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    posted a message on Polaris Realm.

    Psycho Kitty XX

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    posted a message on New Realm On Hard


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    posted a message on New Realm On Hard


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    posted a message on New Realm On Hard

    New Realm On Hard with a twist

    1 player sleep activated

    craftable items (stuff from creative you can craft )

    achievements activated

    Must Join discord here

    Rules -

    Rules in Discord & Realm
    1. 16+
    2. Be Respectful
    3. No Bullying or Harassment
    4. Be Honest
    5 dont post links to anything.
    6. Don’t recruit for other realms
    7. Don’t post content that’s not Minecraft related in Minecraft channels.
    8. respect everyone builds if found destroying someone builds you will be banned.
    9. No Stealing
    10. No Griefing
    11. No Duplicating
    12. No PvP unless both parties agree
    13. No zero tick farms that create lag
    14. No AFK Farms, unless approved
    15. No big redstone projects unless approved by host

    16. post ur cords of ur area

    17. shopping area at spawn, please don't build at spawn (try to go away 1000 blocks away from each directions.
    18. Peaceful on Sundays and 1 player sleep active and achievements activated
    19. fire spread and tnt off

    21. don't kill the dragon as it will be event in the future

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    posted a message on trying to up load save to realm

    I am trying to upload my save to my realm i keep getting an error

    how to fix this


    bedrock minecraft

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    posted a message on 18+ Modded Realm Craft Mania

    Looking for players to join

    Modded Realm

    1 Player sleep

    craftable items

    be 18 and older to join

    Must join discord to join realm here


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    posted a message on New Minecraft Realm - 16 + realm

    Don't go into people houses without permissions, (only mods)
    No Floating Trees

    No griefing, no duping. No destroying anything at spawn or anyone items

    No crafting tables or beds place down in mansion

    Dont kill villagers at spawn

    All xp farms need to have on and off switches

    Register your area or houses

    Need a portal ask a mod

    No building in spawn need to be at 1000 blocks away from spawn

    Special rule- if you have a child and want them to join they must be on with you at all time, they cant join the realm alone if found they will be removed

    Even if it's you on ur child account that's not allowed

    * Realm was in creative but achievements are still active +++
    If you want to join must join our discord here


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    posted a message on FUNTOPIA REALM ALL AGES ALLOWED !! (Brand new realm)

    MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD - https://discord.gg/BuGjN42

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    posted a message on Meowville Minecraft Realm - Looking for players !! 18 +

    must join discord - https://discord.gg/5bxA627

    we need help building a modern city at spawn and we have shops set up already !!

    also looking for mods and builders

    its adult server please act like one,


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    posted a message on 18 + Realm Must join discord to join realm !!

    we still looking for adult players !! only

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    posted a message on 18 + Realm Must join discord to join realm !!


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    posted a message on New Survival Realm with Twists

    hey people.

    i just started a new realm

    here is what i have done,

    I have modded the realm

    Modded Villagers to sell certain things,

    and set 4 custom spawners,

    my rules are simple

    Welcome to MeowVille [ 17+ only ]
    Community Realm
    Build anything , and every where! trade , craft and have fun in this
    infinity world. Hunt Achievements, play with friends and help survive
    the impossible challenges that lay ahead.

    World Settings
    Mode : Survival
    Difficulty : Hard
    Achievements : Yes
    Cheats Active : No

    - Have Fun
    - Be Respectful
    - Listen To Admins / Moderators
    - Join Discord
    - Register all builds by location on discord [ any build not posted will
    be removed ]
    - Respect A Players Build [ No coping , replacing , edits , entering or
    breaking anything without owners permission]
    - No duping
    - Do Not Troll
    - Do Not Steal [ Just Ask ]
    Dont break any spawners
    -dont travel more then 10k away anyone found will be banned
    - No Automatic Machines or Auto Farms Of Any Sort . [ Semi Automatic
    Only - Everything Must Be Off When Not Using ]

    -The end is off limits till we fight the dragon as a team !!

    -don't build in spawn need to be away at least 800 blocks away
    Anyone Breaking the Rules will be Kicked After 2 Warnings.

    if you think this realm is for you,

    Please join our discord - https://discord.gg/KvHB8Se

    that is a must !!

    PS we have peaceful weekends

    those are my rules

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    posted a message on RPG & Economy World Realm

    Looking for RP Realm Look no more come join us must be 18 and plus to join, Do you have the skill to level up and be rich ? Send me a Pm if you want to join <3 come join our facebook group here

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    posted a message on Funtopia 16 + realm for BedRock Edition

    Hey I have a realm its only 1 week old, looking for more Members, also looking for more mods to help around, if you interested please have a facebook click here to join, its a 16 + realm thank you and have a great day (i have some twist in my realm)

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    posted a message on New Realm - Aquatic Atlantis 18 + Hard Survival

    A community-based realm with fun people and great builders.
    (Pure Survival, Hard Difficulty, Achievements On)


    18+ Only

    1. No Griefing at all,
    2, No going into people houses without permissions
    3, Name your builds ,
    4. Stay away from Mod Land
    5. If you chop a tree chop it all,
    6. No duping,
    7. Have fun !!!

    If you would like to join please join our Facebook group here

    and send a friend request to Psycho Meow xx (msg me telling me you joining from forum)

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