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    1. What is your in-game name? Myrmee
    2. Your age. 30
    3. Your country or timezone. +8 Asian
    4. Why are you interested in joining an SMP server? Making friends and sharing stuff. Also I would lose motivation to build stuff if no one else will visit.
    5. Do you consider yourself an experienced Minecraft player or are you a beginner? In terms of playing time I am a fresh returner, who just returned mc for about a month and became obsessed with it again. But I consider myself a fast learner, I can build complex farms as long as the mechanism is explained on youtube.
    6. Have you ever been a part of any other Minecraft community like this before? Yea, a new server not long ago, but eventually no one is active anymore. I hope to find a server that is new so that I can contribute to the initial building of everything, but also the community will last a long time.
    7. What sort of a person are you IRL? Do you have any other hobbies? working an ordinary job, have a family, no kid. But still love playing games. MC is the only game i play right now. also like painting and writing
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    Why do you want to join Junicraft?

    I just returned minecraft for not very long, and had great fun learning and building on another server, but that server gradually became silence and no one else log on any more. So I think a bigger community may be a better place for long term game experience and friendships.

    What sort of player are you? (redstone, builder, explorer, etc)

    Redstone+builder. While I'm still learning the mechanics of the farms as I am basically still a newbee, I really like integrating farms with certain building styles so they don't look odd

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    Username: Myrmee
    Age: 30
    Why you want to join this server? Looking new and nice, perfect for a returned player like me
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? A few years during my university, but haven't played for years after graduation because of work.
    Favourite aspect of Minecraft? Building, and socializing of course.

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