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    Quote from LordEric»


    I remembered that after I posted this, so I might as well add it now. I'll also flesh out the details on primals a bit. *Chuckles* I guess the next time we have someone ask "What's new?", all we need to do is point then to that post...
    Quote from elderdrake»

    Thank you very much for taking the time to list that all. I have indeed been working this afternoon setting up a new 1.7.10 server and tweaking settings with many of my favorite mods. I appreciate you listing that though and it was a driving point to get me to go ahead and redo everything.

    It is no trouble, I enjoyed coming up with this list off memory alone. Feel free to ask any questions you might still have.

    Quote from MentalMouse42»

    Added to the list in the footnote for pre-existing TC things that changed. As for "The Great Pipe Change", that was a 1.6.4 change.
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    I might as well post a few theories that myself and the people in the Thaumcraft IRC channel have come up with. Under a spoiler, of course.

    Warp, as it has been mentioned before, is like a link to another world or dimension. If nodes connect to the heads side of a coin, warp is the tails, with the overworld, nether and such being the "Edge", And we believe that something exists on the warp side of the coin, and it wants out into our world. Unlike aura nodes, it can't connect naturally to the environment so instead needs to use people to form a link and they need to do it willingly. So it offers knowledge, a temptation to those who crave power so that they widen the doorway for the beings. People who research forbidden knowledge and gain warp become like a beacon to these things, like a pinpoint of light in a world of shadow. So when people get too much warp, they gain the interest of the beings and it offers them more secret knowledge to make them widen the gate even further. Then, once you are hooked on the power, it tries to get you to make a more permanent portal between here and there.

    The crimson cult... These seem to be people who are afflicted with warp and are being called to open the portal, but lack the skills to do so. The fact that they drop void seeds despite not being thaumaturge's means that something, these beings, are using anyone they can find and offering the same knowledge. The same might be said for those who first built the monoliths: They were lured in by the beings and what they offered, built then opened the portals. Later they realized how huge of a mistake that was, then closed it, leaving the portals as a monument to knowledge that should be forgotten and things that man should not tamper with.

    As for the Eldritch Guradian's... Most people seem to think that they are sent to stop you, to hunt down any who seek knowledge that man was not meant to know. But, with what has been theorized so far, either they want to stop the beings getting in and work out you have been chosen to open the portal, or they aren't trying to stop you. Think of it this way: Let us assume that the Guardian's are sent by theses beings, using the hole you have provided them as a way to manifest a small piece of their power. Why would they spend so much time cultivating you, letting you grow stronger, then try to stop you before you open the portal? Doesn't make sense unless they aren't stopping you, but Testing you. Pushing you. They need someone truly powerful to open the portal, and perhaps get around some defenses put in place by the ones who built the monoliths. The need someone worthy of their time, their knowledge, their power. So they manifest a bit of their power in the form of the Guardian's, so that you must grow stronger, must use the dark magics you have learned. The knowledge is the carrot, the Guardian's are the stick.

    Keep in mind, all of this is theory and conjecture. I might be completely off the mark with it all.

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    Quote from Naviete»

    There is a very good reason why Azanor has never added something like this and stated that he never will: It would make rare essentia no longer rare. Considering that, from a nether wart farm alone, you can get every primal easily. With combining, you would then have every single aspect from one little farm. Ruins the point of some essentia, like aurum and sano, being hard to get. Besides, these days we have mana beans to get essentia.
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    Quote from Luckbot»
    hiho, i returned to thaumcraft after some time and i'd like to know what this warp is all about

    "permanent warp" sounds quite devastating to me... i use thaumcraft from time to time and i don't want to suffer negative effects all the time i'm doing something else...

    but it also sounds like you need warp for something... no idea, the thaumnomicon entry isn't that specific

    Warp, at it's core, can be described as "Going to far". There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and forbidden researches come very close to this metaphorical line.

