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I'm a young wee lad that likes almost anything that has to do with Minecraft. I express my ideas and have convinced almost my entire state and beyond that I'm the second to last Stampy Cat. I mostly play Minecraft: Xbox 360. I also play Pocket Edition but I'm working on fixing it so don't bother me about it. In Minecraft I suck at PvP and am an excelent archer when not rushed or panicked. My favorite animals are penguins and I think that Nyan Cat will eventually take over the world. My best friend is a dwarf whose name is King Bodin DragonSlayer, since he doesn't have an account his real name will stay hidden. My brother is a Spartan-Hobbit who doesn't have an account either. I'm a masterful builder and love Creepers and Snow Golems (<- 2 favorite mobs). I love Transformers, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and third person shooting games. My three-ish favorite Youtubers are Stampy and Co., DanTDM, and PopularMMOs. My favorite Star Wars character is Boba Fett as Transformers is Jazz. My favorite hat is a Fedora and a girl at the Nampa Rollerdrome thought i was her boyfriend. Weird huh? Speaking of weird, I'm a little weird myself. Just deal with it.


I think my bio covered it all.

Location Nampa, Idaho

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Xbox munchyv6