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    Considering the large debate going on over vampires and daylight, I might as well give my two cents.

    I have have logged a lot of hours as a vampire when testing the alpha versions of this update(To the point I was credited by the mod author in the "Special thanks" Section of the main post.), most of them actually in survival testing how it impacted gameplay. I first looked into how early it was possible to become a vampire(Answer: Depending on luck with villages, within the first hour at iron level gear). After that, I was forced out of the light, growing my power and resources as I had next to nothing due to how early I become a vampire. I quickly started adapting my play style and gear for being a vampire, living inside the first village I found and managing my time around the sun. I found it best to start mining, crafting, and preparing for tasks like setting up a witchery altar during the day, then as soon as night hit I would feed, explore, do anything that needed to be set up outside for when daylight comes like a farm, then head underground or inside as dawn approached. As I went deep into the witchery tree, I gave myself an otherwhere infusion for a quick teleport home to safety, moved into the dimension known as "Torment"(Fun fact, you don't die there!). Once I had a decent setup, I started using the "Field" rites of transposition to set up waystones to quickly get from A to B to take care of anything that needed to be done. I slowly started tailoring my actions around being a vampire, and even become a "Hybrid" and lived with the lower blood pool. And because of the restriction from daylight, I had a huge amount of fun with this.

    For those saying to "Let them live in sunlight, nerf them to balance this boon!", there is one issue with that: It leaves the whole experience watered down. You want them to be powerful they are the kings of the night, terrors of the country side, a monster that should not be taken on lightly! To weaken them to the point of balancing daylight not killing them would ruin this mind set, this play style. Daylight should never be just a "Minor annoyance", it should always be a major threat that you play around.

    Instead of being turned away by the risks and problems of being a vampire on a server, embrace them!. Build your base around the idea of being a vampire, so sunlight is rarely an issue for you. Use shaded glass or sticky pistons to make safely switches for areas that need sky or day, blocking out the light so you can come in at any time to take care of business before letting them run again when you are out of harms way. Want to visit your friends bases? Build a transport network to get from A to B without seeing the sun! Not only are you safe, but your friends are happy with a quick way to get around. Want to go raid some dungeon with the others, but can't get there without going in the sun? Give the others the items for a rite of transposition, then have them summon you when they get there. Better yet, using this you could become the pack mule, for lack of a better term, bringing the items to and from the dungeon using your recall to home power and the ritual to summon you back!

    There are problems with being a vampire, and you go into ritual knowing this full well. So adapt to it, play around these limitations and make the most of it. You gain a lot from being a vampire, from speed to flight to near immortality. Make the most of your power, minimize the risks, and you'll find that being a vampire is an enjoyable change of pace. At least, that is what happened to me.

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    I thought, given the context, your water block video would have been explaining some armor or tool customization option.

    It was a teaser for an upcoming feature, a way to augment bound armor with reagent for new effects and abilities.

    My minimal fix for Blood Magic's design would probably look something like this:

    Give the player a weapon (something sharp, so it makes sense) that acts as a mostly-mundane weapon other than when you kill a hostile mob with it it gives you LP (directly, no blood altar, no blood orb). If you're out of LP, you start fighting with this, and eventually you can cast spells (or whatever) again. It shouldn't suck as a weapon. You have to succeed at killing with it. But it need not be anything special. You could craft it with a diamond sword and have it act exactly like a diamond sword, except that it does not wear out, and has this effect, for example. That would probably be fairly low-effort to code. It should not break the game's balance. You could tune the LP given. Even if the LP given was too low, so long as the sword wasn't awful, I could still stay away from the base and do things with my friends that way.

    I would agree to this, if it did damage par with an iron sword and/or could not be enchanted,so that the player needs to decide between damage or utility. And it needs durability, so again it isn't a go to weapon because of it's unbreaking nature.(Also, this would be a pain to think of a lore reason for it to function as it does).

