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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29
    I noticed the presence of a new dimension in Blood Magic! How would I open the portal?

    Well, there is a little detail about the portal you might want to know: It works one way. As in, they can come into your dimension but you can't enter theirs. So you will need to let them enter your world, build up a camp, and wait as they build up. Then you need to sneak into their camp and steal the resources(Running in,sword swinging will be a horrible idea and Way has plans to make it even worse, like alerting one demon will agro the entire camp, start spawning guardian demons, and halting all expansion and resource collection for a time if your spotted). Building hidden tunnels or teleposer networks will be the ideal way to go about it.

    As for opening the portal itself, Way has a few ideas over how that will be done. A sacrifice of an innocent and a load of reagent is the current game plan.

    Quote from Armigus»
    Why are there no dawn ritual stones to complement the dusk ones? Glowstone block in a tier 4 alter would make the ink and one of the dusk inks in the tier 2 diviner recipe could be replaced with dawn. Some rituals like the Well of Suffering truly deserve dusk only while others such as the Reverence of the Condor are better served with dawn stones. A few others might have some of each.

    If Way were to add a dawn rune, it wouldn't be a T4. In all likely hood, it would be a T6 thing as to gate of rituals using something other then LP cost.
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    More ideas from the IRC channel, this time curtsey of SpwnX and myself.

    Divided into two groups: Utility and Capacity.

    Utility: Like the upgraded runic bauble, these give a shield and some secondary effect

    Void: A chance of voiding damage instead of absorbing it into the shield.

    Warp: When another player hits you, a chance of giving them temp warp

    Twisted mind: When worn, makes warp effects much higher or lower then normal randomly. Favors making it lower.

    Capacity: Much higher shield count(Suggested at ten times the base runic bauble value, but feel free to change), but recharges at a far slower rate(Suggested at one twentieth the base rate). You become a walking tank, but the shield takes several minutes to fully form and you trade that slot for any possible bauble with an effect.

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    Quote from IStoneI»

    ignis and vacuous would make more sense than ignis and perditio imo. funny thing is, im still not using ignis anywhere XD. i usually just build bridges with vitium, metallum and terra. and im still not running out of research points.

    Well, the same could be said for many of the aspects that use perditio including vacuous(Void of air). As it stands, having more simple bridges is better then complex bridges.

    Also, while I'm here, the IRC channel guys had a long idea talk for balanced ways to move aura nodes. As it stands, moving nodes isn't worth the risk normally. You find that bright node, you leave it there because you can't risk moving it and making it a normal node. So here is the summary of what we've cooked up in the think tank.

    The basic idea is like the node moving mechanic of TC3. You build a structure, it moves the node closer to it block by block while costing aspects from the node each space moved. This would let you move nodes short distances around your base without worry, but long trips are time and resource expensive, along with risk to damaging the node should you move too fast.

    The idea is to reinforce the glass with nuggets of void metal, and using these blocks instead for the jarring process. But, instead of the old "One cost for everything, high damage chance" you have no damage chance, but the cost of the process is dependent on the node your trying to jar. Aspects influence base cost of the process(Lets say one vis per point of primal, and double cost on all components of a compound aspect) and the brightness and type of the node influence vis cost on multipliers.

    Once the node is encased in the void metal glass, you need to stay with the jarring process feeding in vis from a wand using a similar animation to draining a node. Once the process starts, you begin draining vis from your wand and a counter is shown. This will indicate just how much vis is needed for the process, and you may need more then one wand or staff to finish the jarring process based on the node. If you leave the process without vis too long, it will start losing vis until it resets.

    This method is meant to be a far more expensive, end game node jarring option. For a normal node you would want to use the old method, as this is for your "Great, 100+ aspect bright pure nodes" as it were, or that node you've been growing for over a week.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Quote from GodusX»
    I have idea for mod: when i saw thaumaria (or smthng like this - burping with flux) i was intrested. What about that: every player (he can think) have a aura node. And whan you burp with flux - it means you aspects transforms to flux. And you can use you node to recharge wand(using special foci or machine), but it takes aspects from you, and when aspects going to 0, you dies.
    Sorry for my english... realy...

