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    I had an idea for a new item in Minecraft that I think would be quite helpful. At least, I've got an idea for a mechanic.

    What I would like is a light source that is vertically continuous. You could perhaps make it a spotlight, or something. Basically what it would do is emit light, either down or up, which would not dim over distance, at least not vertically. Horizontally, the light would dim as you get further from it, like any other light source. Basically, one of these would be like having a full vertical stack of glowstone blocks, or torches. The light could be continuous through the air up to where it hits a solid block.

    I originally thought of this while trying to build a sort of warehouse. It's quite a tall building, and the lights I was putting in the ceiling didn't really do anything to light up the ground floor, as they are too far away. But this item would have other uses as well, such as people who build things to be displayed, and need to light them up. Sprite art could be lit up much easier, with a line of these above or below, rather than covering them with torches. If someone was ever going to build a theater stage, this would be ideal. I would also be able to use this to build a sort of artificial sky for the underground world I'm trying to build.

    As for whether this item could work within the game, I'm no expert programmer, but I think that as long as this light item can only be facing straight up or down, it should be doable. Within a chunk, the full height is always loaded (I think) so there shouldn't be any problem.

    Anyway, that's my idea.

    -Muninn Crow
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