    My slightly less minimal fix would probably be:

    Have most damaging Blood Magic effects refund the mob's HP (at full health) as LP, or the spells LP cost, whichever is lower, upon kill. I would also expect this to be relatively easy to code. Despite your complaints earlier ("The reason is balance, game design. You want to encourage and reward certain actions, so to point the player in the intended direction. Perhaps netting five hundred for a hostile would work, since an upgraded altar would reward far more then that."), I am quite certain this would not imbalance the game. The player cannot gain LP this way. Normally they would break even, unless they miss, the spell isn't enough to kill the mob, the spell is more powerful than necessary to kill the mob, or they use LP for something non-offensive. In those cases they lose LP. The gradual LP loss would probably be tolerable this way.

    I don't really like this idea, personally. You want to give a reason, a limit, to how long a player can last exploring/in a dungeon so they must come home and they have a reason to do so. Besides, with the basic spell system you have on average a hundred casts(Your apprentice orb can hold 20K, and many spells cost around two hundred LP to cast. This does bump up to over two thousand casts at T3.)

    If either of these was implemented, I would be "happy" for some value of happy. I can't say satisfied, since it still leaves many things broken in my opinion.

    At least I would feel like continuing to play with the mod. I'd gotten up to the third tier blood orb after about 4 hours, wasn't enjoying myself, and thought about why. That's why I wrote what I wrote.

    Way and I will try to come up with ideas for another, more entertaining way to gather LP early on. The problem lies in the set costs of slates: It is designed with the purpose of becoming far easier later on. Consider that at T3 with pure SS runes, you make around seven hundred and fifty LP per heart, while at T6 you are making over three thousand. As you grow stronger, that two hundred LP cost becomes... Well, a drop in the ocean. You also have the well of suffering for passive LP generation from mobs, even with vanilla(Witches are popular, but I prefer cows in minecarts).

    I haven't done anything with the tier 3 stuff. I exhausted a lot of my resources getting that far, and was pretty burned out. I can confidently say the payoff/investment ratio felt far better in Thaumcraft, for example. I was trying to rush to getting to the advanced spell system, which is all I'm very interested in.

    T3 has always been the big hurdle. After that, the slates stop being a real issue and the counter weight(Bloodstone, beacons, crystal clusters) starts being the limiting factor.

    I will likely use the alchemy system since, while it's not the best I've seen, it's far better than vanilla Minecraft, and I haven't seen anything more to my liking. I will probably make the Bound Armor, since it should be a pretty good replacement for the Thaumcraft 4 Runic armor I use now, and it's still more customizable. I will probably only use the rest if forced, and it looks like it's designed to force me to use it all.

    I've never had to have a mod tell me "you must use this system you have no interest in" to get by. Instead, I usually look up what the mod can do, and then go into what I have to to get to the points that interest me. Once I get to that point I usually have a lot of fun finding weird uses for it, using it with all the other stuff I like, helping my friends out with it, etc. I rather resent the notion that I won't know if I like something until I've been forced to do it quite a while.

    Well, we have you use these systems to try them out. Once you have got what you need, we don't force you to keep using it. Going with the old adage of "You can't judge a book by it's cover", you might actually like something after you try it. It is a little nudge often needed to have a player try new things they normally wouldn't.

    In particular the guns stuff seems really out of place in a magic mod, especially one that seems to take itself pretty seriously. I have only seen the Energy Blaster. I didn't know there was more. I am perhaps strange in that I find guns (of the lethal, not gravity/portal variety) terribly boring, possibly from decades of overexposure to FPS's. I would prefer to avoid this part of the mod.

    My version of the mod may be old. I'm using Monster 1.1.2. It doesn't appear to have "Blood Letters" in it, and that's definitely not mentioned in the tutorial. It also doesn't seem to have a "Energy Bazooka".

    Ah, you are several versions out of date. You have been missing the demon invasion, and perhaps even a new part of the advanced spells(The Tool paradigm).

    As for the demon summoning, I would probably have done it to get items I wanted (instead of things that just have to exist to get to things I want, like blood orbs, which lets me cope with the fact I can't get LP by killing things directly), and because seeing new creatures and fighting them is fun (mentioned before). This is especially true if it has interesting mechanics, instead of being a reskinned big tub of hit points, like some mobs are.

    I've done *all* of Thaumcraft's research, except for the parts you have to find knowledge fragments for (because I haven't found many), because I happen to enjoy it's research minigame puzzles a lot, not because the mod forced me.

