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    I have been playing for a bit on survival with warp. So far it isn't that bad, but I haven't gotten to the stage of unlocking the eldritch tab. I have faced some of the more deadly warp effects, how ever, and thought I might share some of my findings.

    Not really a threat. They can't push or damage you, so they are more of a free vis source then anything else.

    While at first this one seems impossible to get around, it is actually quite simple: Potions and enchantments. A fire resistance potion can make you immune to fire based damage, and the "Fire protection" enchantment can save you as well. With just a fire resistance three on my fortress helm(You don't need the full set for this) I was impervious to the fire damage caused by sun scorched. I do still need to test the various levels of the enchantment for the minimum needed to not die to this effect, how ever...

    I'm afraid this things have stopped being a threat to me. You see, I discovered something very interesting: They, for all intents and purposes, count as undead. This means that the enchantment "Smite" effects them. Now, you might be wondering why that is important...

    Sharpness is the one enchantment most seem to value, because it is a "Jack of all trades" style one. But the other two(Bane of arthopods and Smite) have something special about them: While they only work against a specific type of mob, they deal twice as much damage then sharpness against that mob. So five levels of smite is the equivalent of ten levels of sharpness against any undead mob.

    With this tidbit of knowledge, I was able to make a tinkers construct tool that kills them in six hits. If you plan on getting to high warp levels, use infusion enchanting to make a smite five sword... It will be worth your time and resources.

    Just keep some zombie flesh on you at all times, one piece lowers the potency of the effect by one level.

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    For those insane among you that want to grow an artificial taint biome but don't have access to one in the world for "Seeding" a node, I have a little trick for you!

    Alright, this basically twists mechanics to your whim to achieve the goal of taint. Put away that over flowing crucible, this will get you results far faster and more reliably.

    Simply build an infusion altar in a grassy area where you want to spawn the taint, with a few sheep pend in range of the altar(A few blocks away should work). Make the altar as unstable as possible, then start any infution. Remove all the items, aside from the center one needed to keep the infusion running. Wait for the sheep to become tainted, let them eat grass, and taint should start spawning. If you want, let them free to spreed it farther and faster.

    Tell me, what potion effect does walking in taint give you? Flux taint. And what can an unstable infusion altar give players and other entities? Flux taint. Why is this important? Flux taint slowly damages the entity afflicted, and if they die to this effect a tainted mob is spawned where they stand(A tainted slime is the default if there isn't a specific "Tainted" version of the mob).

    Having the sheep in range of the altar effectively makes them "Instability sponges", the altar casting some effects on them instead of effecting your items. But, if one should be effected by the flux taint, you suddenly have a entity whose sole purpose is to spread taint.

    This is real reason taint spreads, it needs "Hosts" to infect new chunks for it. While taint can spread rather quickly in one chunk, it can't really move from chunk to chunk by itself. Hence the existence of tainted mobs. From what I've seen, most people forget just how important the tainted mobs are while testing taint spread.

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    Quote from Sanati»

    Doesn't mention compound aspects at all in the tranducer entry.

    I did some testing though and 5 is not the minimum, and there's a lot of randomness to it. It's like 1/10 the value rounded down with a variance of +0-2 from what I can see. So the compound aspects probably do spread out into the primals and even them out a bit. With my luck I should have had like a 2/2/3/3/3/4 otherwise.

    I'd be curious to see if anyone made a monster though

    Well, creative mode and a little NBT editing made "The God-Kin Node"

    For reference, that tower in the back is directly under the node.
    Also, I should mention that the value for an energized node if far from random: It is the primal value for an aspect(The normal primal amount + the broken down compounds) square root. So a 100 terra vis becomes 10CV, while 1000 terra vis becomes 31 CV(It appears to be rounded down). I should also note that the "Class" of node has an effect on the CV amount. A bright node will have slightly more CV, a pale and fading node will have slightly less.
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    Quote from chibray»
    yes everything is bound to me. I even tried remaking the orbs (and binding them) but still nothing. ive tried everything I could possibly think of and have found no information on a problem like this.

    Make sure you don't have more LP then what the orbs can hold, and that the altar is able to fill the orb(A master level orb can only fill from a T4 and T altar, so a T3 can fill your weak, apprentice and magician orbs). If you have more then 200K LP, then you need a T4 altar and a master blood orb.
    Quote from reficulagi»
    Hey Way i got another crash. this time its from killing the Boulder Fist Demon. here is the past bin to the crash.

    On another note is there any info on the alchemic calcinator at all?

    There is some info on the new stuff. Try right clicking it with a bound orb, then an alchemy reagent.
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    Quote from MentalMouse42»
    The more I hear about warp, the worse it sounds. This was a mod about collecting new resources and building devices, using magic to build new things and fight mobs. It's sounding like the advanced game is turning into a mod about making absolutely sure you can't enjoy your achievements: Being continuously twitchy, never being safe anywhere (especially, never safe to AFK), and struggling to cope with random debuffs, spawns, and other screw-overs. Thematic? Whose theme? I haven't played Blood Magic, but AFAICT even that doesn't mess you up half as much, and it's about blood sacrifice!