    Mechanically, it is a "Cost" for your power. Consider it a currency, you want the forbidden researches and what they offer, but you need to keep warp in mind. Build up too much warp, and the "Events" start getting more frequent, more dangerous, and more potent. So, as a result, you are forced to ask yourself "What is worth the cost of warp?". That free furnace and bellows? The brain in a jar, infusion enchanting, and thaumiom fortress armor? It lets you choose what you think you should gain warp for, and research is the only way to gain permanent warp(Everything else can be removed, but there is a price...). It punishes the reckless and rewards the careful and thoughtful. I find myself avoiding forbidden researches as I tech up, building my power and resources until I feel I'm ready to face everything warp has to offer. I might also add that you are right: Warp is a bit risk/reward. If you are brave(Or foolish) enough to delve headfirst into warp, you are rewarded with the best thaumcraft gear in the game. In the end, warp forces you to ask something other then "How much does it take? or "How long will it take" that other mods rely on for balance, and instead has you ask "Is it worth what could happen?"

    As for what "Might" happen, there are many possible warp effect. Many are a boon or a determent depending on when they happen. Some events give free research points, others give you potion effects like mining fatigue or blindness. You only will learn what you have lost(Or gained) once you have already paid up front...

    Many chose to avoid the madness. I revel in it...
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    Quote from Azanor »

    Speaking of temporary: The current spate of post spam regarding the forge 1208 and similar issues has made me decide to release the next TC version early. I will unfortunately have to switch a lot of the half-done stuff off so don't expect a huge amount of new content.
    I'm hoping to get the "Forge 1208+" version out sometime this weekend or early next week at the latest.

    Reasonable choice. Considering how tired we all are getting of those who decide not to read... I try to keep a shred of hope that for every person who asks about these issues, we have nine who bothered to look to see if anyone else had it. I look forward to the release and these bug fixes.

    Also, a thank you to you Azanor. I know how hard and time consuming modding is(Just the code side, not including the community management). You have more perseverance then most, and hope that you keep trusting yourself with the ideas you implement. You can't please everyone, so you might as well shape it to your liking.
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    Quote from IANNOVA»
    Dear lord Way, it has come to my attention that there seems to be a bug in which rituals do not recognize diamond blocks as upgrades. This mostly winds up causing trouble with the Dome of Surpression and the Ritual of the Crusher.

    If you are using the beta versions, this is not a bug. The way all rituals are upgraded has changed to using the "Reagent" system, and as a result the old way to upgrade rituals has been removed as it isn't needed. Here, let me paste this here to help you:

    Exert from "The Alchemist":

    I'm having a hard time sleeping tonight, so I might as well go over our idea and hope Magus doesn't read this. As it stands, the rituals only use life essence to run and are often “One trick ponies”. What I proposed to Tiberius is this: What would happen if one of the rituals was charged with alchemical power, costing reagent to give it new or stronger effects? We might get nothing, or something amazing. Time will tell which it is.

    It has taken the last two months, but we have the ground work for testing our idea done. The results so far have been even better then expected. We only have tested the full spring ritual and have discovered quite a few effects, but I'll let Magus cover those.

    Instead, I'll write how the reagent system works. You first need an alchamic calcinator, then place a blood orb into it to act as a power source. After that, reagents can be placed by hand or fed into the calcinator to turn into pure alchemical energy, the type based on the reagent fed in. Once it has a solid reagent, it will use LP to turn one reagent into 1000AR(Alchemy Reagent) which is then moved into the 2000AR “Buffer” of the calcinator. Once in the buffer, the reagent slowly starts being moved into the main tank which can then be siphoned out.

    Now then, to move it out of the main tank you need to have somewhere for it to go. To this extent, you have three options: A crystal belljar, a alchemic relay, or a master ritual stone. How you need to link it is simple: Create a alchemic router, then Shift right click with it on the calcinator to select the reagent type for it to transport(A note for blocks with more then one tank and more then one reagent type: Shift right clicking again on the block will swap between the available reagents inside the block.), then normal right click on the block with the router to bind it to the block. After that, right click on the destination(Needs to be within a few blocks, the range isn't that large). If it has worked, you should see reagent “Flowing” to the destination from the source(In this case the calcinator). We have tweaked it to where you can't see reagent moving with the naked eye, you need to have a tool(Like the Alchemic router) in hand to see this effect. You can also use a divination sigil on the belljars, relays, calcinator, and master ritual stone to read how much reagent the device holds. This process of binding can be applied to all the other blocks so I shouldn't need to cover it further, but I should note that these blocks can only accept and send reagent to so many locations at once. For example, the belljar can only accept reagent from one location, and send it to one location. I must also reiterate that if you have a relay set to send aether to destination A and Tennibrae to desitination B, aether can never traval to B and vicversa for Tennibrea. New connections must be made for each reagent type, and we could not get a “Colorless” version of a connection to function.