    Well again, you need to consider that a player might find they enjoy something after being forced to use it once. Take for example the infusion altar: In early versions of TC you could get a thaumium capped silver wood with just one infusion, and elemental wand cores without even one. It was later changed so all of them need several infusions, so a player "Must" use an infusion altar in order to progress. The essentia reservoir is a wonderful means of storing essentia(Again, you might not have it), but it can only be filled by hand or essentia tube so it forces usage of those two for the pricey but far better storage it offers. Thaumcraft has tiers, it has gating, but it just hides it. Blood magic makes no attempt at withholding this information.

    As for the demon shards, that is a bit of a necessity since you want one resource for several purposes. Thaumcraft does the same thing with the primordial pearl(But you wouldn't have that in a 1.6 pack).

    There is an old saying: "A man doesn't know what he wants until he has it, then he will fight tooth and nail to keep it." I'd say this is a good enough reason for forcing a player to do something once, so they can see for themselves what they want to keep.
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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29
    I may be too inexperienced to review the design of the Blood Magic mod, but these are my first impressions.

    Lest this post be interpreted as whining or trolling, I will start with what I like about the mod:
    • I love the ability to design custom spells.
    • I like the ability to customize my armor.
    • The theme is carried out well.

    The rest of this post is intended as constructive criticism, which the author requested.

    And I will try to address each of your points with my own experiences as a skilled blood mage with over a year of using this mod under his belt.

    Bored Magic:

    The worst problem with the design of this mod is I find myself standing around the altar, stabbing myself or mobs for ages. This isn't exciting. If there is anything I can confidently say about blood magic, it's that it should not evoke feelings of boredom.

    The fun part of Minecraft for me, and everyone else I know, is building things that look cool or do something interesting, exploring, and fighting. The design of this mod directly interferes with that.

    Well, WayofTime has stated that he wanted a time cost instead of a resource cost. Instead of spending an hour in a mine looking for X ore to then process, you spend time in your base near your altar, working on other tasks while your HP regenerates. You also have the blood letters pack to alleviate this issue early game, and the feathered knife later on.

    There appears to be 3 sources of this problem.

    The first is that the altar is immobile, and used for everything. These are not two separate issues. If the altar was immobile and only used to craft items, it would not be a problem. If the altar was mobile (which would make no sense for an altar), it would not be a problem.

    While it is a main focal point for the mod, it isn't used for everything. One of the main uses is to gate progression, so you don't acquire end game gear after five minutes if you've been running quarries. As it stands, this system encourages you to build more then one altar to suit different tasks.

    The second is that refilling the altar and the soul network is too slow. Some people refer to this as “pacing”, and say good game designs should be “fast paced”. Personally I hate that term, because “fast paced”, like “streamlined”, is usually a euphemism for “dumbed down”. I want to make it clear that that is not what I want. What I do want, is to never find myself standing around doing nothing that requires thought for a noticeable amount of time. Watching my hit points to make sure they don't get too low as I spam a mouse button does not require enough thought to be entertaining, and the rate at which it fills the altar, and the altar fills the soul network, results in a (very) noticeable wait.

    As I said earlier, you have options to make LP while no where near an altar(alright, you might be near one but you can be doing another task like sorting out an item storage room, crafting items or managing machines). Again, the rate of filling the altar and the network can be alleviated with an altar built for the task, using sacrifice/self sacrifice runes.to speed up generation and speed runes for speeding up crafting/feeding the network.

    The third is the spells and bound items and armor are usually too costy to be worth the wait to refill my soul network, especially since I can't reasonably refill it while away from my base. The end result is I don't 'feel like a mage', since I will only cast spells or use bound items and armor rarely.

    Well, you need to consider when you first get them and later on when you make make several thousand LP from a single heart. I tend to treat my soul network as a reserve of power I tap into, and I need to keep track of how much and how fast I'm using it. I personally like the fact that you can't feasibly refill the network in the field, as it bumps up the tension on long trips away from home. LP becomes a finite resource I need to carefully manage, and unlike a mana bar it won't refill with time so if I run out I'm in a bad situation.