    Well, I see it as a way to make the player chose just how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. A few forbidden researches under your belt won't be causing horible effects, just a few minor ones like applying a temporary filter to the screen(Making it a little blurry or darker around the edges), but if you want everything, the best of the best, you start getting the really nasty stuff. Having just research mastery, infernal furnace, and brain in a jar gives around six points of warp(Last I checked it was mostly harmless, minor, moderate for severity of these three). With just this, you should still have only minor effects yet not be anywhere near eldritch. Bath salts will last quite some time(With low warp they last over an hour each), so if you want only the weakest effects you don't need to spend much.

    The reason warp was added, at least as it seems to me, was for a way to balance things against something other then resource cost or infrastructure. You give the player items, things they don't "Need" but would be very helpful, useful, or powerful. Most mods, when they add something like this, add in a huge cost to make it. The way warp balances the item is to force the player to ask "Is it worth it?" and "How far should I really go?" instead of "How much/How long will this take?".

    One nice thing to take away is how few items have warp attached to them. Here, a list of them all with warp values:

    Research mastery(Mostly Harmless)
    Infernal furnace(Minor)
    Brain in a jar(Moderate)
    Liquid Death(Moderate)
    Flesh golems(Moderate)
    Advanced golems(Taboo)
    Wand focus: Nine Hell's(Minor)
    Golem animation core: Butcher(Mostly Harmless)
    Bone Wand core(Mostly harmless)
    Bone Staff core(Mostly Harmless)
    Angry ghost faceplate(Mostly harmless)
    Sipping Fiend Faceplate(Mostly Harmless)

    These three are gated off, needing high levels of warp to unlock

    Wand focus: Primal(Minor)
    Staff Core of the Primal(Moderate)
    Voidmetal Wandcaps(Mostly Harmless)

    A grand total of fifteen researches. Consider how small a portion of TC that is. Granted, five researches need something that gives warp as a prerequisite without being forbidden(Arcane bellows, Infusion enchanting, Fortress armor, Helm of reveling, and the Grinning devil's faceplate). Note that in my earlier example I counted the one research everyone gets(Research mastery) and the two that gate off these items(Infernal furnace and Brain in a Jar).
    Now then, how many of these do you really use? If the answer is "None", the how does it effect you? Now, almost everyone can't live without "Research mastery", but aside from that... Most of these are things you don't "Need", but might be useful or powerful.Where they stand in the research tree mean you typically only do them if you want that item. So in the end the player needs to decide what is worth the cost of warp.

    So now I ask, how far are you willing to go down the rabbit hole, because I will be at the bottom in a Eldritch wonderland...
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    On the topic of warp, I might as well give my two cents. I personally like warp, as I see it as "Making a deal with a demon". You gain great power, but at a cost. You know there will be risks, you know that it might come back to haunt you(In more ways then one), but you chose to do it anyway because you want that oh so tempting research. You are both rewarded and punished for your choice. Dive head first into the forbidden and you'll be able to use powers long forgotten, but start seeing why they were forgotten...

    It seems people here want more ways to "Deal" with warp. While I am completely against being able to "Remove" warp(Because what would be the point then?), I might offer a few ideas. People want a way to have an "Aura of protection" against warp effects for a base, so perhaps have a device powered by CV to do just that. The range is based on how much CV is pumped into it, needing at least one of every primal and the range based on the lowest number. Being inside the range gives the "Warp Ward" effect. Another option is a bauble that automagicly use bath salts in your inventory at the cost of a chunk of aqua vis. Costs more then normal, but you stop needing to worry about finding a pool of water for the effect.
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    Quote from Auric245524»
    So, what can void metal tools/armor do that elemental tools/thaumium fortress armor can't?

    From a few basic tests, here are my results: Void is, over all, better.

    The "Free" repair is almost instant, where repair enchant on thaumium fortress needs vis to run. Also, because repair isn't needed, you can apply unbreaking to the void armor so that you will not gain as much warp from combat use.

    Void has more protection. Equip full thaumium fortress, and you will notice that you only have eighteen bars of armor. Void gives a full twenty.(For reference, those two bars of armor equal 8% damage reduction. So 72% verses 80% protection against normal damage types.)

    Void has slightly higher protection against fire and magic damage. Testing with a splash potion of harming two: Un-armored it deals ten points of damage(Five hearts), thaumium fortress it deals four points of damage(Two hearts), void fortress it deals three points of damage(One and a half hearts).

    All of these points, paired with the fact that anything you can give to thaumium fortress(Enchantments, runic augmentation, masks) can be done to void make it worth while. But these are just the findings of a thaumaturge who was a Madman before he delved into the forbidden...