    Getting more into detail about the blocks and items of our new system, I'll cover the bell jar first. Created out of mundane glass and wood slaps, then filled with a concentrated catalyst solution to contain the alchemical energy in a stable enough environment to allow you to move the jar without losing any energy inside. While it can hold only one type of reagent and is restricted to one source and one destination, it functions as a portable form of “Bulk storage”(Able to hold 16000AR). An option for more storage is to link a few belljars together, but I feel this is a far from perfect answer to the problem of mass storage of reagent.... I will need to talk with Tiberius and Magus about this later.

    Regardless, Tiberius managed to incorporate a bit of redstone interaction into the design of the jar. Based on the amount of reagent inside the jar, it outputs a redstone signal(15 when full, 0 when empty, and so on). With a bit of work, you can use this for automated systems.

    The “Alchemy Relay” acts as a small buffer(Two tanks that can hold two reagent each), and can be used to merge and divide a transport line of reagent energy. Each relay can have limitless sources, and four destinations. With the creative use of relays, you can create a large power network for transporting reagent. Tiberius has worked his magic on this device as well, and tweaked it to not send reagent when a redstone signal is applied(It also spins slightly slower to represent this).

    To assist with the use of this system, we have three items to manage these devices. The Alchemic Router is used to bind the destinations of set reagents for all devices. The Alchemic Segmenter is used to partition tanks to a set reagent. All you need to do is set the reagent type the same way you would the router, then right click the device you want to partition a tank for that reagent type. One tank will be set for that type per right click, and if you exceed the maximum number of available tanks it will reset all tanks partitioned tanks to the default “First come first served”. I should also note that if you set a relay to accept sanctus, offensa and vistus, the two available tanks will distributed to whichever reagents that get there first.

    The final item is the alchemic cleanser, and its use is simple but very useful: It resets all destinations. All locations the device is set to send reagent are cleared, so you can easily bind the device to new locations.

    Now, we have made a few minor alterations to the “Master ritual stone” to enable our system to function. Its recipe and normal uses have remained the same, but it now has three internal tanks that each hold 1000AR. If the ritual has any reagent, it will display an “Alchemy Ring” above the master ritual stone as a sign that it has been augmented. Then depending on the ritual and the effect in question, it will use an amount of reagent to perform a new effect or augment an old one. An example of this is the full spring fulled with aquasalus will convert earth into farmland then hydrate it in a nine by nine around the master ritual stone, but if the full spring is given crystallus it will freeze all water source blocks around it. This all is paired with the base effect of the rituals, so the full spring can still function as an endless water source.

    This is all I can think of to write down about our new system. Tiberius and I plan to show it to the others tomorrow, so I need to get some rest.

    We showed our new system to Magus and my siblings today, and to say they loved it was an understatement. We had decided to be a little flashy with the show, building a full spring next to a small pond that had formed from the recent rainfall. After a bit of work hiding the relays and the belljar, Tiberius hid out of sight while I showed the others to the demonstration. I asked Magus to activate the ritual, keeping a close eye to see if he focused on anything in particular, but he quickly and effortlessly activated the ritual without pausing for a moment. After he returned to my side, I yelled for Tiberius to throw the switch. In an instant the reagent flowed to the ritual, and as the alchemy circle formed in the air the water created by the ritual and that of the pond quickly froze over. I heard gasps from both of my siblings, and I noticed Magus's eyes widen for just a moment(His equivalent of a jaw hanging slack) before he composed himself. Afterword we went over the details for them of how it works for the other, explaining the minor modifications we had made to the basic master ritual stone design and such

    If you want silk touch with the crusher, use crystalios. Fortune is orbis terre, potentia, and virtus(One level per reagent). As for the dome, this may or may not have been implemented to the open beta: The size of the dome is increased with aquasalus and aether(Aether adds more space then Aquasalus).
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    Quote from YvonaMC»
    After unlocking the Eldritch tab, I am able to make the ingots, void core, and wand as well as the void seed. However, how do I unlock the recipe to make the Void Thaumaturgist Robes?

    There are two levels of eldritch knowledge: Epiphany and Revelations. You have Epiphany, to unlock the robes you need revelations. So, in other words, you need to gain more warp. Tussle with enough Guardian's, eat enough brains, or craft enough items of a questionable nature and it will come in time.
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    Quote from Nnystyxx»

    I wonder if there's a way to make vis discount change based on Warp points. The only bothersome bit is that Warp points are displayed literally nowhere, from what I've seen.