    I actually use the armor, spells, and tools quite often as I plan ahead for using them. I make sure I have enough LP to handle the job. Since I tend to build my base around or over an altar with a feathered knife I always make LP while at home making and preparing plans for projects.

    I've been told you should never criticize without giving a suggestion of how to correct the problem, so…

    I suggest relegating the blood altar to a crafting-only role. Then you can carry one with you to plop down if you need to do crafting on the go, and if that's too inefficient (due to lack of runes) you can return to your pyramid of doom at your home base. The altar looks good, and fits with the theme, so I'd rather not eliminate it completely.

    Well, as it stands I make my slates in a huge bulk amounts so "Crafting on the go" would be almost worthless. Why would you ever use the weaker altar when you have access to a T5 in the basement? From a design standpoint, a player would have no incentive to use a weaker altar.

    With the current system, you tend to build multiple altars for different tasks instead of JUST crafting. I have had a world where I had a self sac altar for filling my soul network, a well of suffering sacrifice altar for generating a supply of LP to store in a tank, and a altar with a load of speed runes for crafting and filling my network from the tank if I really need a pick-me-up.

    It should be possible, from the beginning of using the mod, to collect blood from mobs, not just yourself. It should be possible to refill your soul network using this blood immediately. If you need a concept for this, it's like “bathing in the blood of your slain enemies, and absorbing their power”. Playing a blood mage this way would be all about balance and pacing; making sure that you don't miss with your spells, or cast too many utility spells between enemy kills. With this design I can go out exploring with my friends, and help them fight, instead of having to be left behind, alone and unwanted, to slit my wrists.

    Well, this does have the issue of the amount you would make from a single mob would be so pitiful without an altar that you would need to kill four or five mobs to have the LP for a single spell. The problem comes from this: You need a mob slain away from an altar to give enough LP to be worth doing, but low enough that you would rather use an altar over it and self sacrifice is still a faster if riskier option. Perhaps a set of pants or a helm that can take a small(Read, fifty LP or so) from each mob slain with a sword. Small enough that using an altar is far better for any mob, but builds up over time. Perhaps a shift right click of an orb can drain this into the network. Since it is an armor piece, you are giving up protection in exchange for making a small amount of LP for your network or your altar.

    The cost of spells and (especially) bound items needs playtesting for rebalancing. Really, try it. Rapidly mining an area instantly doesn't make up for standing about the altar for much longer than it would have taken to dig by hand, being bored.

    Again, I find the costs reasonable. I minute in my base around my regeneration beacon and a feathered knife more then pays for a use of a bound tools beast mode, and can in fact pay for several uses.

    A Multiplicity of Magic:

    There are at least 4 magic systems in Blood Magic:
    • sigils
    • basic spell system
    • advanced spell system
    • rituals

    The sigils and basic spell system feel redundant to me. I can't see a reason I would ever want to use them instead of the advanced spell system. The only idea I liked from them is using the head of an enemy to cast spells.

    The basic and advanced spell sytems actually serve different uses in combat. The basic spells are more often damage focused with a side effect, while an advanced spell is more effect focused with damage as a secondary feature. You must also consider the placement and cost of them both: A basic spell is your early game option, cheap to build and use. An advanced spell is far more costly in terms of LP and resources to build, with it's boon coming from the ability to augment an effect and then chain the effects. In gameplay, you end up using the basic system unless you need the advanced system(And this sort of fits the theme, the only reason you want more power is for a goal that is beyond what is currently possible.

    As for sigils, then tend to have effects you want to toggle on, like the compression, phantom bridge, and green grove. Sigils tend to fill in the gaps that a spell doesn't quite fit.

    I've never seen a spell system like your advanced spell system, and like it a lot. I do wish it looked more like the rest of the mod, instead of like a Minecraft-Tron crossover.

    Well, Way is open to ideas on how to change the look without touching the mechanics.

    I don't see anything very wrong with rituals, and they usually serve a different purpose from the other spell systems, but I don't have a lot of experience with them yet. I have wondered whether it's 'worth it' for some of them. For example, would I reliably make more back than I spent when crafting the items lost in the “Mark of the Falling Tower”? Not only would I need to make more back for me to bother, but I would need to make quite a bit more, since crafting all that would take quite a while. I suggest playtesting in survival if there is any doubt.

