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    posted a message on CreeperSpecies [Forge] [1.7.X / 1.6.4 / 1.5.2 / 1.4.5] - More Creepers! - v1.0
    Just a quick idea for the "Angel Creepers" Maybe if (at any point you see them close enough to hit them) you do get to hit them, they send down a bolt of lightning and "smite" you. Only it's not a continuous Smiting, like when you get in range of them the Smite you again, but like every time you hit them they do. It's just an idea but I think it would be cool to see.

    Something else for the Angel Creepers, maybe when you kill them (if you can?) they drop Pixi (or Angel) dust and you can use that to brew a potion that allows you to "fly" (hold space and "W" key, lift into the air and soar across the sky. Make it maybe a 15-20 block limit?

    Also for the "Mystery Stone" (taking a page out of the Lucky Block mod) Maybe once you place the Mystery Stone, if you mine it (making it Iron Pick+ to obtain the item) it drops some random item (Magma Cream, Blaze Rod, ect.)

    IDK, it's your mod, do whatever you want with it, but I think these would be cool to see in the mod. Looks good though with the reviews I've seen of it!
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    posted a message on Sonic the Hedgehog Mod - V1.4.0[SSP/SMP/LAN]-New Update-Checkpoints,new mobs,sound effects,spinning rings and much more!
    Just a quick thing (couple of things probably):

    A. Is it possible to make this compatible with MCPatcher? The ModLoader thing doesn't work for me. I tried everything the Download page for ModLoader told me to do and yet it still doesn't work. :c

    B. If it will be compatible with MCPatcher, will I have to unpatch my other mods to allow it to work?
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    posted a message on Build your Spawners!
    Well guys, the 1.4.6 is out!...

    What... What's this?

    Am I dreaming? This... Is awesome!

    All though, we still can't craft them.
    But still! I'm happy this is added in. :)

    Also, before I leave for a few, I want to add in:

    I know that it was not me who brought this on, but this is a happy time!

    I know it cannot be obtained with out /give or Creative with TooManyItems, so it doesn't make much of a difference.

    But still, it's a damn good thing to happen, mine and many other people's wishes have come through.
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    posted a message on Build your Spawners!
    Okay, back from a short stoppage, and here to answer posts:

    WaterTipper and Fatal Gear, I wish to keep this thread flame-war clear.
    Never have I seen such an ignorant, self-important, and overall just plain retarded post - wow. Just wow.

    it's the amount of ignorance from Fatal Gear that I don't support.

    Bit overboard. :c

    As for the people posting stuff about coding and GUI's and stuff like that, I am not very code-smart. I don't even know what a GUI is. Technology is not my strong suit.
    I do not know coding to save my life, let's put it that way.
    I do happen to have a Tech-savvy friend, I'll give him a ring tomorrow for help.

    I thank you all for the support, and will definitely look at the suggestions more tomorrow afternoon. Needed a quick thread update before bed.
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    posted a message on Build your Spawners!
    Quote from NaturalPattern

    I support this for Creative mode too.You can test out xp farms in it and stuff but it will not be fair in survival.

    May I ask, how would it be un-fair in Survival? I can see how obtaining the Spawn egg's in survival would be difficult...

    Say you were on a Multiplayer server, set up a shop to sell Spawn eggs?
    And on Singleplayer, using some cheats never hurts.

    UPDATE: Also added in two new Poll options, took away "Zoidberg" option.
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    posted a message on Build your Spawners!
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    This would be good for Creative Mode. However, as for Survival Mode...


    That would make the world's easiest mob farms of all time, which can already be done with spawners you find in dungeons and some simple traps. I support this for Creative Mode, but if this existed in Survival, I'd have to fly to Sweden and kill every Mojang employee in the slowest manner possible. The "Zoidberg" answer in your poll is kinda dumb...

    Right, thanks for making such a quick response haha.

    I do get why in Survival, it would be a bit of a "cheat", but it is something I think could help/become a more interesting part of the game.
    Plus, we all want to see witches and almost never see them, haha.

    And the "Why not Zoidberg" option was put in for a bit of humour, 'tis all.
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    posted a message on Build your Spawners!
    So, something that I was thinking of was being able to Create/Build a spawner in Minecraft SP/MP worlds, but without any type of Mods/plug-ins.

    Basically, all you would have to do is place 8 Iron Bars in the outer regions of a Crafting Bench, with a Spawn Egg in the middle.
    And, in turn, it would give you a Spawner Block.

    Now, I know, you can get the Spawn blocks with the /give command or Too Many Items, but it would only Spawn pigs, unless you have a type of Mod to change that, and you can find Spawn blocks in dungeons/strong-holds.
    But, you are not able to pick up the block when you use a Pick-axe.

    So, what you could do is basically Craft a spawner to spawn whatever your heart desires (as long as it is implemented in the game ;) )
    Also, two other things as a side-note:
    1. Adding in a Wither Skeleton Spawn egg. I think it's too much of a hassle going to the Nether to find one of those buggers, just to have them drop nothing.
    2. Add in a Charged Creeper Spawn egg. I think that waiting forever for that one lucky bolt of lightning to do that is just too much of a waste.
    These two being a part of the Craft-a-Spawner.

    Some images to support this idea/give an example:

    Squid Spawner:

    Witch Spawner:

    Creeper Spawner:

    The finished product would look like this:

    Only, of course, instead of spawning a pig, it would spawn the Mob that you put in the centre section of the Crafting Bench.

    Leave comments below saying if you support this, if you think this is a moronic idea, or if you would like to see something else added in.

    I do not know coding, so me making a Mod of this... Let's put it this way, you would have a better chance of getting a mermaid to do the splits. Haha.
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    posted a message on Enchanted Boats and Minecarts [75% of Voters Support!]
    I honestly do support this idea.

    Props on the idea, mate.
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