    And please, azanor, make you aspect system more easy... Please, because... umm... it is bad released in mod...

    First, the giant red text is unnecessary. Second, what gameplay would this add? If you risk dieing if you used it, why use it at all over a normal aura node that won't kill you from over use. There would need to be a good reason to add something like this, something that would make taking the risk worth it. If it is just vis, I'm afraid that is already infinite.

    As for your request to make the aspect system easier, how so? We can't improve it without knowing what you think is wrong about it. And any change would need to improve overall gameplay(Contrary to popular belief, making things easier does not always improve gameplay or make the system better).
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    posted a message on [TC4+5 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v2.0.3 - Thirsty Tanks for Thaumcraft 5)
    Quote from TropicalCat»

    This is incredible, would you mind showing me how you built it? a simple picture of what the inner layer(s) look like would be helpful.

    I'll give you the genral idea of the layout.

    Here is a smaller version of the reactor layout. The bottom layer is a 6x6 of thermallilies, in this pattern. The idea was to maximize the number of thermallillies in this area, so along the outer edge of the influence zone of the Nethermind goes the first row of six thermalillies so that the farthest ones feed off the corners of the 9x9x9.

    Atop the 6x6 is a similar 5x5 grid, placing blocks on the flowers and lava blocks and using the "Walls" of the last layer as the foundation of the flowers of the next(Like Ankh-Morpork). Just shift the flowers one in any direction to form the rows. After you build a 5x5, add a another 6x6 on top of it, repeat until you have a full 9x9x9 cube that forms the Hellfire Reactor.

    I should note that you will need nine gaia mana spreaders for this build to keep up with mana output, and recessive sparks are the easiest way to send out the mana. In the center of each layer, instead of a wall or lava block, place the spreaders. Then replace one of the walls with a mana pool. Add the sparks, and I would recommend a voracity-potency lends for the spreaders.

    Your homework for this assignment: Work out mass essentia production and storage for fueling the NetherMind. I'd recommend charcoal and cobble stone, as everything they produce is useful and both are automatable with just thaumcraft(Automagy not included).
    This should cover everything, but if you need more details or better pictures let me know.
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    posted a message on Botania - An innovative natural magic themed tech mod (Not in beta any more!)
    I might as well post my latest mana generation build here. Made using automagy's Nethermind to create lava out of essentia, I call this build the Hellfire Reactor.

    Number of thermalillies: 280

    Essentia cost per lava source block placed: 6 ignis, 2 terra

    World footprint: 11x11x14(Not counting the essentia sources and mana pools)

    Predicted mana generated a second, assuming each flower fueled makes three mana a tick and all flowers are running constantly:16,800

    Predicted mana generated a minute:1,008,000

    Number of gaia spreaders with potency-volatility lends predicted to ensure no mana loss: Nine

    The nethermind creates lava source blocks in a 9x9x9 area under it, in any open space available. This build simply ensures that the most flowers possible are in that space to be feed with lava. By having alternating layers of 6x6 and 5x5 arrangements of flowers I have the barriers of the last layer be the foundation of the next, thus maximizing the number of thermalillies in place.

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    posted a message on [TC4+5 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v2.0.3 - Thirsty Tanks for Thaumcraft 5)
    Sorry I've been away for a bit, but I have finished the test build for automated essentia logistics using automagy. Not everything is complet as I would like it, but all the concepts are in place for a larger scale version.

    Main altar room, with all the jars and a button to "Flush" away any flux goo from the trenches.

    Essentia sorting system, using buffers and filtered tubes.

    Essentia locus to read every jar on top, and a few vis readers to trigger item flow when a set aspect is running low. As I said, this is mainly a proof of concept build. Also, golem item transport.

    System used to melt down and extract essentia for later use.

    Small part of the flux trench system, the arcane ears trigger all the sticky pistons at once that destroy any goo on top of them.

    Small side system I built outside. The vis reader turns the stabilizer on and off as the node is drained, stopping it from running out of vis and becoming damaged.