    A note about the falling tower: You can save the ritual. The meteor is formed on the first thing it hits, spawning in the sky directly above the master ritual stone. It is not only possible, but recommended to have a "Landing area" above the ritual so it destroying everything isn't an issue.

    I have several suggestions for improving the magic system.

    Eliminate the sigils and basic spell system. This lets you focus your energy on improving what is currently called the advanced spell system (and would likely just be “the spell system” if you take my advice) and rituals.

    I have given my thoughts on the basic spell system and sigils. You must remember, if Way just wants to add one effect he can't add it to the advance spell system, as he would need a few dozen effects for any one block he adds. It is a lot of work, so the sigils tend to fill the gaps for little ideas that don't fit in with everything else. As for the basic system, that was actually Way's first attempt at a spell system, before the advanced one was even a thing. Way considered removing them, but opted to leave them in as an early game option.

    Enemy heads on an altar or pedestal of some kind should be involved in spell creation. The spell components should fit in with the design of the rest of the mod. I suggest having them look like Inca quipu and bone art. The quipu are especially relevant, since they are 'knotted up' like your advanced spells, and come from a culture known for blood sacrifice. Perhaps the head should be the 'start' of the spell (as in the basic spell system), and the rest should trail away from it. This would allow builds that look something like the Paris catacombs or Capuchin Crypt.

    Constructing spells out of the minimum number of components should be rewarded. If you can find a way to 'pass through' a component you need to use again, it should reduce the cost of crafting the spell, and casting it. This encourages 'knotting up' the spells, and adds a fun puzzle aspect. Being a mage should require thinking, and cleverness should be rewarded.

    If the start block (head on an altar) of a spell could be 'reused' by more than one spell (continuing with the efficiency notion), and spells could be bound by selecting their end block, then you could build rings around heads on pedestals, which should result in better aesthetics. Spells could even 'overlap' (using common parts in multiple spells) to further reduce crafting (but not casting, only the path through the components effects that) costs, at the cost of puzzling out how to do it.

    This would require a lot of work, as huge chunks of code would need to be replaced from scratch.

    Make My Pickaxe More Kickaxe:

    I wish armor customization was more flexible (e.g. using something similar to the advanced spell system). As it is it's only a little better than just choosing bits of armor that have effects you want from other mods.

    You will have something a bit like this in the form of Project:Omega.(Link for those who missed it: ). While it isn't exactly what you are asking for, you might approve of it nonetheless.

    Tools and weapons don't seem to be customizable at all. That needs improvement.

    Enchantments and the tool spell paradigm tend to take this roll, in my experience.

    Turning Alchemy Into Gold:

    The alchemy system is good, but it could be better.

    The most fun alchemy system I've ever used is in Skyrim. Each ingredient has 4 effects. For your brew to have the effect of an ingredient, you have to include another ingredient with the same effect. Almost every ingredient has positive and negative effects. Each ingredient also has different strengths of effects. You can only include 3 ingredients. Due to the design of this system it's possible to get almost any combination of effects you want. You must be careful to avoid combining ingredients that would cause a powerful negative effect in brews you intend to drink, or ones that would cause a powerful positive effect in brews you intend to use on your weapons.

    Unfortunately, Skyrim provided an ability that lets you eliminate all positive or negative effects from a brew. This made the system much less challenging to work with. You could just use that, rather than trying to find a negative effect that you would not mind on yourself (e.g. reduced stamina, while bartering), or positive effects that don't cause a problem when fighting an enemy (e.g. increasing cold resistance, while reducing fire resistance).

    I'm not suggesting you adopt Skyrim's alchemy system (though I wouldn't object). What I would like is a logical (not random) system that requires some thought, where you're forced to deal with both positive and negative effects, as its does.