    In regards to the problem with flux plague, might I offer a suggestion? It seems the problem people have is that you can easily be caught in an "Infinite loop" with two or more entities constantly giving each other flux plague, so the only answer is to kill the entities or hide in a corner when this warp effect occurs. Might I suggest that when the "Flux plague" effect is cast on an entity or player, an "Immunity timer" is given to the NBT data of the entity. When the flux plague effect tries to be cast on a new entity, it checks for this timer on the new entity. If the timer does not equal zero, then the cast fails. If it returns null or zero, it sets the timer to something like 120000 ticks(Or ten minutes). This should in theory make having flux plague infecting your ranch or golems a problem, but one that resolves itself without the player needing to do anything.
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    Another day, another update. Some pretty useful changes, mod updates, and two new mods(WAILA and Open Computers), more seeds you can get from grass(*Cough* I may have forgotten to add sugar cane to the map so this was my easy way out *Cough*) . I also made an update file, containing only things that changed.
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    The Asylum: Your prison and your bastion

    Welcome to The Asylum, your new home for.. Well, the rest of time. You have been locked in here, you're not really sure why, and it doesn't look like you can ever get out and back to your former home. So it is time to make the best of a bad situation and start building up once more...

    This is the public testing version of The Asylum. Right now there are a lot of WIP features that might be expanded upon if people like them(I need feed back on everything, and a lot of it). Now then, let us hurry on to details.

    Here is the download for the map, the mods, the script file(Used by one of the mods), and the config file.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/k180tvidlx1v4ko/The Asylum.zip

    Check the mod list for all needed mods and the proper MC and forge versions.

    I will try to keep updates coming, based on feedback and my own ideas. To update, all you need to do is re-download the file above(Same link should get you the new version), then copy-paste everything but the saves folder over to your instance folder. Due note that you may lose some of your config changes to updates, so keep a log of anything you change.

    Don't want to download everything again? These inclued only the changes I remember making.

    0.4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwxzz8wk4gqj6ff/The Asylum 0.4 update.zip

    Note:Any changes made to the map itself and the world file will need you to either apply manually, or start over with the new file. This is an alpha, after all.
    0.4: Quite a few changes and mod updates:
    -updated modtweaker
    -updated NEI
    -updaated code chicken core
    -Added WAILA
    -Added Open Computers
    -Added new seeds to tall grass drops. This has nothing to do with me forgetting to add sugar cane, I have no idea what your insinuating.
    -Nerfed recipe for the sigil of elemental affinity

    0.2: A few small changes, including enabling mob greifing(This was accidentally left on after my testing), setting the time to 0(My bad), nerfing the liquid translocater recipe(No easy infinite water for you), and removing the charcoal torch recipe(Finite resources and all that jazz).
    0.1.1: Identical to 1.1, but comes with mods.
    0.1: First release

    A MC 1.7.2 instance


    Note: All the mod versions listed are just the ones I used while making this map, some of them might have updated since then. Feel free to get the latest versions, and let me know if any of these mods are a little behind.

    I need all you can give me. Does something I added work well? How are the dungeons?(Are they too long, too short, too hard, too easy?) Is there something you can't acquire due to not having world gen that you need badly?

    Also, let me know if you find any recipes that seem too hard or too easy. If I agree, I can easily tweak the recipe accordingly.

    Are there any mods you think should be added. Currently I have on the "Possible addition" list: Open computers(If this is added, I might also add computer craft with some heavy recipe nerfs), Industrial craft 2(If this gets added, I'll probably add greg tech and a few other add ons as well).

    One final thing: I'd like you to keep a log of things you notice. How has being in a box change your play style? What did you always find yourself low on? What did you run out of first? What did you find useful? Just... Anything you might think is important, post it here. I'll wait a while, letting this community share ideas and help each other before I start sharing my own knowledge and what I balanced around.

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    Quote from FlameDrake

    The only thing I have so far- is there no, well, prettier wall you can make? Sorry, its nitpicky, it just feels so... lackluster. Like theres little effort put into it. Sorry, it just reminds me of cheap prison servers :/.

    You can still get that prison effect though while makeing it look better. Like, put an iron bars/stone brick design one layer thick in front of it or something. Just something a bit more then a bedrock wall.

    Other then that though, Ill be sure to play later ;). Sorry I got worn out of the last map, that happens VERY easily to me.

    I have a surprising lack of good looking, unbreakable blocks. And almost any block, on that huge a scale, is going to look weird.
    Quote from Auric245524

    Hmmm... No Thaumcraft? I thought at the very least you would use it for it's focus of warding. Then you could make the walls of a nice looking material rather then bedrock. I can't wait to try this out later tonight.

    The 1.7.2 version has a bad memory leak bug, so I'm holding off on adding TC until that is updated. And I'm not sure how good an idea warded walls is... Each warded block needs to store data(What does it need to mimic, who warded it). Base sized is one thing, huge walls from void to skies limit is another. Might cause a huge amount of lag. We will have to see.
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