    And this is addressed in the next TC update with the "Sanity checker", Along with all kinds of Eldritch bells and whistles!

    Now let us all revel in the madness...
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    Dreamlash, here is a short guild to early game TC, with a few explanations of mechanics:

    When beginning TC, you'll want to make a thaumometer, an iron caped wood wand, a research table, an arcane work table, a thaumanomacon, and some scribing tools.

    Scanning items, blocks and mobs:

    Once you have all that, start using the thaumometer to scan everything you can to earn research points. One reason this was changed was to remove the reliance on burning items for a pot-luck chance of progressing the research. It also changes how researches "Flow" through out your gameplay: Early game the researches are small and simple, and you have plenty of points to work with from scanning your normal items. Later on it becomes harder due to more complex and larger researches coupled with a smaller point pool(Having spent a great deal of them to reach the end). It also means you can't "Bull rush" through researches by throwing tons of items into the table...Once you have scanned an item, you'll be able to see what aspects it has(You earn points the first time you scan it based on these aspects). I should also note that you can scan items by dropping them on the ground.

    Research notes:

    Open up the thaumanomacon, then looks around the few tabs. You'll notice two types of researches: Those with boxes behind them, and those with hexagons. Ones with the box need you to perform the research minigame(More on that later) require you to have paper and scribing tools in your inventory. By left clicking on the icon for the research you want, you gain notes for it can the cost of one paper and a little durability off the scribing tools(You can refill them with any black dye, shapeless recipe). The hexagon researches however don't need you to play the minigame: By left clicking on their icon, you "Buy" that research for the points it specifies.

    Research minigame:

    The minigame itself is simple. When you place the note in the table, you are shown a "Grid" on the right. On that grid you'll see a few "Nodes" in the form of an aspect icon, and your goal is to bridge the gap in between them(I should note that they don't need to form line from A to B to C, so long as all of them are connected to each other in some way the note will complete. You could easily go from A, then split the line to connect to B and C forming a sort of Y or T). How you bridge the gap is simple, to aspects will "Link" if one of them is used to make the other.(Example: Ignus can't connect to aer, but both ignus and aer can connect to lux as lux is a combination of ignus and aer. Lux can then connect to tennibrea, tennibrea to aleinaus, then vacuos... All aspect combinations can be looked up under the "Aspects of magic" entry in the thaumanomocon). Once the research is complete, you can pull it out of the table and right click with it to unlock that research.

    Aura nodes:

    Points of power leaking into our world, they can be almost anywhere. Without the aid of a thaumometer or some other device(Hint hint), you can not clearly seen them. With the aid of some devices, you can read what aspect the node has. Unlike TC3(From what you have said, I'd best cover some of the major changes from then till now), nodes don't have a universal form of "Vis". Instead a node might have one or more aspects, normally primal aspects but some have been known to have compounds in them. By right clicking on a node with a wand/stave/scepter, you drain vis out of the node and into the device. The wands can only drain primal aspects from nodes, somehting else must be used to break down those compounds...(Again, hint hint). Fair warning, you can damage a node if you drain too much out of it.vIt os a very good idea not to let iany aspect in the node drop to zero, or there is a chance that the node might permanently lose that aspect or damage the node in some other way.


    In TC3 you had many different wands that you upgraded the base wand into. That is no more, instead you craft "Foci" which can be attached to your normal wand with the F key(You may also remove any foci from a wand by holding shift then pressing F). You can craft a foci pouch later on to hold all your foci in one slot, and you may swap between foci with the radial menu that pops up when you press F. Instead of damaging the wand like in TC3, foci drain vis from the wand instead.


    For the most part the crucible works the same(IE: Drop items in to turn them into raw essenita), but with two major changes. Aspects can decay in a crucible over time, so make sure you have everything on you before you start the crafting process. The second major change is that you need to drop an item in as a "Catalyst" for the process to finish(This way you don't acedentally make something else, like gunpowder during alumentium or vic versa).

    For basics, I'd say this covers everything. Make sure you keep reading the entries in the book, as a lot has changed since the TC3 days. Infusion crafting in particular has been overhauled completely.

