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    For those interested, I finally have a build of "The Asylum" ready for public testing! For more details, visit this forum post for downloads and mod lists. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/maps-discussion/2163695-the-asylum-a-modded-mc-survival-map-now-available

    Any youtubers here, I would be thrilled if you record yourselves playing this map, I need all the feedback and input I can get.
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    An Island of magic. Can you survive?

    Hello, and welcome to the magic island hardcore questing island!(It is a mouth-full, I know)

    Here, you are a mage who has been cast out to sea(Something about using dark magic or some other non-sense) and have wound up on this desert island. Without your powers or your infrastructure, you will need to rebuild back up to your former power. But why stop there.... Here, you have no one else to tell you what you can and can't do, so you can run wild and indulge in the very magic they threw you out for. Irony is so very sweet...

    I should mention that this map assumes knowledge of how to progress and use the required mods(Yet still has quests to make major and obscure items and tools). I have also added quests to get you to make items you normally wouldn't(Triple meat treats, hyper energetic nitor, player beacons. And that's just the thaumcraft branch!) I have tried to keep them from feeling grindy(Since automation is normally out of the question) , but the "End game" quest for stocking up are unavoidable. If I added a "Stock up" type quest, you can be sure there is a way to automate it!

    Now then, on to map related things!
    The quest lines! The thaumcraft quest line! The Ars magic quest line! The Blood magic quest line! Blood for the Blood Gods! Why do I keep adding exclamation points! The witchery quest line! So many quests! The "Other" quest line! Random quests for silly things go here(Also, botania quests. Not much to them)!

    Ars magica by Mithion: Link

    Bibliocraft by Nuchaz: Link-a-roo

    Blood Magic by WayofTime: Link-to-the-past

    Botania by Vazkii: A-Link-with-pink-hair

    Better world generation by ted80: L-to-the-I-to the-NK

    Nei and codechickencore by chicken_bones: Chain-Link

    El niliho by Erasmus_Crowley: Linking-parks

    Ex aliquo by Zerokyuuni: Link-between-worlds

    Extra utilities by RWTema: Linking-memories

    Forbidden magic by SpitefulFox: Linking-mods

    Hardcore questing mode by Vswe: Linking-quests

    Hunger overhaul by iguana_man:

    Infernal mobs by AtomicStryker: Link-of-pain

    Inventory tweaks by Kobata: Sorted-link

    JABBA and WAILA by ProfMobius: Link-of-mass Link-of-space

    Open Blocks by Mikeemoo: Link-to-fun

    Pam's harvestcraft by MatrexsVigil: Linking-plants

    Player beacons by Kihira: Linking-souls

    Thaumcraft by Azanor: Linking-research

    Thaumic tinkerer by pixlepix: Linking-aspects

    Witchery by Emoniph: Zelda

    Feel free to add other mods(I personally play with the addition of growth craft), but I would avoid adding tech mods(For the principle of it). A note: A few of these mods were added last minute(After I made all the quests) to fix a few problems that crept up(Ars magica flowers, mostly). Because of this, quests and rewards will not mention them. I may fix this at a latter date, but for now the map works.

    Here is the download for the map itself, a modified version of the normal "Survival island" from better world generation. Modified how? I added seven hidden chests around the map(Within render distance, make sure to look high and low). Also, fair warning: One of the chests is trapped.
    Download everything!(Mods, map, and config): https://www.mediafire.com/?e1uyvd8kvj6wxb9

    Download The Map!: https://www.mediafir...78fx5nhyh9g3axd

    Download The Config: https://www.mediafir...itasksn1tbm65dx

    How to install: Download the everything folder, then unzipping the folder and dropping everything in where you want to have the map.(I'd recommend making a new instance with them all). Or watch this video provided by JezuzChr1st for a quick and easy install guide.

