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Disregard everything in my about me. I wrote that when I was 15. I'm 17 now so not all of it still applies (just keeping it there for the nostalgia, haha.) I haven't been on these forums in a long, long time, nor have I played Minecraft in a long time either, but sometimes I feel like playing it again.

About me:

I'm a 15 year old girl who was born in Ireland ,but then moved to England for 4 years, but then moved back to Ireland in 2014. Looks like we had a bit of trouble making up our minds, hehe.
I enjoy gaming, writing, drawing, reading and listening to music.
I spend most of my time doing the above, and sometimes my mother manages to force me to go outside.
I am a vegetarian and strongly opposed to animal cruelty, and have been all my life. I've never tried meat, and I never will, nor have I ever wanted to.
I don't know what to say about my personality, other than that I'm quite shy but all right when you get to know me I suppose. I'm also very bad at writing about me pages.
Oh, and keep in mind that if I seem unfriendly, I don't mean it. I can be kind of awkward when I don't know people very well, so I apologize for that in advance!
As for ambitions... I don't know, really. I'm probably going to go for being an author because the stories are going to come to me whether I like it or not, but I'm also considering indie game design.

Things I like:

Anime and Manga:

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin:To say I love this anime, would be a huge understatement; I'm more than a little obsessed, hehe. Forget Code Geass, favourite anime ever without a doubt. It's just perfect, it has everything I could ever want; awesome action scenes, characters to love, heartbreaking sad scenes, AMAZING animation and music, exceptional voice acting... literally everything, I don't even know what to comment on specifically. AlsoihaveacrushonArmin. Anyway, if you haven't yet... watch iiiiit.

Naruto: Naruto was one of the first animes I ever watched, and the first I got properly obsessed with. I found out about it after asking my sister and her boyfriend if they knew any good animes, and my sister's boyfriend suggested Naruto. At first, I thought it was stupid and childish, but within half an hour I was addicted. My family was so sick of hearing me babble on about it by the time I started to get bored of it. I still have a Naruto ninja forehead protector that my sister bought me in my room xD. I still love Naruto, but I'm not as much of a crazy fan as I once was. On second thought, now I'm pretty meh about it but it's one of those things I'll never hate because of how awesome it was to me when I was younger.

Bleach: Ah, Bleach. Once I grew bored of Naruto, this was my next target. I remembered my friend showing me a video from it years ago and decided to try it out again. It was love at first sight. Once again, I was addicted to it and spent every minute of every hour of every day with my eyes glued to the screen. I had such a crush on Toshiro Hitsugaya...Lol, I remember my mother taking my laptop off of me for two weeks because I was being a spoiled brat; I was so miserable with not being able to watch Bleach I thought I was going to die.
I finished the whole Aizen Sousuke arc but then stopped watching it because I felt the rest was superfluous.
I'm in the middle of re-watching Bleach right now. I still haven't seen what happens after the Aizen situation is resolved, and I don't plan on.

Soul Eater: Bored and missing Bleach, one day I discovered Soul Eater. It was the same as the above two, I thought it was amazing (Still do) and watched it until the end (Though they messed up the end of the anime good). I was a huge Death the Kid fan; I still have a massive poster of him on the wall in my room xD. I went on about it to my friends a lot, and got some of them to watch it.

Code Geass: I started watching this after the others after my sister told me to about ten times, claiming it was the best anime ever. She was right. I've never seen an anime as amazing as this; Action, comedy, romance, suspense, a good story line, lovable characters, beautiful art; it's just brilliant. Not only that, but it knows when to end; I've never seen such a well-timed, perfect, sad, touching, beautiful ending in my life. Bleach had
a perfect ending like that, but then Tite Kubo decided to
bring back Ichigo's powers magically honestly man, you RUINED it!

Gakuen Alice: I haven't seen the anime to this (I've heard it removes the dark stuff to make it more aimed at children, A.K.A the entire plot) but the manga is amazing. It's so sweet, funny, sad and DARK at the same time. I love how it went from being cute, comic and relaxing at the beginning to dark and tragic near the end. If you haven't read this already, then I recommend it!

