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    Quote from DieHardTeam»

    I Think this would be useful in all the menus (Multiplayer and Realms) if you have alot

    Didn't even think about that, but that would be helpful. :lol:
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    Basically, there would be a search bar inside the world selector, to more easily find specific worlds that you want to play.

    This would be very useful in situations like:

    • Just downloaded a world and need to find it in the cluster of my millions of worlds
    • Want to find a specific world that I want to play that I may not have opened in a long time
    • You share a computer with siblings so you may have a thousand worlds that are played constantly that cover up your worlds.

    An example of what it may look like:

    Something I put together in 10 minutes.

    • You would type in the name of your world and while you're typing, the list would update live.
    • When you press Enter, the typing indicator (The blinking _ in front of what you're typing) would disappear and further key presses would be ignored.
    • When clicked again, the text you searched disappears, and the list goes back to it's original state.
    • It searches for both file name and listed name, and lists the worlds in order of last played, like normal.

    Tell me what you think! What do you think should be improved or added?

    I personally think this would be great as is.

    EDIT: It has been brought up by DieHardTeam that this would be helpful in other menus such as the Multiplayer menu and the Realms menu.

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    This suggestion isn't very clear. "sucks up the block at their face when activated"?

    Do you mean that it puts the block in front of it into the machine when activated? Like a mining drone? If so, I could see this being useful.

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    Quote from gurujive»

    Even if the gloves did absolutely nothing at all but looked nice - I'd totally be for the gloves. Same.

    Although I would just like to see a very small defense bonus relative to material.

    A matching set is a matching set, where there are boots there are gloves. Good point.

    An illogical logical skit is not worth the price of not having gloves imo.

    -support for gloves, a COMPLETE set-

    I'm totally against rings rendered on the players hand. Rings should not be visible because I can't see the fingers on my players hand either. That's a good point.

    I'm also against over powerful rings such as a defensive item. Yeah, overpowered enchants like protection 4 wouldn't be allowed.

    Rings should be for things like, invisibility, curse proofing, minor enchantments, nothing high level.

    (and no, none of that one ring that is high level while the other ones are low level and calling that "balance", or "progression".) I like those ideas. Things like night vision and invisibility sound cool to me for rings.

    Rings are for minor enchantments and that's what rings are for, I have several classical d&d books upstairs that agree with me. Ye.

    -no support for rings of terrific rendering and op enchants- I agree with most of the reasons you brought up to back this up. Rendering on the character sounded good on paper. xD

    If there is to be a player buff it should be through potions, or magic of some kind having a time in which the effect is present.

    Rings are for minor &or unique buffs. Yeah I agree with that.

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    Quote from MattTCreeper»

    How do you make the little crafting GUI for your suggestions?

    This is what I use: http://www.minecraftrecipedesigner.com
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    Quote from Geoarrge»

    The main use of gloves or rings, that I'd be interested in, would be if they had a set of possible enchantments that didn't overlap too much with other armor. Some of the enchantments normally belonging to weapons or tools might fit, but it might be good to have some that affect crafting or building.

    That would be a good idea, like how boots and helmets have different enchants than other armor.

    Maybe one enchant would make using anvils take less levels? Or make it damage slower?

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion. (v2.0)
    Quote from Theriasis»
    If you absolutely need the video to show us something, then sure maybe. Though it's annoying when youtube throws a tantrum and videos don't load.

    Mkay. I won't do that then.
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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion. (v2.0)

    I was wondering: Are you allowed to make a video of your suggestion explaining the whole thing, and then editing the topic after discussing new ideas about it?

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    Quote from koi9000jh»

    Support for gloves.

    No support for rings as the gold ring will be using the same recipe as the gold nugget.

    We discussed that the rings should be crafted like this:
    Gold nuggets in a V shape on the bottom, and some mineral, like a diamond, emerald, or an ingot, on the top-middle.
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    Quote from NueHoujuu00»

    "Cheaper villager trades" had "??" next to it because I just put it there as a random suggestion.
    What do you think a question mark means? No need for that attitude.

    As for the new slot, there isn't much of a reason for the offhand either, it's barely used by most players (and no, that's not another reason for gloves). You don't use your offhand? Every good PvPer uses their offhand. Whether it be for a shield or to hold food, etc.

