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    posted a message on -=-=- Steven Universe server needs staff -=-=-

    Admin Application and Mod Application:
    Name(Or what you'd like to be called): SugarQuartz (Emma)

    Gender: Female
    Minecraft Username: MysteryDoggo
    Skype(Can give through messages if accepted): Astrogummybear
    Age: 14
    Maturity Level (1-10): 7/10
    How Much Time Can You Dedicate Each Day To The Server : About 1-2 hours each day. Maybe more depending on how busy I am.
    Why Do You Want To Be Staff: I would enjoy being Staff because I have made a server and I know how much work it takes... I like to help communities grow and bad players to not get away with what they do.
    What Can You Do For This Server Or What Sets You Aside From Others: Well, I know Basic Coding, and I am an honors student In school? (I don't know if that would change anything.)
    Any Previous Experience As Staff: On GemPowered I am also a GPD, meaning I jail and Nickname people for the server.
    Anything You'd Iike Me To Know (Not required): Nah.

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    posted a message on SUper Danganronpa 2 role play!

    May I also have the IP please? Thanks! Also, is this Hibonite : >

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    posted a message on Minecraft DanganRonpa Server Rp!

    1. Your Ign : MysteryDoggo

    2. Your Age : 15

    3. Your RP name : Tsuki Haro

    4. SHSL : Guitarist

    5. Why you want to join : Danganronpa is my favorite show (BESIDES STEVEN UNIVERSE) and I like the concept ; >

    6. Do you agree to the the rules : Yes, I do agree.

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