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    Yes, it looks like infiSTAR panel.


    • Fully customizable menus with own syntax
    • Popup window for command parameters
    • Command parameters are saved
    • Permissions and Cauldron integration
    • Server sends custom menu to player
    • Admin and death logs

    Default key:

    Full mod manual:

    English docx
    Russian docx


    /icyadmin add <Username> - Give panel permissions to player.
    /icyadmin rem <Username> - Remove player panel permissions.

    OP's can use panel without permissions.

    Cauldron permission for panel usage: icyadmin.use


    Releases (GitHub)

    Releases (GitHub, AdFly)

    Just install Forge and put IcyAdmin-*.zip in your mods folder.

    Build with Forge, deobf version included in last releases. So you can use it in DEV environment.

    I have no people to correctly translate this text and manual from my native language, so you can point on my mistakes...
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    This mod brings snowflakes in any Minecraft GUI.
    It's rewrite of my very old project.


    • configurable snowflake count
    • configurable GUI list
    • snowflakes rotation
    • snowflakes avoid mouse
    • it's awesome
    Config stored in com.multimote.snowtime.Config, you MUST compile mod to change it.

    ModPack policy: free to use.

    Releases: HERE
    Github repo: HERE
    MinecraftForge forums link: HERE

    I'm lazy and I want to download it now:
    [1.7.10] SnowTime-1.0.1 (Adfly)
    [1.7.10] SnowTime-1.0.1
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    posted a message on MZTraders - old good trading NPC's
    This is part of my main mod, that is not finished. But MZTraders is finished and ready to use.

    Some features:

    Easy trading: just drag and drop items that trader wants to buy and press Trade button.


    Money stacking

    User-friendly trader editor

    And trader voices (greeting, idle, good and bad trade).

    Little video demonstration:
    (i don't know how to insert video)

    Useful info:
    - Available trader sounds: sidor, stalker, bandit. All of them are russian. Sorry about that.
    - To enter trader edit menu press Sneak and Use buttons. I mean Shift + RightClick on trader. YOU MUST BE OPPED AND BE IN CREATIVE MODE
    - To kill trader you must be opped and be in creative mode.
    - Search works by: item ID, item unlocalized name, item localized name;
    - And, of course, sorry for my bad english. You can point on my mistakes.

    Would be great if you will send bug reports.
    Built with forge

    [1.7.10]MZTraders-1.0.2 direct;
    [1.7.10]MZTraders-1.0.2 via Adf.ly, if you want to help.
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