The World God Only Knows: Ah, that anime/manga. I love this so much. I don't know what to say about this, it's just perfect. So funny. If you haven't watched this, then I recommend it, as with Gakuen Alice!

Avatar The last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra: While not officially animes seeing as they're American, they're truly amazing. I'm sick of writing descriptions so I'm just going to say it has lovable characters, good humor, a good plot etc and you should watch it.

Bizenghast: I just started reading this recently, and it's amazing. It's unlike any manga I've ever read. Well, technically, it isn't a manga seeing as it was written by a non-japanese person, but it's pretty much the same as a manga. It has a nice mix of horror, mystery, comedy, romance, nice art, it's just generally a good book.


Skulduggery Pleasant: Favourite book series probably, can't be bothered writing description but it's good.

Goodnight Mister Tom: Zaaaaaach

Artemis Fowl: 'S fairies and stuff. Cool.

The Demonata: So far I've only read two books from this series (Lord Loss and Wolf Island) but it's still one of my favourites. Werewolves, demons, humor, horror, action, what more could I ask for?

The saga of Darren Shan: By the same author as the Demonata. I love these books, they're wonderful; and don't worry people, the vampires in this do not sparkle.

The Harry Potter series:One of my favourite books series of all time. It's just...Perfect. A masterpiece; J.K Rowling is a true author. So many lovable characters, an amazing plot and overall idea, it's just...Perfect.

The Dragon Orb series:It's not well known, but it deserves to be; while admittedly not very original, it's fun to read and the author has talent; I love his style. Each character is different and they all have their perks and flaws, just as a good character should.

Can't think of anymore right now, though there probably are.

Movies/T.V Shows:

The Big Bang theory

8 out of 10 cats

Harry Potter movies

Hot Fuzz

Shaun of The Dead

Others that I'm too lazy to put up.

How I came to join the forums:

I can't remember how exactly. I probably found out about it from looking up things about Minecraft, such as textures and mods. When I first joined, I wasn't that active on the forums and the posts I did make were immature and useless. It's amazing how much I've matured since then in such a small amount of time; some of my old posts are just embarrassing. Anyway, before the Minecraft forum was just something I went on if I was terribly bored or if I wanted a new texture pack or had a question, but since then I've started to get more active and go on the forum because I actually enjoy going on here.
This forum has such a nice community, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

How I started playing Minecraft:

I was over in Ireland visiting my friend (I used to live there), and he showed me Minecraft. My first impression was: 'That game looks stupid. I mean, look at the graphics, they're awful!', but as he showed me his castle and his group of ocelots and things, I started to get more interested. After I went back home to England, I forgot about Minecraft for a while until I saw a video titled 'JonTron's MINECRAFT WORLD!! - JonTron' and some videos on the game by 'PeanutButterGamer' (You should check out their channels, they do cool videos) and my interest in the game was revived. I spent most of my spare time looking at videos of the game, searching the Minecraft wiki and playing the free classic version on the official Minecraft site, growing more and more amazed at the game. I wanted it so badly. After a lot of nagging, my mother finally agreed to buy me the game.

Where my weird name comes from:

Before I start, the '__' in my name was originally another word, but it had to get censored because the no swear rule came in, although technically that word isn't a swear. Anyway, I can't actually say it, but the __ used to be that certain other word for donkey which can also mean one's backside.
Anyway, onto how I got it; before I started playing Minecraft, for nearly 5 years now today, I played an MMORPG called Fiesta. I still do sometimes. Anyway, while playing that game I noticed that the level 6 Fighter class pants were very shiny. Extremely on the backside. So, I thought, what better a name for my fighter than 'My(censored)IsShiny?'. After having it for a while, I began to grow attached to the name, often getting PMs saying how awesome it was (Though I also got a few creepy ones too...), so when I bought Minecraft I thought I'd give my account the same name!
In all honesty, I kind of regret it. Not only does it get censored on a lot of servers I go on, I get some pretty annoying and creepy comments on it...

Anyway, now that all the Minecraft related stuff is out of the way, time to go onto stuff about ME !

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Gaming, drawing, writing, playing piano, animals

Location Ireland