About Me
Welcome to my profile.

I started playing Minecraft during beta 1.6.6, although I didn't really make a main world until 1.2.3. For the most part all I do in Minecraft is build random buildings. I don't really use redstone or automated farms when I play.

Here's links to a couple of topics I made feel free to tell me what you think of them.

First up would be the guide I made for beating the wither without any armor, all you need is enchanted weapons and some potions. It is also possible to do it without the potions but that's a pain to do.
Guide to killing the Wither without any armor.

Next up is my survival world that I had since 1.2.5. Originally I started it while doing the City Construction Challenge, I got bored of the challenge restrictions after I while so after I while I just started to play it normally. Unfortunately I lost the world sometime around 1.6, so It won't be updated anymore.
My survival world.