    I hope this helps, and with you luck. Also if you want to avoid the gurdian's, move away from any "magical" biomes. They have a spawning bug at the moment that causes them to appear where they shouldn't.
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    Quote from JustJinxed»

    I'm downright sick of messing with these tubes and frankly, I dislike being forced into using the golems to do something simple as gathering essentia. Not only that, but they tick off my pets! One even stole the fish I was trying to feed my pet cat and.... Let's just say, kitty has a new straw bed.

    I really want a solve to this essentia tube issue. I'd like to keep a room full of jars / void jars for over flow. I don't mind using the filter or directional pipes, but every setup I try fails. Even when I think I have logically made the right chose, somehow the tubes DO NOT work as expected.

    [quote]Quote from Farproc »
    I've given up on the pipes and use an Alchemy *puke* golem now. How uninspired :/


    In this one thing, Azanor has done us a disservice. Pipes are broken.

    I'll save a bit of space here by hiding my replies to these in a spoiler.

    This is something that is very hard to balance to fit both the player and the creator. Consider it from his point of view: Azanor has stated before that he regretted adding esseintia tubes in the way they were. Frankly, they were to simple, cheap, and easy. So he has tried to balance them a bit more to his tastes, so the suction system came to be instead of just removing the tubes all together.

    Look at it like this: Azanor wants to keep both golems and tubes. He wants the golems to be the better of the two options in most cases, with pipes being the "Poor-man's" option. Now then, the two systems work off very different principles and ideas to achieve the same goal. So how do you make the tube system viable without rendering the golem pointless? Tubes will always need to have some flaw, some major limitation to keep the balance. Other options he could have used to keep balance are(Just off the top of my head): Slowing the flow of essentia through tubes to a crawl, needing to "Fill" a tube with essentia(The pipe, alembics, and jars won't move essentia on its own, it needs to be pushed by more essentia, gravity, a vacuum or other presser. This does mean you would waste essentia, having it stuck in pipes and blocking the flow of any other type), having a net loss of essentia(Leakage), or a failure chance when using them if two essentia's ever touch or interacted.

    Now then, all of these don't sound that appealing. Currently, speed isn't curbed, essentia isn't lost, you can use them for small amounts of essentia, and the worst thing that can happen is a bit of work sorting out suction. Compared to these, needing to fuss with suctions doesn't sound that bad.

    You may be asking "Why should golems be the better option?". The answer: Cost, location in the research chain, and risk. Pipes you can get immediately after essentia distillation, while you need several other researches to unlock the alchemy core. They take more investment, needing you to both make a golem and the core(Which needs an infusion altar and essentia distillation already set up). Then you have the risk of an entity doing the work for you, with them being able to be killed and losing all investment in them with one missclick of an enchanted sword to deal with a tainted slime, the AOE of the sword of the zephyr, or just not realizing soon enough that the shock focus isn't hitting the guardian you're looking at, but a smaller and much closer target.

    On to the subject of current balance: Golems work well for dealing with dozens of different essentia, with only a bit of fuss with them poring it in the wrong jar or getting stuck on some things(AI is a very difficult thing to code correctly), while having the option to upgrade them to move far faster or larger amounts of essentia at once(Some golems can move an entire alembic worth of essentia at once). Pipes on the other hand can't handle dozens of essentia(Without a fair amount of space and redstone), but can work well with the mass production of a few. Take for example a system that uses pipes, buffers, and centrifuges to keep a full jar of the aspect of energy, magic, void(For making voidmetal), and every primal from just nether wart. While it is rather bulky, a system of pipes and buffers can easily get the job done without the need of a golem.

    In the end,automation with both options have their flaws. But that is the limitation of automation, and not doing it yourself. A player is always the best option, but you don't want to sit around turn valves or fill jars from the alembic by hand. So the option is a compromise, dealing with a few quirks for the convenience of being able to walk away from it(All be it to return to some essentia in the wrong jar). Automation isn't a perfect solution, but it is the only one you have.

    *I must add that, in the changelog for the next update, tubes will be far cheaper in the quicksilver and gold department. This again leads me to think of them as the cheaper of the two options.

    This topic has been discussed quite a lot in the past, when the new system was first released. Almost everything that can be said has, from both sides of the debate. While no one is "Happy" about the change(Players are rarely ever happy when things get harder, without some gain to them), balance comes before convenience. Getting an interesting system to play with is just a bonus for some.
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