    I must thank everyone who decides to record them playing this map, as it is always useful for me to see how players react to what I've done. I hope each of you have enjoyed what you've played, as it is only my opening act! Considering this map was my testing grounds... Well, do with that what you will. I wish you all well, and hope you will move on to some of my future projects.



    If there is high enough demand for it, I will try to get this map and modpack on the AT launcher to streamline downloading and updating. For now, I'll stick to ye'old fashioned way.

    So you got an outdated version of the config files, maybe added a few mods or tweaked configs yourself? Don't want to re-download everything? Here you'll find updates that hold only what I changed, without anything else. So all you need to do to update is unzip the file here, then drag and drop everything inside it into your config folder and tell it to "Replace files". If you changed anything in the config that I changed, you'll need to do it again(Unless I did it myself in the update, who knows?).

    V1.02: https://www.mediafir...97al23oa3dj12xk

    V1.03: https://www.mediafir...d3un6wk2otzmkka

    V1.04: https://www.mediafir...r114btj9znsn1yt

    V1.05: https://www.mediafir...3mrq7tc3x5a6tib

    V1.06: https://www.mediafir...rva6mbb9yy826tj

    V1.08: http://www.mediafire...1.08_update.zip V1.1(Warning, this one will mess with your worlds. Some player beacons stuff will go missing, and you should feel free to replace it): http://www.mediafire.../1.1_update.zip

    V1.1.1: https://www.mediafire.com/?60t1203381rf56n

    V1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/fhf9w780cb7kvmo/1.2_MI_update.zip Note, this one is going to replace infinity orbs with runes. Fair warning, nothing I can do to stop it.

    V1.2.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/7nva0u36hfoh0yi/1.2.1_update_MI.zip Note, this one might reset the new quest from last time for reasons I don't want to go into.

    V1.2.2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/cddgrbwebnfi6f9/1.2.2_MI__update.zip

    V1.2.5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/02tmrkbkovo9ffh/1.2.5_MI_update.zip

    V1.2.6 http://www.mediafire.com/download/75dfam8dxz5292z/1.2.6 MI update.zip

    V1.3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ifaquto0w6v45/1.3 MI update.zip

    This map may have a few kinks to work out, so I need feedback. Have an idea for a quest? Let me know, and I might add it! Reward bag suggestions? I need all the rewards I can cram in! Found an exploit? Let me know, and I'll try to fix it! Suggestions? I'm all ears.Also, I need some fancy art to put as the cover image in the quest book. If you post a good cover art piece here, I might try and add it in a future update!

    V1.3 Updated ars magica to help with a few bugs. Added three new quests. Changed the vanilla line around a bit, making getting through it much faster(You now only need to beat seven quests, instead of ten). Removed a broken ars magica quest(The caster has been removed from AM all together, who knew?), replacing it with a flicker quest.

    V1.2.6 Fixed Bump in the night(Again). Added a new reward to bump in the night.

    V1.2.5 Updated JABBA to hopefully fix a bug, and tweaked early game quests.

    V1.2.2 Small change to fix the "Bump in the night" quest. Note to self, kill quests work better if you remember to set the mobs and not just the icons...

    V1.2.1 Smaller update to address a few criticisms and minor problems. Vanilla stating line has a few more quests, some using mods to improve your life a bit. Changed hunger overhaul to be a lot easier, as crops will grow much faster. Changed the ars magica flicker quest to one using tool binding catalysts. Added mods WAILA and inventory tweaks due to popular demand.

