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    posted a message on 1600's Naval Port Island w/ 138 Gun Galleon
    Ive been building this port city to serve as a spawn capital for an ocean kingdom RP server I plan on hosting. This is about 3 or 4 weeks into build so far. These pics are pretty big if you wanna click on them to look closer.

    This shot shows the side of the city at night. The lighthouse is fully functional and rotates from redstone.

    Here's a little market square in the middle of the business district.

    A small shipyard and drydock.

    The Adler von Lubeck, aka the Eagle of Lubeck, or the Great Eagle. A 138 gun flag galleon, the biggest ship ever made at the time she was constructed in 1566.

    Our city wont stink, because we have the most advanced sewage systems available from the renaissance.

    And a very capable waterworks to help supply the cities fresh water needs.

    The Redstone College, where many aspiring apprentices study the machines of master redstoners to learn their craft.

    I hope you likes these! If you want to see more or maybe hop onto my server to look at it in person make sure to speak up.


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    posted a message on To throw DNA together in a biotic soup is NEARLY impossible. Life is just a feak of nature occurance!
    The important thing here is that 747's are clearly intelligently designed, and are irreducibly complex, I mean, a 747 without wings couldn't fly right? This is evidence of transcendental universe creating aircraft mechanics.
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    posted a message on I feel as though the even distribution of weight across the planet is a necessity.
    I could stand to lose some weight. Bring on the skinnies!
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    posted a message on If all religion and spirituality suddenly disappeared?
    Quote from Aminom

    I wish that idiotic hypothetical questions would disappear from the Internet.

    Hypothetically speaking, what would such a hypothetical world be like, exactly, hypothetically.
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    posted a message on Do you support male Circumcision?
    I consider circumcision to be mutilation, and child abuse. It damaged a fully functional part of the human body which you don't need to. All the excuses brought up to defend doing it don't stand against the light of reason.

    Its not hard to keep your junk clean. Come on, girls bits are WAY more complicated and they do a good job keeping it clean, you boys can too.

    Also it damages your sensitivity down there... and it was started by bronze age desert dwelling mystics who had no idea what they were talking about... so yeah.

    And honestly if your still on the fence, just consider how you feel about the idea of female genital mutilation? Its no different.
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    posted a message on Isn't there an "Internet Police"for this?
    Net neutrality has to be maintained, if we lose that, then we lose so much more. Piracy can hurt some people, but there's also evidence it helps other people too. I know someone who pirated minecraft back in the day just to test it out, and they loved it so much they bought a full copy less then a week later.

    I for one HATE paying $50+ for new games only to find out they suck or don't run well on my system for whatever reason, etc. Many people pirate simply to "test drive" stuff.
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    posted a message on Do you belive in the "Big Bang"?
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    posted a message on RIP STEVE JOBS
    Very sad news. I hear that his doctors were kept away and unable to get to him in the end, since, an apple a day.... well... you know. :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Why did the World Trade Center collapse straight down?
    I drew up a little diorama for you to help explain a few things.

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    posted a message on Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    May his noodly appendage touch us all.

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