    I would also like to be able to poison my weapons (both melee and arrows). The way this works in Skyrim is a 'dose' of the brew used for poison is put on the weapon. When you hit an enemy, it is used up, and starts affecting the enemy. I'm not sure there is any room for improvement in this design, since it's hard to imagine it working many other ways. You could use a timer, rather than hits, but that would needlessly punish the player by wasting their dose if they could not deliver it in time (e.g. because the mob ran away, or died due to someone else killing it).

    Ideally an ingredient's effects would be related to the ingredient. For example, harmful fire-related effects would be found on things that are hot, or at least came from things with fiery attacks. You could implement this for items that came from other mods by matching words in their names (e.g. fire (without 'resistance'), flame, lava, magma, etc.). The result of hashing the name might be used to choose the specific effect where several could apply.

    There is the question of what role alchemy should have in a magic mod. As in, what should be a spell, and what should be a potion or poison.

    Refilling mana in most games, or hit points in our case, should obviously be a potion (that gets used up) instead of a spell, if we find we need to limit casting (which isn't always the case; e.g. Magicka is just fine without anything like a mana pool).

    Other kinds of potions that work well seem to fit a few criteria:
    • The effect is weaker than a spell, but occurs over a long time to make up for that, and remains balanced by using up the potion or poison. These are often useful in long fights involving bosses or masses of enemies.
    • The effect is more powerful than a spell, but remains balanced by using up the potion or poison.
    • By itself it achieves nothing, but it is useful as preparation for something else. For example, a poison might reduce the enemy's fire resistance, which would make fire spells cast later more effective.

    I hope you'll consider this when working on the alchemy system.

    I'll leave the call on this to Way, but it sounds like a great deal of work for this.

    ♫ No More Tiers ♫

    I don't like “tiers” in any game design, and Blood Magic uses them (e.g. blood orbs).

    In a system with tiers, upon receiving a better item, I'm not excited, because I know my only goal is to rush to the point where I can throw it away for something better. This results in a long chain of unexciting disposals until I finally get the item I wanted at the end.

    Tiers also destroy creativity, since each new version of an item is better than the previous in every way. There is no way to customize things in a tiered system. There is no opportunity to realize that a particular variation of the item is perfect for a specific use.

    So what does a good system without tiers look like? You can look to most of the “tech mods” for inspiration. While most do suffer somewhat from tier-related designs (usually in energy sources), players usually add to their machinery, instead of replacing it, and there is great variety in how each part can be used. Magic mods are usually really bad at this. Hopefully Blood Magic will do better.

    Blood Magic also has a lot of “filler items” (e.g. slates) that should be improved or removed.

    Ideally every item would be useful by itself. Even if you only want the item to craft something that requires it, you may be able to get some use out of it while you gather the other items.

    If an item can't be useful, and seems necessary for a design to make sense, at least it should be possible to place for aesthetic purposes. Of course this means it also needs to look good when placed.

    Please avoid the “grind design” pitfall. We don't need items that only exist to slow down progress and complicate crafting, without adding anything to the “fun parts” mentioned before.

    I actually like the tiers in blood magics progression, as it gives a player clear defined goals and lets them know exactly where they stand in a tech tree. Instead of needing to craft a dozen machines to progress, Instead of "I need X machine to transform X material into Y material to make Y machine to turn Z into...You get the idea", I focus on making one machine better and better. Improving the wheel instead of reinventing it. With blood magics current system, you really only have two blocks to process X into Y with tiers restricting you to current tech for things you can not only use but afford to use. A tier lets you gain a large amount of content after one event, and we can easily control when we want you to have access to something by using tiers. You may not like it, but from a design standpoint tiers are effective.

    Griefer vs Griefer:

    It's clear that PvP, and to a lesser extent, griefing has had a strong influence on this mod.

    I can think of a lot more useful spells to provide to novice mages than infinite lava and water (e.g. melee and ranged attacks, and some sort of defensive shield). Yes, these spells can be useful legitimately, but they do little to nothing to improve survival or gathering. Your buddies won't exactly be clamoring to bring you along on their next mining expedition when all you can do is drown them or set them on fire when confronted with enemies.

    These are actually utility and not combat items. While not useful in combat, having an endless amount of water on hand without needing to create a spring on the spot is useful.