    V1.2 Huge update. I can barely remember everything I've done in the few hours of work this update needed. Here are some highlights:

    • Buffed blood magic meteors. Now it is more worth while to summon nether star meteors.
    • Added a new quest, "Soul train".
    • Tweaked a few quests, adding to some, lowered needed amounts for some, added new items for others.
    • Changed quests to go with the HQM update.(Lots of detection quests)
    • Fixed snow balls not dropping when you mine them.
    • Fixed all ars magica fire, earth, and water elemental's always being infernal. Don't worry, blood magic elementals are still going to be infernal.
    • Fixed a few TC researches being impossible.
    • Updated ars magica 2, witchery, Hardcore questing mode, and ex aliquo to latest versions.
    • Added AnimationAPI
    • Various other things that I can't remember right now.
    V1.1.1: Small list of changes this time. Fixed: Buggy hecates spawning that can't do anything but take up mob slots, clogging mob grinders, and die pitifully. Fixed: Corporal atractors needing copper. Fixed: A few endgame quests and NBT(Sigh, you live and you learn). Fixed: Small typo. Added: Coco beans to a vanilla quest reward
    Added: More ones to update name

    V1.1: A huge update, with all kinds of new things! Here is a quick list of what I can remember:
    • Added loot to infernal mobs. Everything from wither skulls to tarma root.
    • Buffed AND nerfed infernal mobs(Raised HP, re-enabled effects like wither, disabled effects like sticky).
    • Added new quests!
    • Added new questlines!
    • Fixed quests(CURSE YOU NBT!)
    • Other....Things! What can I say, it has been a lot of work for this update...
    • Also, this is the first update to have the "All in one" download. Mods, map, config.
    V1.08: An update so large it stretched across TWO versions! Off the top of my head, it has a typo fix, a new quest, and new rewards in TC quest(A little something to help with research).

    V1.06= I fixed a few quests, like the make an altar quest in witchery and the mana battery quest in Ars Magica. Also buffed the number of flowers you get for the first botania quest to make it much less grindy.

    V1.05= A few fixes to witchery quests involving books, a fixed typo, and a new reward to reward bags(Spoiler: It's a bunch of flowers)

    V1.04= A small fix for the "Throw the book at him" quest that makes it completable. Also tweaked early witchery quests to make the easier and added flowers to quest rewards(So you can use them for quests. There are other ways of getting them, but they aren't easy or simple).

    V1.03=Small changes, hopefully fixing problem with HQM and a few typos. I also derped last time, and everyone started in edit mode.

    V1.02= Lots-o-changes this time! Nerfed the ender quarry, so magic mining is the way to go!

    Disabled the enderthermal pump. No auto lava is way!

    Tweaked hunger overhaul to prevent the slowdown of plant growth in the wrong biomes(Considering that that map is only one huge biome...)

    Fix quests that could not be completed due to NBT data. Should fix a problem in the BM and TC quests.

    Added a few rewards to loot bags, added more heart pieces to quests(You'll find more pieces in side quests then the main ones), changed the vanilla quest to be less grindy, and added a new quest(getting emeralds is now a side quest, with a main quest of visiting the nether taking it's place).

    V1.01= Tweaked the config to fix a small derp on my part. You should no longer crash when you eat.

    V1.0= First release
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    Quote from NightmarePoop

    I've come a long way with the Witchery quests, but what I do not like is that the Brew of Flowing Spirit are to be prepared in the Spirit World.
    Please note that in this world do not spawn mobs as in the normal world, which is difficult to make an ender chest.
    I've seen some gameplays with this mod installed and have noticed that the Tinker Construct has a window to place backpacks, which is very effective carry objects from one world to another.
    My question is, is there a similar mod where you can carry many items to the Spirit World?

    That is the question, isn't it? The spirit world was made with the intention of "Coming here means you build up from scratch", and there are VERY few ways to get around the rule of "Items can not be transported with the player, and are specific to that dimension". Now, there might be a quest with the sole intention of getting around this rule, but you have most likely completed it already. Your other options are as follows:

      • Find a way to spawn endermen in the spirit world. They may not come about naturally, but when has that ever stopped you?

      • Find a way to make(Or grow) ender pearls.

