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    Let’s talk about this Wintercrest MC server. Server is on 1.19. While you may be able to log on with 1.19.1 or .2, it’s buggy as crap and tends not to play well. So stick with 1.19. Peak times you can expect 20 people online, off peak around 7.

    Staff: I have a high expectation of what is considered a good server staff, and what is a bunch of dipwads. I usually don’t need much if any staff intervention, but I do expect them to be available, helpful when needed, and engaged with the people daily. The Wintercrest staff tends to play just like non staff which is fantastic. Wintercrest so far has fit squarely in the ‘pretty darn good’ category. There have been very few times when no staff was online (visible anyways). There is a discord channel with a ‘ask staff’ section which always seems to get a response very quickly. I’ve seen no staff abuse of their permissions/abilities, and they do monitor frequently for griefers, x-rayers, hackers, etc. Overall, I would rate staff commitment and interaction with players as excellent.

    World: Set to hard, keep inventory is on, mob grief is off. Border is set to 20k x 20k which is generous given the small population of the server. There is an established spawn area which is well done. Lots of signs providing helpful info. You can move around the world using /warp and /wild and /rtp. There’s a resource world at /warp resourceworld which is reset monthly. It appears to be set to always day and no mob spawn.

    Gameplay: There are the usual /tp commands for getting to other players and /sethome for getting back to your places. The number of set homes (and other perks) are linked to your rank which is gained through voting. There is even an auto vote function. Public farms and xp grinders are available through /warp. PVP is set to off but may be used in designated areas or during special events. There are no land claims! This worried me at first, so when I first joined, I ran out 20k and built right at the border. Staff does say that all blocks are logged and damage can be rolled back if necessary. I haven’t seen/heard of anyone reporting mass griefing yet. Eventually it will happen, it’s the nature of the beast. If the rollback works as stated, then it’s only dealing with the initial outrage/frustration of the damage to your build.

    Events: Staff holds some pretty amazing events. The last was a “Castaways” event with custom mobs and drops. They put in a huge amount of work and effort. I haven’t seen this level of special event anywhere else.

    Players: Like I said, the server population is not too big. Chat tends to get lively at times. Cursing is not prohibited (point to note if you let your young child play here), but I’ve not seen it commonly/overly used. Does happen though, so be aware. Players are helpful and it’s usually pretty easy to get an answer to a question. Definitely not a toxic environment.

    Economy: In game money is used to purchase from server/player owned shops. The shops can be found using /warp. Money is gained by selling things to other players, as a voting reward, doing jobs (mini quests) at /jobs. Diamonds for $1…yup.

    Donation/Server store. Real money, everyone’s favorite topic. There is a server shop which will happily sell you items, ranks, perks, pets, and quite a bit more. This server is on the higher end in terms of price for virtual items. Some people have very strong opinions on spending real money for virtual stuff, what the Eula allows, blah blah blah. I boil things down to the basic level: if you don’t like the idea of spending real money, just don’t. If someone else does and they now have what could be considered God level armor/weapons, you don’t have to compete with them in any way. Just do your thing and let others do theirs. For me, I spent $40 on a rank which allowed more set homes, fly, /sleep and other stuff. Minecraft is entertainment, nothing else. When the wife and I go out for a movie ($50) or dinner ($40), its just entertainment. I spend a lot of time on Minecraft so the entertainment value of the $40 I spent is worth it to me. If it’s not worth it to you, don’t. Keep in mind that the server owner has hosting bills monthly. There are always recurring expenses to keep a world running every day for the enjoyment of others.

    The End: Wintercrest, better than most. Recommended.

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