    Much ado has been made of the ability for players to sneak into your base and screw up spells you've bound to things, or use items bound to you to drain your soul network. Particularly telling is the fact the mod provides no tools for base defense.

    You have several options for base defense. The full spring and serenade rituals can be augmented to harm players who are not the activator with drowning or fire and fall damage. You also have the ritual "Aura of expulsion" solely designed for base defense.

    These 'features', and the time spent developing them, may as well not exist in single player.

    A lot of us, possibly most of us, don't enjoy aggravating other players in multi-player.

    Also, griefing takes little or no skill or intellect, since making anything useful in Minecraft takes far longer than destroying it. I don't need a magic mod to burn a wooden structure, or mine out someone's house, or steal whatever they've placed or put in chests.

    Please keep that in mind while developing your mod.

    Well, you also need to think of servers who encurage a bit of rivalry in the players, with jokes and pranks instead of full base destruction(Example: Messing up a spell so you set yourself on fire is fine, so long as you don't steal any part so they can easily fix it.) Way is just going out of his way to point out possible risks so your aren't burned because you were not warned.

    Forbidden Lore:

    I know you (the author) know about the problem, and are working on it, but in-game documentation is sorely needed. Having to constantly switch to the web browser to look stuff up is a drag.


    Thanks for reading this. Hopefully you found it useful enough for it to have been worth the (not insignificant) time I spent writing it. If not, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

    The documentation is well on it's way(I should know, I'm the bloody author of the things. Yes, I quite literally wrote the books on blood magic.), and in fact early versions of the books should be in the mod sometime soon-ish.
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    Quote from Recognice»
    I have a problem with the Demon Invasion thing..

    I play on Direwolf20's Pack 1.7.10 v1.0.3.

    Firstly, the Altar does not spawn.

    Secondly, even when its working its bugging. There are texture fails and the builings arent generating.

    Picture: http://i.imgur.com/v8z7lYv.png

    You have an out of date bloodmagic config folder. Delete it so it can regenerate, then and future buildings should spawn correctly.
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    Quote from RTWPA»

    Yeah that's right, the armor is quite balanced this way. I still think that it would be great if we could at least fly with it

    There is a ritual and potion for creative flight, and the air sigil for transportation flight. I feel we are covered in this regard.
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    Out of curiosity, are the booster pack drops classified as a "Rare loot" drop? By this I simply mean "Can they drop anytime a mob dies(Like string from a spider), or only when a mob is killed by a damage source classified as a 'Player'(Like spider eyes)?" Such information is critical in the creation and design of a mob farm to collect a vast assortment of packs to open later, both manually and automatically.

    Also, I have plans to create a few .csv files for popular mods(Namely Blood magic, Botania, thaumcraft, and witchery. If I enjoy this, I may make more for other mods). When finished I shale post them here.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    My thoughts on the matter of the rewrite for 1.8:

    I'll get this right out of the way: I am of the unpopular opinion that 1.8 wasn't a bad update. Yes there is the new json system but if it is that much work for a mod author, how bad must it have been for them? The only reason they would even consider implementing such a huge change is if they had little choice in the matter, or if what they gained justified the huge amount of work it caused. As for what added, yes what they added as done with mods. So what? Having such things in vanilla means it becomes more dependable, no matter what modpack you run you have access to it normally.

    As for what 1.8 adds, who can argue with performance improvement? After that, they covered their bases for the community: Slime blocks for the redstoners and the builders(Bounce house, fall protection), easy access to new stone types for the builders, armor stands(Yes, the might not look the best. But considering that you can move it with minecarts, and map makers can freely pose the stands using commands...), tweaks to the enchanting system(Yes, it costs lapis now. But you also get a sneak peak at one enchantment you'll get, so it is a bit less random), sponges(Because cleaning up water was always a bit painful, these make it less so), water temple for the explorers that comes with fancy new blocks, new door and fence types, better villager trading, crafting recipes for decorative blocks, banners, and a few other things. Nothing really huge and ground breaking, but the focus seemed to be on performance with everything else being done later.

