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    Some Ideas

    1st. Have wands, that shoot particles in a line and have your own blue fireball, or water grenade (You can find something, I really don't care) P.S. also be good to have multiple wands.

    2nd. Instead of with house, there can be witch towers that randomly spawn, a little bit a ways from a village.( Kind of like an outcast)

    3rd. Clouds that you can stand on and build on but still move, (Note: Doesn't have to move)

    4th. Maybe sea caverns in oceans,

    5th. Bean Stalk, you find tall grass and put on an ancient Growth seed only found in strong hold, or very rare unique chest in a

    dungeon, the bean stalk when you climb in enough it teleports you to the giant's dimension. The giants will randomly spawn and pigs

    will and giants attack the pigs. Which will have cloud like ground and mazes for rewards. Then you can find the King's giant lair, kind of

    like a strong hold but you can find it with the Golden Giant Eye, that is made by gold nuggets surrounding by a giant eye. The giant eye

    is an uncommon drop from the giant. Once you get to the King giant he'll throw pigs at you, and smashes stuff and the giant roar, which

    blows you back. once you kill the king giant you get the Giant Powder, which will make you grow really big as the size as the giant. (You
    can Add anything if you like)

    6th. Tribes, like villages but with Tee pees and chef and stuff ( Theirs is a lot of ideas for that one)

    7th. Under water temple like Jungle temples and desert but, it is under water and like an atlantis look.

    8th.Floating Island, they randomly spawn in the sky but very rare but they are camouflaged by the clouds I mentioned and the floating islands have rare chest with items that other people suggested.

    9th Add muffins, I am the muffinman and I need my muffins, just food that gives you 2 hunger and its crafted with one wheat and one coco beans above it, then you get a muffin

    This is all I got for now hopefully include some of them, I just didn't want boring old utility mods only, gotta have some fun mods :D
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