source of income as well as your own player shop to sell to other players and buy from others which is in the form of a GUI, you can create mob grinders as another source of income and many other ways to grind to get that money!

    There are also many other features such as a vote ranking system which you will be able to get extra perks, kits, pets and much more, and for the more PvPers I have installed a Old combat system plugin which I have configured to give that 1.8 feeling that we all dearly miss, but don't worry I have tested it and it feels pretty smooth you can also use fishing rods to knockback players, and there are also 4 KoTH events a week which I'm sure you guys will contest with rival factions over the prizes! and for the survival type people if you don't really want to be involved in all the PvP or the raiding side of this server you can set your faction to peaceful, meaning you will be unraidable but at the cost of not being able to PvP but if that doesn't bother you, build and create with friends till your hearts content :D.

    A few other things you can do is level up skills and there is a massive range of different skills and abilities you can level up for example Mining skills, swords skills, repair skills and much much more there is also a prize for whoever gets the highest skills level at the end of the wipe.

    Other Info:
    - Faction Member limit: 3 people
    - Be competitive

    I hope you guys and girls will come along for this adventure I grantee you’ll have a lot of fun

    Anyways until next time have a great day God bless you.

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    posted a message on | HyperCraft | 1.8.8 -=Factions Pvp=- -=Head Hunting=- NEW SPAWN!

    Join now kiddies

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    posted a message on | HyperCraft | 1.8.8 -=Factions Pvp=- -=Head Hunting=- NEW SPAWN!

    Come join now!
    Ip - hypercraft.mchost.pro

    Want to become apart of our staff team? apply at https://hyperofficial.enjin.com

    Want to support and keep our server running, donate at https://hyperofficial.buycraft.net

    Kind regards
    - MysticOG

    Enjoy your minecraft adventure on my server!

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