    That should be everything, I look forward to what this mod holds in the future. And for you botanists out there, I built this yesterday:

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    posted a message on [TC4+5 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v2.0.3 - Thirsty Tanks for Thaumcraft 5)
    I just stopped by to say how much I've enjoyed toying around with your mod. The concepts behind so much of it is simple, but the potential is so very powerful... The one thing I really love is the blocks like the tally box aren't really "Powerful" in the normal sense used by minecrafter's, but what they let you do is. Much of what you add are not but parts of a greater whole, uses limited by themselves but near endless when used in tandem with each other. The power of the mod comes from simple mechanics, logic, and creativity.

    Tonight my goal is to create something amazing using nothing but your mod, Thaumcraft, and vanilla minecraft. You see, I've built up a reputation in a few mod forums as a true Madman. An example of my work: Using blood magic teleposers(A block that can move a maximum of a 7x7x7 area above it depending on the focus it has), vanilla redstone, and a few days worth of work in creative I managed to teleport a city(I recall the spacing being something like 70x70x14, it has been a few months since I built that). Not only that, but it was self resetting: Press a button to send it from A to B, then press it again to send it from B to A. From the looks of your main post, you need to work of a madman to let it truly shine. My thoughts? Automated essentia management, using essentia tubes.

    And yes, I plan to release a world download as well just so people can poke around the inner-workings themselves.
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    Quote from joe459»
    Ok, I believe that this mod is incredible. Great concept, masterfully implemented. However, the only complaint that i have about this mod is the configuration options. The config folder for blood magic is simply ritual schematics, and the AWayoftime config document is only meteor configs and well of suffering blacklists. My request is that there be more modifiable options such as blood armor damage reduction percentage/cost per hit, effect radius modifications for various rituals, or sigil armor blacklists. Stuff like that. I absolutely love this mod and the new additions. Great job!

    -If there is anything blatantly obvious that i am missing (another config file?) feel free to yell at me. XD


    Well, a lot of what you asked for is hardcoded(Meaning it would need a large re-write to implement) like armor protection or time consuming to implement(Like sigil blacklist and ritual ranges). Tipically mods that offer suport for that are written from the ground up with that in mind.
    Quote from Andrek79»
    I have done a Google Search and search on this thread for a Flowchart that shows how you gain access to new spells/items from this mod. Is there such a thing, possibly one in creation, or am I going to need to make one myself?

    Flow chart? Not that I know of. I'll start writing one now...

    Edit: Alright, flowchart is done. Should give you a basic idea of tech tree progress.

    As you can see, a huge expansion at T4. This to due to the fact that many old things are upgraded at T4 to have new uses.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Quote from elderdrake»
    First off, incredible mod and this is a mandatory mod for any time I play the game. I can't express enough gratitude to the mod author and anyone involved in helping with this.

    I have a question though, I am currently running a dedicated server on Magic World 2. I was contemplating trying out 1.7.10 but I would be missing out on a couple of other mods I enjoy like AM2 and the like. How much difference in the mod itself is there between the 1.6.4 version and the current 1.7.10. I imagine it is a lot and I tried to skim the changelog but I thought I would ask the community itself. Thank you in advance for any help and information.

    The list is quite long. I'll go over a few major changes and additions in a spoiler, summarizing there mechanics and effects on gameplay.

    Aura nodes now "Bully" other nodes smaller then them in a short range(Three blocks away at most), stealing vis with a chance to add more to the nodes cap. Two blocks have been added to stop this: the node stabilizer and the advanced node stabilizer. They each can only effect one node each, with the normal one stopping all bullying, while the advanced one stops other nodes from bullying its node(One way protection, for when you want to grow a node). Also, this protection is not free: The recharge rate of the node being protected is halved by the normal stabilizer, and even a bright nodes regeneration will be ground to a near halt by an advanced.

    This change does mean that node recharge stations take a huge hit. You can have nodes recharge at full speed, but fewer nodes, or many nodes at a slow recharging rate. It also means that you can improve that coveted bright node you brought home, having it recharge every primal instead of the few it came with.

    Also, nodes have individual caps for every aspect. Before a node caped to thirty would have thirty of every aspect. Now it might have thirty terra, nineteen ignus, and five points of aer.

    Many aspects had combinations changed, and two note able aspects were removed: Saxum and Graimum(The aspects of stone and seeds, respectively).

