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    posted a message on Woodpunch's Graphics - TOP NOTCH DESIGNS [#1 Source of Animated Banners]
    Congratulations on your purchase!
    Maybe the tablet may open new doors to your graphic designing pathway ;)
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    posted a message on [Cracked 1.7.2] -=Cajun PvP=- Factions|PvP|Survival|Greif|No-Lag|24/7|Mcmmo|Minigames|Ranks|Spawners|Iconomy|And More

    Cajun PvP is an ever-growing well established Minecraft server.Our server is based on Factions/PvP/Greif and Raids but we do also have many mini-games to entertain yourselves even more.Once you enter Cajun PvP you'll be welcomed by our ever loving community.Bring your friend or a whole army and join in the fun today!

    Cajun PvP is a Factions/Hardcode PvP server.Greifing and Raiding is permitted.We have mature,friendly and kind staff.We also have mini-games such as: MobArena,Skirmish,CTF and more..At the moment we have a Christmas sale going on so all ranks are 50% off with the discount code "xmas"For more info on purchases visit

    To keep the server more enjoyable and fair.We regularly host Dp's.
    We also have a shop with a wide variety of items,ranging from flowers to stained glass.Our Parkour is quite extensive with 4 biomes at the end of the parkour,you will find an excellent reward.

    The server is professionally hosted and lag is a very small issue.If you are a YouTuber,and hold a good amount of subs then you are eligible to apply for our YouTube rank.We have great plugins on to the server for additional functionality and of course fun.Vote everyday for $15,000 and 40 Diamonds!

    Join the server or contact us on forums for more info!

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    posted a message on Looking for 1-3 people to play minecraft with!
    If you need a server Join Cajun PvP,we offer Factions / PvP / Greif / Raid / iConomy / Minigames and more.
    We also have a special YouTuber rank which you can avail if you carry 25+ subscribers
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    posted a message on YouTubers Needed!

    Well as the title states, Cajun PvP is looking for YouTubers to join the server.The rewards for this are as state:
    • A special [YouTuber] rank
    • Free Daily Kits
    • Access to special commands
    • Free pets
    • In-Game Cash
    • Mcmmo Credits
    • And More!
    The criteria is that you must have atleast over 25 Subscribers and that you have posted a video in the last 7 days.

    Here is the application format :
    • IGN:
    • Age :
    • How many subscribers do you have?:
    • Will you be willing to feature our server in one of your videos?
    • How many views do you carry?:
    • Link to channel:
    Thank you for applying!
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    posted a message on [Free/Paid]Azain12's Artwork Shop
    Hey Could I have one with a Christmas hat on? Thanks
    Ign : Random_skitscape
    Great job :D
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