    Most mod added ways to move items across dimensions require ender pearls, so unless you can find an answer to one of the two questions above you will need to do things as the mod maker intended: Start from scratch.
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    Quote from NightmarePoop
    The patch does not work, I have the same error.
    Anyway, since I have your attention, I found a bug in one of the new quests.
    When I try to kill zombies and skeletons, their deaths do not appear (I had no problem with the quest of the nether)

    Know bug, already released a patch to fix it.

    In other news, you guys wanted to see my MI world. It has been a while since I had a chance to play it(All my dev work for it tends to get in the way), but I've reached endgame blood magic and coming up to endgame ars magica(I need to rebuild things to go with the ars update). Screen shots are all in an album right here: http://imgur.com/a/FwKJu#0

    Let me know if I need to go over anything.
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    Quote from Firestone10101

    I fixed my bug so it works now, but should it be in hardcore cause it was in creative and i got half a heart from the quest witch(ha) gives you a extra life. BTW I downloaded the save from the download all link

    That is a bit of a problem I can't really fix. Type /hqm enable to turn on hardcore questing mode, and the map says it is creative but isn't. Again, not something I have the power to fix.
    Quote from FlameDrake
    Okay, question- what is the ideal way to get food in the vannila tree? Reason for problem-

    -Wheat takes a long time to grow, when it does I LOSE seeds. Thus the only way to get a sufficient amount of wheat is with bonemeal on grass. This means both bread and animals aren't reliable food options.

    -Mushrooms need bonemeal.

    -Trees for apples need bonemeal, unless I grow a huge tree farm that I cut huge numbers of trees down.

    Essentially, in order to get sufficient food, I need bonemeal, which I can't get easily. I could set up a mob farm if I wanted.. is that the way we're supposed to get food? If so I kind of wish it were made more obvious, but I can make it work.

    Thanks, Drake.

    (Until now I've been going caveing, dieing in the cave, going to where I died and picking up again, but its getting annoying.)

    You need to right click wheat to harvest it, not break it like vanilla, and you can make a watering can to speed up plant growth. The watering can effects saplings as well. Mushrooms don't need bone meal unless you grow the massive ones, a simple vanilla mushroom farm(Mushrooms planted in a wide open, dark area) will get you plenty of food.

    Personally, I got food early on via fishing. I always dropped what ever I was doing when it started raining to fish, for vanilla reasons(Fish have a higher bite chance at dawn, dusk, and while raining). Then when I could, I made a ars magica animal farm(It's harder to do these days, but still possible with the flicker system) and later upgraded it with blood magic to speed up animal growth.
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    Quote from Geistly

    You must have had a lot of gold ingots on reserve then. Which is simply not feasible for anyone who has not put many, many hours into the game. Same for Regeneration potions seeing as those take Ghast Tears. Animals and enemies give a fairly low amount so to fill the altar up you would need quite a lot. This "exploit" is used because the mod is terrible in terms of progression and the easiest actual solution to the problem would be to simply increase the amount of blood the altar can hold as you upgrade it.

    Regen and instant health potions are fairly cheap( A ghast tear is easy, and you already need to go to the nether anyway, and a single gold ingot gets you three instant health potions if you have water melon, or eight uses if you use a potion flask). With an altar built of only self sacrifice runes, you can make a T3 orb without any problems with three IH potions(I normally use a potion flask, and use two charges to make the orb). These are your best options for doing it "Legitimately" without using the respawn exploit and zerg rushing.

    The reason a sacrifice altar costs what it does is due to the endless gold a pigman farm can net you. As for sacrifice balance, a single chicken nets you more LP then a heart of your own blood without any upgrade runes. This also means that each sacrifice rune is worth more LP then a self S rune. A full T5 sacrifice altar will net you over 5K LP from one zombie.