    I should note that Gelum was changed to ignus and perditio, because you have no idea how many people think this was a bug. These changes should make research easier, as it makes everything a little less dependent on aqua and ordo.

    Tubes had two very small, but powerful changes that make them far more potent at their job. First, a buffer can have suction on any side "Throttled" to zero or one. This doesn't sound like much, but it means you can have far more compact systems, long pipelines to transport essentia over great distances without the need of redstone clocks, and easy splits in a pipeline to several destinations.

    Speaking of redstone, many blocks like jars, the alchemical furnace, and buffers have gained redstone support(Their stored values can be read via redstone comparator). What does this mean? Oh, so much potential... How does a a system that shuts off a valve when a jar gets full? A system to start making essentia when supplies get low? All this and more is now possible. Also, pipes got cheaper in regards to gold and quicksliver costs.

    What do these changes mean? If you want a simple system to turn any items into essentia then placed in jars on demand, use a golem. If you want a redstone powered setup to turn systems on and off, burning items and making essentia on demand in a logistical empire of automation, you'll want pipes for that job.

    Runic shielding is now handled in two ways: Baubles and Augmentation. Baubles are a second set of equip-able items worn along side your everyday armor. Baubles have four slots: an Amulet, two Rings and a Belt. Instead of the old invisible armor, you can now wear four baubles to achieve the same effect.

    The second way is via Runic Augmentation. You could compare it to infusion enchanting: Place the item you want augmented in the center of the infusion altar(This is limited to "Magical" armors, not everything will work), then place a diamond and a needed amount of salus mundes on the pedistals around the altar. You apply runic shielding one layer(And infusion) at a time, with the cost of salus mundes and essentia increasing each time(Double the last amount of essentia, and one extra salus). This change does mean you can have runic shielding on your thaumostatic harness.

    Also, runic shielding has a small cost to it. You'll need a wand or something else that holds vis in order to form the shield, costing aer and terra vis.

    Mana beans are now placed on the bottom of a log, and in the wild you can only find them as primals or herba. By growing mana beans next to each other, you can cross breed them to compound aspects. While it will take time and work, you can endlessly grow any essentia you want.

    Repair is now faster, but costs vis. how much depends on the item in question.

    The only thing that can have essentia float through the air is the infusion altar, every thing else must be inserted using pipes(This includes things like the infernal furnace and the Arcane Bore).

    They can now be placed on the top and bottom of a block. This was changed to help more with essentia buffers.

    All this, plus a few smaller misalliances changes like the recipe to the magic mirrors, void jars, and salus mundes(You make it by smelting balanced shards, created from throwing a vis shard into curcible with two of all other primal aspects. For example, an air shard needs two ignus, two ordo, two terra, two aqua, and two perditio.

    This is a new system to turn aura nodes into a different type of energy: Centia Viz(Or CV for short). Where normal vis is a slow trickle of energy, CV is a steady stream of power. By energizing an aura node, you turn it into a source of CV to power both old and new devices(Like the arcane bore and the infernal furnace). CV energy can not be stored in any way, so anything not in use goes to waste. This is fine, as it is an "Endless" source of power so your only problem would be if you are not making enough CV to support usage.

    This system ends up being something you set up and use later on then normal, after the infusion altar and such. You'll typically want to find or breed a large node, since the aspect count determines how much CV it produces a tick. I should also note that any compound aspects are broken down into all their primals(So ten Luxs is equal to ten ignus and aer), and the amount of CV produced by a node is the square root of the aspect(So twenty five turns into five CV and one hundred turns into ten) rounded down and influenced by the node class(Bright gains extra CV, pale and fading less).

    Heavily debated, this is one of the more controversial systems. Basically, it can be described as a new form of currency like vis and research points. Unlike those examples, you generally want to keep this value low as gaining a large amount is a bad thing. What does warp do you may be asking? It can cause some weird things to happen... Sudden bouts of flux flu(Potion effect that makes it harder to channel vis, causing the vis cost of things to rise while you have it), strange whispers, headaches, temporary blindness or blurred vision.... There are many effects warp can cause you to experience. It was added primarily as an extra cost to things, a balancing point other then just time or resource investment along with adding flavor to the whole thing(Man was not meant to meddle with magic, and warp is a prime example).