    Maybe other gems/whatever that could be used in rings would be Ender Pearls or Nether Stars. No idea what those would do though. I like that idea. Maybe the ender pearls would make you able to teleport just a few blocks, but I don't know what the nether star would do.
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    Quote from NueHoujuu00»

    Well, this has become a total flame war.

    I'll give actual advice rather than telling others why their advice is bad.

    Gloves: bad idea, probably won't/shouldn't happen That contradicts the sentence you literally just barely said.

    Rings: Basically nobody except for me have talked about them, so here goes.

    Recipe: v shape of gold nuggets + a lapis / diamond / emerald in the top middle I agree with that recipe

    Durability: Based on other Gold tools / armor, 5 + some (with diamond) (I did the math), based on logic, infinite / a lot I agree with that as well.

    Protection: None I agree

    Slot: New slot(s) (or if the OP insists, offhand, because that's apparently the only slot that matters) It's the only slot that makes sense... Adding a whole new slot doesn't make much sense to me, but if you can back it up I'm all ears.

    Rings would allow one Lv1 armor enchantment (Prot. I, Aqua Affn. I, etc.). I like that idea as well.

    Lapis: Extra enchant / Lv2 enchant / Enchanting cost reduc.(?) I like this idea too.

    Diamond: Attack damage (1 or 2?) / Protection (1 or 2 AP?) / some BS a beginner would come up with A'ight.

    Emerald: Attack damage (1 or 2?) / Attack speed (no clue how it works, so no stats) / cheaper villager trades (??) / Fortune/Looting Lv0.2 The cheaper villager trades should be elaborated on more. How would it pull that off?

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    posted a message on GLOVES & RINGS (Don't worry I have good points)
    Quote from jacklego5»

    Actually all the comments had valid points, you just don't like criticism so you put it off as useless and invalid. Just to boost your own comments and self esteem. And again, you're just asking for a flame war. I didn't put them off as useless and invalid, I had a healthy conversation about the ideas that they shared, and edited the original post even because I liked their ideas.

    1. Then explain the gloves, because giant cubes sound a lot like boxing gloves, if you want normal gloves then they shouldn't be a cube, but instead something layered onto your skin. And you never mentioned what they are. What do you mean "what they are"? I said they would look sort of like boots, but on your hands. They would be a bit smaller than boots, though.
    2. If an item becomes a "necessity" for pvp, and anyone can make it, for rather powerful buffs, then it shouldn't be an item. You shouldn't be punished for not making an item, especially when the reason is "Gloves are so easy to make, so why hasn't he made them yet?". That's just an item that exists purely for the heck of it, rather than for actual gameplay or pvp. We solved that issue already. Please read the topic before bashing on it.

    1. Everything is based around squares, helmets are shaped, chest plates are shaped, and the rest of the armor is shaped with squares - but not just huge squares on our bodies. I never said it would be huge. The bracers idea Ouatcheur shared would be more intrusive.
    2.Big dyed squares still aren't stylish, a tiny layer of a dyed chest plate, that doesn't have sleeves - will not fit with a giant bloody square on my hand. Not to mention, why would you make leather armor to look "stylish" with your "matching" gloves. I know i wouldn't make leather armor just so i could wear 2 blocks on my hand. I'd much rather use diamond armor. I agree, which is why I liked Ouatcheur's gauntlet idea.
    3. They would make cool-down times slower, because your hands are now larger and harder to use, with work gloves it's already a minor issue, but with your giant squares, you'd have to see it as boxing gloves, so it'd be alot slower. 1) This is a game. 2) If you followed that same line of logic for the rest of the game, then pickaxes, swords, axes and shovels each would be useless.
    4. The damage resistance is horribly useless when it comes as half a bar, and if i use any late tier armor the gloves become useless since i'll already have maxed out my armor bar. Plus - it's just becoming a piece of armor for the sake of it, i don't see a pair of boxing gloves made of leather stopping a sword from beating me in. That's beside what the gloves are primarily useful for. No one ever said it's a piece of armor "for the sake of it" Gloves don't need to be added in this way, go look at the mods section - all of those gloves fit into the game because they have a solid idea. You have a basis, but then strayed backwards into the dump of ideas. I don't want a mod, I want a feature that everyone can enjoy and use. That's why I made this topic in the first place, so we could discuss ways to make it better. It seems you don't know what forums are for, discussing ideas (like I said numerous times). You have not contributed a single helpful comments except you whining. Stop complaining and give actual ideas.
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    posted a message on Giving Nether a twist.
    Quote from undefined »

