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    posted a message on *CONFIRMED* No Mods Possible on Minecraft Xbox: What do you think?
    As long as texture packs are allowed, I couldn't care about mods.
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    posted a message on Xbox.. Pay?
    Quote from CODthenMINECRAFT

    just JTAG your xbox and get them all for free

    Because STEALING is cool.

    Quote from Soulbanisherrr

    Dude everything on the pc version is free, once you buy the game.

    Why are we now being charged?

    Dude, a few posts above yours is this one.

    Quote from Geneo

    Didn't you answer your own question?

    Mojang has never given you anything for free except for updates to the game itself. And Mojang only gives you the basic game- no extras. People keep forgetting those little details.

    It's the community (third-parties) that have given away their hard labor for free (and it's not all free). They have spoiled you, not Mojang. Mojang and 4J are businesses with bills to pay.
    A kid working on his dining room table on his mother's laptop isn't and doesn't.

    What's to understand?

    Some people clearly have issues. 45 skins for less than £2 is a bad deal, and guess what, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT.

    Minecraft 360 is not going to go exactly the way of the PC version with the mods and so oon because of the nature of XBL.
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    posted a message on Lighting system, will it change?
    The lighting works well when you get used to it, a bridge halfway across my map can be seen because it is lit up. As the chap said above, 50% gamma makes the game look a treat, which was ironically the default, no?

    It's the way glass looks now that I have issue with. But that's another story. If they can't sort it, hopefully a texture pack will.
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    posted a message on New update is causing extreme frame rate lag
    I've not noticed any framerate drops, but have noticed that my world, the glass buildings in particular do not seem to render as well as before. Very meh.
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    posted a message on My Slime farm WORKS!
    I'm a bit puzzled. Is this just their spawn points? what do you have to do to find them?

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    posted a message on Post Your Screenshots Here!
    Quote from cola_addict17

    Duping doesn't count as "getting better"
    If you want to get better, you have to play the game the way it is meant to be played.

    Surely he can play the game how he wants? After the adventure update, with creative one of the ways the game is "meant to be played" is with unlimited creation tools. Regardless of the materials, you still have to make it, it isn't like you can auto generate the structures after you have duped. it may be cheap, but unlimited materials or not an impressive build still requires time.

    I'm not condoning duplicating, just adding my 2 cents. I'm all for doing it legitimately, and all I have duped in my world is clay for obvious reasons. But people can play how they want, surely? especially if the have lives/school/jobs/children and so on. Not everyone has unlimited hours of gaming available.
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    posted a message on Minecraft xbox 360 Possible Texture Packs ?
    Quote from Sephiroth87xz

    The only thing is impossibile it's to have this skin/texture pack or "mod" dlc for free with microsoft.

    Not true, others have released free DLC in the past.

    I don't know much about texture packs, but looking a little around I quite like the modernistic look of Soartex Fanver and would like to see that.
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    posted a message on Creative Mode.
    Quote from McAngusYoung

    They are going Beta 1.7.3, then Beta 1.8.2, then Full 1.2.3.

    Creative mode will be in 1.8.2 because it was added in 1.8 on the PC.
    Sprinting and Creative Mode were added in the same update.

    I know 1.7.3 is next. I was just saying after the 1.8# one, then full update. I'm not sure it's 1.2.3 full though, where have they said that?
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    posted a message on Creative Mode.
    I'm sure they have said that after the 1.8# update they will jump to 1.0, and everything that encompasses. I think they spoke about the 1.8# ones in a Eurogamer article.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - Minecon 2012 Hints & Xbox Updates!
    Quote from Kevy21

    Tbh I Feel bad for the team/people working on the Xbox version of MC...

    No one really cares about it (despite it sales its true), its nothing new - infact its very old.

    It's like playing a gimped version of the real game :/

    Some of us never actually played the PC version, so for us this IS Minecraft. Sure it is behind the PC version, but this stuff will come to us in time, like it did for you guys.
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    posted a message on MCXBLA Update: When, and What?
    Quote from Reflected_Echo

    Loads of ranting

    Bug fix is in certification, should be a couple of weeks, update early july so says their twitter feed.

    Certification is a Microsoft stipulation and is down to them, takes around 3 weeks.

    Minecraft XBLA has not sold more than Black Ops. It just has more people playing it than Black Ops NOW. Not ever.

    Hiring people costs money. Just because the game sold over a million doesn't mean that 4J got it all. It's most likely their share was much smaller than Mojang and Microsoft got. Give them a break, they are trying very hard with what they have to work with and given a great game for us in the meantime.

    And if you think the game is really simple to program, I'd love to see your efforts with programming.
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    posted a message on Ssplitscreen help!
    Turn the controller on, get them signed in either to a gamer tag or a guest account and press start when prompted.
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    posted a message on Ssplitscreen help!
    There are seriously many topics on this...

    You need to be using either a component cable (5 coloured leads) or a HDMI cable, and in the settings menu on the xbox dashboard you can choose the visual output, which needs to be set to 720p.

    Then it will work.
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    posted a message on Game Guides
    Check the wiki, i found that helps.
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    posted a message on 360 Version and Updates
    I'm sure that various 4J comments have suggested that after the 1.7 update we will see the 1.8 creative, then the next one will be 1.00.

    But other mentions suggest that not ALL PC content may make it in (OXM interview), what they think will work well.

    Best thing to think is that this is the Xbox version, and not compare everything to the PC version. We get what we get.

    If your friends haven't played the new features yet, then technically they aren't missing anything as this is their Minecraft.
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