    Warp currently comes in three different types: Permanent(Or Perm), Normal(Often call plain warp or just warp), and temporary. Permanent warp can never be removed in any way(Hence the name). Normal can be removed, but it is very costly to do so. Temporary warp fades with time, without you needing to do anything.

    Now, how do you gain warp? Several ways,but the normal methods are via research and crafting. Now some researches are marked as "Forbidden", with a tag that gives you an idea of how much warp you will gain(From one to five points). Research gives a 50/50 split of normal and permanent warp(Research is the only way to gain permanent warp), with this amount erring on the side of perm(A one point of warp research is always permanent, three points are two perm and one normal.) Crafting objects of a questionable nature(Like flesh golems and brain in a jar) can give normal warp. A few other small things can give normal or temp warp, but I'll leave those for you to find.

    You can see why this system has been debated, and personally I stand on the "Pro-Warp" side. It gives you a new resource to manage, and it is always the players fault if they go too far down the rabbit hole. Small amounts of warp are harmless, even lucrative(One event gives research points). It is only when you build up large amounts with little regard for safety or caution that it can turn nasty(Giving you strange cravings and indigestion). The metaphor I use for describing it is "You are making a deal with a demon". You gain quite a lot in return, but at what cost? No one forces you to do the research, but you want that free furnace or XP storage don't you? You decide what is worth the cost of warp, and pay the price accordingly. It is a risk/reward system, and I love it for that.

    Now then, there is a little addition to this that I should cover... But I'll leave it under an unmarked spoiler in case you want to discover it on your own. Only read if you are willing to descend into madness for power.

    For the few who willingly or foolishly turn to madness, there is a great reward: Eldritch knowledge. When your warp is high enough, you unlock the eldrtich tab and with it some of the best gear in thaumcraft. The primal wand core and focus are under here, along with void metal and a few other new things(A new set of wand caps, a new armor set, and a new way to store large amounts of essentia easily). I must warn you: Do not seek this knowledge recklessly, as unlocking this tab puts you in range of the nastiest warp effects there are.

    An upgraded form of thaumium armor, fortress armor comes with two major boons: Protection and customization. While having protection to normal damages comparable to diamond armor, Fortress also has mild protection to fire and magic damage. Along with this, the helm can be upgraded with one of three face plates and a goggle augmentation(They act like goggles of reveling without the vis discount). The three other face plates are: Grinning Devil(Warp effects are less powerful), Angry ghost(Chance to wither anything that hits you), and sipping fiend(Small amount of HP restored from mobs you hurt).

    Simple device that turns aspects into a "Crystallized" form. Basically, it turns only point of essentia into one item worth one point of essentia. Useful for storing it as an item without the need of the glass philes or jars.

    A highly acidic liquid that melts only flesh while leaving items untouched. It also crystallizes a few of the slain mobs aspects, creating shards like those from the crystallizer.

    Highly mysterious group, little is known about who they are or what are their goals. The only thing we know for certain is that they seek to perform a ritual known only as the "Opening of the Eye".

    Three new golem cores: Sorting(A mix of the empty and filling golem used to, well, sort items better.), Butcher(Kills any animals in range, bar two so breeding can continue), and the fishing core(The golem fishes in any nearby body of water)

    Basically, they are the opposite of a staff. While the staff can use foci but can't be used for crafting, the scepter can be used for crafting but can't equip foci. They also come with more vis storage then normal wands, so it is worth making one for your table.

    Amulet bauble that stores vis. The vis stone can found as dungeon loot, and holds up to twenty five of any aspect(Comes with a few in the chest). Vis amulets are a craftable version of this, with a cap of two hundred and fifty vis. Both need to be recharged in a wand recharging station, but the amulet can drain power from nearby vis relays(Blocks used to transport CV).

    This should be all of the major changes and additions since 1.6.4, but I may have missed a few. Regardless, this should give you a good idea of what you are missing and I personally would recommend updating. I often create personal modpacks where I purposefully drop favorite mods just to see how much I have grown to rely on them.
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