    As for updating to 1.8, and the rewrite it entails: Take your time. It will be a great deal of work, so feel free not to rush it. Learn what is now possible, and get a feel for where you want to go. With a major update like this and an idea of where you want to go, you can lay the groundwork for future updates that right now aren't possible. You could implement the new thauminomicon interface you've been wanting, cut off or change things you aren't happy with. It might be a lot of work to update, so might as well get all you can out of it. Best of luck, and I wish you well. You have been one of my favorite mod authors for a while, and I look forward to what you do with a clean slate to work with.

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    May i ask where do you find the crates.

    Normally a place outside of space and time, where only madmen can show you the way.(In other words, they are found inside the Outer lands. You can also find them in the burrows from world gen, as a urn and crate replaced two of the chests).
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    Quote from Vindicar »
    Warp sucks. Warp you can't remove sucks squared.
    Good thing I'm op and there is a a command to nullify warp.

    Prepare for a long winded opinion.

    Warp, to me, has been a wonderful addition to thaumcraft that has often lead to interesting events and situations, hard choices that consisted of more then "Do I have the time or materials for X?", and emergent gameplay. I often think hard on any research that gives warp, asking myself "Is what I gain worth everything I lose?" Is easy enchanting, better then diamond armor, and a way to store experience worth two points of perm? What can live without so I don't gain warp? Is a free furnace, bellows, and a way to automatically get rid of flux really worth it? All these are questions I have asked myself because of warp. Before warp, the only reason you wouldn't go for things like this are if you already had another mod for the task or didn't really have a use for it at that moment.

    From my experience, warp has started rewarding three types of play in different ways: The Refrained, the Dabbler, and the Indulger. The refrained player who avoids anything warping is rewarded for settling with less for not having everything this mod has to offer by never having any warp effects. The Dabbler is rewarded for picking and choosing what he feels is worth the cost by only having minor events. The Indulger is rewarded for wielding the double edged sword of eldritch items, having flat out better gear then the other two as a reward for living with warp events.

    This also leads to some interesting server iterations between players, with the first two groups trading with the Indulger for things they themselves can't create without becoming an Indulger themselves and having the side effects. The other two groups also actively avoid being near an Indulger if they can help it so the side effects of warp like flux phage don't also impact them.

    And one wonderful thing about warp is that it lets Azanor and other mod authors add things they normally would for fear of balance. Things like the advanced alchemy furnace and the reservoirs might not have been added if not for warp being a prerequisite. It weeds out the players who are willing to commit themselves to the art and the madness from the normal players. Anything warped or eldritch is something only a fraction of the payers may see, let alone use! So then the reward for this small group must be worth while, right? If it wasn't, then you would have no reason to unlock epiphany, let alone revelations.

    In the end I always say perm warp is fair for one reason: You know what you're getting into from the start. There is a very clear warning that warp can lead to some nasty things in "Flux, taint, and all things bad", so if you choose to go down this path the only person to blame is yourself. Perm warp is always the result of choice, as it only comes from research.

    I'll end this with two other comments:

    I wear my perm warp as a badge of pride, the scars that show "Yes, I have delved into the darkest depths of madness and brought a few friends and trinkets back with me. I've seen the beginning and end of the universe, and let me tell you it didn't live up to the reviews and the popcorn there didn't come with budder."

    Second note: I love the fact that obelisks require someone with revelations to unlock them. It limits the number of people who can open them, so finding one that hasn't been opened and raided is easier and limits the number of players who have access to what is inside. If normal players want the loot inside, they are forced to work with someone who has gone off the deep end and out the other side.
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    Quote from Auric245524»
    Ok, I'm stumped. I'm seeing two new entries in my thaumnomicon's eldritch page but I have no idea how to unlock them. My warp went through the roof from my journey to the Outer Lands so I don't think it's unlocked from just warp. I had thought I'd figure it out after beating a boss in the Outer Lands, but all I ended up getting was a praetor helm and a bag of "rare" treasure that had a handful of gold coins (still have no idea what to do with these things), a diamond and a pair of slightly damaged, mundane gold boots. Am I missing something here?

    Once the Crimson portal is closed, a rainbow colored pearl should spawn in the air above it. Grab that pearl, and scan it for your reward for conquring an outer lands dungeon for the first time in a world.
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