    Quote from MooooYorknext

    I have some suggestions that could make Nether as cool as End. Some of these suggestions may have sense to some of you or may not have sense to you at all. Anyway here they are :

    Mobs and Item drops :
    Crimson Bats - These large bats are not as cute as the ones we have in our world. These bats are crimson in color to blend in in the Nether. These guys spend their time almost every time hanging upside-down on the ceilings of the dimension. These bats are as large as cows and will attack if players are close enough for them to fly away and attack the player. They deal 3 hearts of damage and can be deadly if encountered in groups. Not to mention that they spit green and slimy mucus that will cause you to slow down. Very cool idea; I love it. (It would be really cool to just see swarms of them hanging on the ceiling)

    Crimson stones - Stones that has the color of blood. Came from Crimson Bats that has a 3% chance of dropping. Extremely rare stones that are formed "inside" the bats. Crimson stones attracts mobs when holding due to its enchanting bright red glow. It can be turned in shards which will be used in crafting a Crimson Arrow and the Mob Attractor. It can also be mined between 1 and 30, with 98 Crimson stone in 2382 chunks. It can only be mined by a hacksaw. Very neat. But the mined by the hacksaw thing I feel is unnecessary. Maybe just mined by diamond picks.
    Lavarioths - These lava dwelling monsters are as big as cows but much more longer due to their tail that spans for only 2 blocks wide. They have long and big fins that starts from their head and ends in the part near the beginning of the tail. These creatures are fast in lava but slow as an Iron golem in land. They can spit fireballs and and has normal attacks, they only attack when players are in range. When nearing death, instead of using normal attacks to the player when in close combat, they spit fireballs. Seems pretty useless to me. But I like the idea of having a mob that swims in the lava.

    Strong Fin - Dropped by Lavarioths 3% upon death. These fins are used for crafting a Hacksaw. See below.

    Items :
    Crimson Arrow - Arrows that are made of Bloodstones from Blood Bats. When fired to a player or mob, it will emit an enchanting glow that will attract nearby mobs until it is removed. It heals the player by 1/2 heart in each successful attack. Very cool idea, just the part where it heals half a heart seems unnecessary.
    Mob Attractor - Crafted by having three raw Crimson stones, one redstone and three iron ingots. The name obviously shows its function, it attracts nearby mobs. Useful for XP farms and can be efficiently used along with the Mob Spawner. But there are two downside of the Mob Attractor, once mobs spend some time being attracted by the contraption, it will try and attack the item, breaking it. Another downside is that the glow from the Crimson stones will slowly fade away within 3 minutes, therefore limiting the usage of the contraption by players. The Crimson stone will become fragile and turn into red stone. I like the idea of having sort of a "Boomer Bile" (from L4D) in Minecraft. May be good for mob farms. (Oh you said that already)
    Hacksaw - A type of weapon that is only made from a Lavarioth's strong fin. The weapon ( and a tool ) deals 5 hearts of damage. Crafting is the same with sword but uses 2 Strong Fins instead and an Iron bar for the handle. The hacksaw can be used for breaking the Crimson stones into shards. The hacksaw can break block made of ingots and iron armor to a diamond armor back to ingots/ores but it will only give you half of that items used for crafting that said item. No. That would ruin the feel for the game, make it feel like a mod.
    Soulshrooms - A gloomy mushroom that only grows in the Nether. It is used for crafting the Potion of Seethrough. If that's all it's used for...
    Potion of Seethrough - Type of potion that is brewed using one soulshroom and one fermented eye. The effect lets you see mobs and players through walls for 20seconds but drains 3 hearts from the player in each use and can cause Nausea for 10seconds. Add one Crimstone stone to the potion and the effect will last for 30seconds but can cause 30seconds of Nausea. That seems overly complicated.

    Nether Cave System :

    The cave system in Nether are different from the normal ones. The caves have lava streams coming from the Lava pools and then to the center of the cave. The cave has many small entrances all around the surface and then leads to the main cave. The cave can be filled with Crimson bats. Nether warts, Soulshrooms and Crimson stones can be found here. Also neat idea.