    As for your later "Potions are just as exploit-y as the zerg rush exploit", potions COST something, the melons or ghast tears mentioned before. Potions(Or other ways to heal yourself added by mods) or sacrificing other things is how it is meant to be done.
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    Quote from Spiderduck343

    Arcmage's Blood Orb: Done. Energy Bazooka: Done. I guess I am finished with the mod!
    I'd say you aren't done until you use mark of the falling tower once.
    Quote from Spiderduck343

    You wanted some constructive critisism? Here you go:
    First of all, I really like how the Life Point System worked out. The only problem is that a player can just use a bed to die over and over again to fill their Soul Network. How about adding a death penality, where you loose like 10000LP when you die? That would take care of that problem!
    We've bounced around a few ideas to solve the "Zergers". It is a tricky problem to solve without hurting honest players badly for doing nothing wrong.
    Quote from Spiderduck343

    Something else I really would like to see is some kind of in game guide to the mod, so you don't have to constantly check on the wiki. Take the Arcane Compeditum from ArsMagica2 and the Thaumonomicon from Thaumcraft as an example. Maybe infuse a regular book in the altar to get it?
    This is quite litterally on the last five pages. I can only write so fast, and I've been busy with other projects(Like my map! Check it out here if you like hardcore questing mode maps and magic mods: Link! )
    Quote from Spiderduck343
    What you really need to get rid of are the potion particle effects that appear when you wear upgraded bound armor. I don't want to turn particles of, but this is kind of leaving me no choice...
    I beilve this is something "Easier said then done". I believe MPS had a similar problem, and the only answer was to copy every effect used from vanilla without the particle effect.
    Quote from Spiderduck343
    And finally, maybe a way to somehow extract life points from your Soul Network? I have the majority of my life points stored in my Soul Network, since it has a way higher capacity than my blood altar, so if I want to infuse something in the altar, I always struggle to get enough life points in there. Of course this is very powerfull, so I would say that you need at least a Magician's Blood Orb to do this. Some sort of Soul Knife or Soul Orb that will transfer LP from your Soul Network to a nearby altar should do the trick!

    We already have this, but it isn't as easy as you listed: You need to use rituals. Namely, the feathered knife(Self sacrifice) and the well of suffering(Sacrifice). Both need a form of "Catalyst" to add LP to the altar. But both can be boosted with a ritual of regeneration to increase LP output.(The knife needs it to run a profit, the well becomes better with it). These are T4 rituals, to they are late game.

    Now then, you can still do a lot with blood magic. Here is a possible list of goals for you:
    1. Rituals: Many can be very useful. Try at least the mark of the falling tower, magnetism, and green grove.
    2. Potions: Try to find all the hidden recipes. Here are three effect names to help you along: Plainer binding, drowning, and reciprocation.
    3. Spells and advanced spells. Most skip past these, but they are very useful.
    These are just a few things that may be left for you. You have not reached the end, only the beginning of your story as a blood mage.
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    Quote from Llywylln

    I Have A Suggestion for Thaumcraft 4

    Not sure if Azinor still reads this thread, but if not I hope it will be passed on to him We have a furnace to get the Essentia out of items, and we have a Centrifuge to break apart Essentia into one of the two components it is made from. Now we need a Fuser that when you give it two essential it spits out two of the one they combine into. So if you give it an Aer and an Ordo it produces two Motus. This a a vital alchemical process that is missing in TC4 at the moment and I see no reason why it shouldn't be added.

    Pass it on to Azinor and keep up the great work!

    Azanor does in fact read this forum, and has commented on this idea once before. He has said that he will never add this, because it is too balance breaking.

    Considering the fact that with just nether wart you can get all primals, and with all primals you can make every aspect, being able to combine essentia would ruin the point of some essentia(Like aurum) being rare in the first place.
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    Quote from mintyhippo134

    I have a bug because Whenever i make the tier 4 blood altar It does not say it makes it when i do it correctly
    Can you post a screen shot here of your altar? Everyone here can make a T4, so you are doing something wrong I'm afraid.
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    I may or may not have made a hardcore questing map themed around magic mods. It may or may not have a few botania quests. This map my or may not be ready for testing.

    This spoiler may have a picture and a link hidden inside.

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