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    posted a message on [CTM] The CTMCommunity Maps Thread - Discordancy, Austerity, and more! - Scarcity, the sequel to Austerity newly released!

    when i started the Austerity [/b]map i was in creative and now i'm stuck bc i don't have permission to change my gm to survival. what do i do?

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    posted a message on Descent of Absence

    looks good. i'll give it a shot.

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    posted a message on [CTM] Chimarian Memories CTM Series - New Minimap "Compaction" Released!

    hey, i'm playing chimarian memories 3 and i'm trying to use the infuser but it's not working correctly for me. i tried to make the lvl 3 battlerope and i put in all the ingredients and fireworks went off and a noise happened but then it just erased my items in the chests except for the chest in the center which left my gold ingot. i also tried to make the torn evil scroll but nothing happens when i put in the items (and i double and triple checked that i have the correct recipe). besides this i've found no problems with your map and i love it. (33 deaths so far and i just got the gray wool. :P)

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    posted a message on WouldYouKindlyWatch's Dumbest Hexxit Death
    Hey there guys and gals, I'm WouldYouKindlyWatch aka Chelse.

    Check out episode 3 of my Hexxit Let's Play where me and my poor Chocobo have the worst luck ever.

    Subscribe today and join the rest of the guys and gals!
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    posted a message on Blaizecraft Modded SMP Recruitment Thread | BETA-Testers, Moderators, and Admins Needed | Great Benefits!
    Application For Players Beta Testers
    IGN: MsGeraltOfRivia
    Age: 22
    Country & Timezone: USA - Central Time
    Microphone: Yes I have one.
    Teamspeak: MsGeraltOfRivia
    Tell us about yourself: I'm currently looking for a new server to play on and a new modpack sounds interesting. Your description of the server was a bit vague. What are you guys about? I understand that saying all of your mods would render the private modpack useless, but what does this server have to offer? Also, how old are you all? I know your age restriction is 16 but If I'm going to become heavily involved in a server I want to make sure I'm not incredibly older than the people I play with. I just want a bit more information before I commit to anything. But anyways, I'm a female and I'm looking for a mature environment where I won't constantly be bombarded with comments about my gender and all the nonsense that goes with it. I have a youtube channel - WouldYouKindlyWatch - and I may be interested in recording on the server. Is that allowed? Do any of the people in charge have youtube channels with which they'd be posting videos? I want a group of people that I can play and record with. I've been an admin on a pixelmon server before I retired, but I'm not entirely sure if I'd be interested in any higher positions on this server. And out of curiosity, how many people will be allowed into this server?

    Thanks for your time.
    Oh and I can provide an image proving my administrative past if necessary.
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    posted a message on custom npc 1.6.2 can't make quests
    every time i try to make a quest or make dialog it won't work. i can hit add and name it but that's all i can do. i double click on the new quest or dialog i made but nothing happens.
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