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    What do you think an admin's roll is? :
    An admin's roll, I believe, is to make sure everything and everyone is in line. And that just isn't about members on the server but staff too. Admins should make sure the staff are doing what they're suppose to be doing and not abusing their powers. They should also make sure members on the server are not hacking or disrespecting other members. It's their job to keep the server a happy and comfortable environment for everyone to play in.

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    What do you think an admin should do when there is a hacker:
    Well first an admin should investigate first to make sure that it is indeed an hacker, because sometimes (from experience) a person could just be lagging and it may appear as a hack. But if there is proof and evidence of hacking going on, an admin should take actions and ban the hacker. Sometime I know admins that give out a first warning and then ban if they do it again, and that could work too.

    Experience :
    I'll admit, I don't have much experience. i have only been a co-admin on my friend's old server for awhile until she shut it down and I was also co-owner on my other's friend server for only a little while but It didn't go well.
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