    Nether Portal Effect :

    The Nether Portal effect is simple, after some time that a Nether Portal has been constructed, the surrounding blocks will be turned into netherracks and lava will flow out under the portal. In other words, the area surrounding it becomes a "little nether". It will not spread too wide though but can be prevented from happening by placing Nether bricks around it. I like that idea, just not the lava part.

    More images and sketches will be made!

    EDIT: Put it in a spoiler so it doesn't take the whole page.
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    posted a message on GLOVES & RINGS (Don't worry I have good points)
    Quote from Ouatcheur»

    I kind of agree that strenuous work is easier with gloves. I know shoveling for hours would definitely my hands riddled with bloody damage, for real. But I don't see the gloves as making me work faster, though. More like, without the gloves, I would start working at top speed, and then my hand would starsgradually getting to really hurting after a while, and THAT is what would actually slow me down. Gloves are more like a protection against that damage and hurt, than a real speed-boost. It's not that we work faster with gloves, it's that in real life we tend to work slower without gloves in order not to hurt our hands. Because we are human, bnot supermen. However in the game, we ARE supermen. We can litterally punch stone and wood barehanded, and carry hundreds of tons in our inventory. So yah why do we need to worry about gloves already lol! That comment is all over the place wat.

    As for rings, why do you wear your rings upside down? If a ring recipe has a gem then the gem should go at the top, not at the

    bottom of the recipe. I agree with that point.

    Compare with boots: 4 leather to get ONLY 1 AP (armor point). Require 3x3 craft grid. Here you get the same for only 2 leather, in a 2x2 grid, PLUS a pair of quasi-magical speed boosts too. I don't see this as balanced. We can change the recipe...

    As for style, Steve would just look like he is wearing boxing gloves. IMHO ugly. A better look would be to completely cover his arm and hand, not just the hand. Thus, Bracers, not mere gloves. That would defeat the purpose of the gloves and look even worse.

    I agree that we could have a new Armor Slot for Leather Bracers / Golden Chain Iron diamond Gauntlets. The Personal Inventoiry GUI could be made slightly taller, and the "Arm/Hand" slot could go between the chest and legs slots. I don't see the need for a completely new slot, when it would be even more balanced and less of a hassle and trouble to just have it take up the offhand slot.

    Require 3x3 grid. 6 Materials, first and third columns, with central column empty.

    Leather Bracers: 1 AP

    Golden Gauntlets: 2 AP

    Chain Gauntlets: 3 AP

    Iron Gauntlets: 3 AP

    Diamond Gauntlets: 4 AP

    I agree that the gloves made of minerals should be called gauntlets. But that crafting recipe doesn't really make much sense.

    With a Durability around that of Leggings (only 6/7 the material of leggings, but a bit more Durability/Material Unit). That's way too OP imo.

    Also, the entire combat balance is centered around 4 sources of armor points and enchants. Adding a 5th source without changing anything else means player is now 125% more powerful than before, while monsters stay the same. But having it take up your offhand would be sacrificing something in order to have faster combat, which would emphasize the more strategic combat styles.

    The two speed effects the OP talks about is basically what the Haste effect already does. Currently that is Beacon only. Seems too powerful to grant to a non-magical item. At BEST I'd make it a "hand-slot armor item only" enchantment. And I'd make it a costly and rare one to get, too (kind of like how Silk Touch require a high XP Level and is hard to get). I didn't understand a word you said.

    But this still means that the player would now be able to access an hard-to-setup end-game enchantment (i.e. requires a Beacon and can be used only very near it) but at a way earlier stage of the the game, and for a way smaller cost (I know I'd spend much less playtime enchanting a bunch of items, than making a Beacon). Even then, something original should also be done for the Beacon too, otherwise it's Haste enchant gets wasted because players by that time will already have it on their armor hand item, and anyway usually there are never two different ways to get the same type of magic in the game. You just contradicted your own previous idea that didn't make much sense in the first place.

    As for the rings, the original poster actually asks us to complete the idea for him. Which means that this part of his idea is quite incomplete. And yet we solved that issue like the good forum we are, by discussing it. If you could pitch in your 2 cents that would be great. :I

    Overall, not much support from me here. Sorry to say but it all feels a bit superfluous and unneccessary. Read the replies that made the idea more liable.

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    Quote from BlameBiscuit»

    But not all spruce forests are snowy.
    And not too keen on the acacia chest type.

    But I have Full Support on everything else. :lol:
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