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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from FoxyEngineer

    is this mod dead?

    Sort of yes, but kida not.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from thecourier

    Maybe add a mechanic to use liquid (lava) or maybe other from other mods to smelt

    This would require a completley different kinds of furnace, and my priority is to get rid of unrealistic GUIs, not create new machines. Later - maybe, but I am not sure.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from HelloImLuke
    Hey I did a mod review. Don't know if i covered everything or not.
    Emagherd, a review! I never had any of my mods reviewed! :D (probably because I haven't released any before :P )But the current build is so raw, so bugged, and so much more work is needed! It's so shameful to watch my creation fail and not work! The mod isn't really ready for any rewiews or actual playing with it yet.

    The progress on crafting table so far:
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from HuggableCreep

    Nice mod Kol999, and are we to expect a unguid brewing stand anytime soon?

    Crafting table first, then brewing stand. Crafting table is like 60% done, so we'll probably see a brewing stand before new year.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from SpitefulFox

    Very interesting concept. Nice work on the renders.

    You should work on a mod because YOU want to work on it. Not whether/because it gets attention.

    Well, the thing is: if you worked hard on a mod and it gets no attention, then people probably don't need a thing like that, or you are not capable of doing it properly, and you just lose all your motivation because of that. With my case - I am pretty motivated, thread have more than 0 posts, and I have an unguid crafting table half-working. Next release coming in a couple days or so!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from Goteer10

    Cool mod, I've been using the crafting pillar mod because it removes the gui from the crafting process, I'd like to see how this goes. ;)
    Also, can you make a "kind of" client-side version? It would be cool but also somewhat hard because there's no gui and you would have to...simulate it, i guess? :huh: I don't really know how it would work but you would see it on the block and everyone else wouldn't see it because it's client-side. Just an (probably really hard :unsure: ) idea. ^_^

    Actually, making a clientside version is a really cool idea! I'll look into it later on, when I'll have a bit more things done.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod
    Quote from Fixided

    No GUI and not a tech themed mod.

    Yus, bonus points, all of dem!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][FORGE] The Ungui Mod

    V0.0.2.0 released

    The basic concept of this mod is removing GUIs. First one on the line was furnace.
    The mod just replaces the vanilla furnace and workbench with a fancy biblio-craft-like style, as I like to say, UNGUI'd one.

    Also, it adds a complicated heat-based mechanic to smelting. Basically, the better fuel you have and the more time you spend heating your furnace up - the faster it will smelt, the less fuel will last.
    This is not entierly correct, but anyways, just think of the new furnace as a real-life one:
    you can't just take a bunch of sticks and smelt a freakin' piece of iron with them.

    Furthermore, your furnace won't ignite by inself anymore. You will have to use flint and steel, or flint and stick - crafted like flint and steel, but with a stick instead of the steel. It is slightly less durable, and have a 25% chance to start the fire.

    This also was my little entry for MODJAM3 mod writing competition.
    You can find more info on modjam3 here: http://mcp.ocean-labs.de/modjam/
    Stream records can NOT be found here, twitch derped them:
    Mah twitter: @RomanSandu

    • V0.0.2.0:
    • Added an ungui'd workbench.
      Fixed some bugz, I think. Maybe.
    • V0.0.1.0:
    • Added an ungui'd furnace.

    • Client-server desyncs. They suddenly come from nowhere and go back there if you relog. I'll look into the whole client-server thing later.

    Use recomended forge. (

    Downloads + sources can be found here:https://github.com/M...odJam3/releases
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    posted a message on Inventor's Toolbox
    1. How old are you?
    2. Where do/did you study?
    3. You have to be familiar with alot of math and real life physics to continue doing a mod like that. Do you have any of that knowledge?
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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.5]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 06/21/2018
    Yo! I made a russian translation for bibliocraft!
    Tested everything a couple times, it seems like it's working properly.
    Here it is:

    // Tab Names

    // Gui stuff
    gui.armorstand=Стойка для брони
    gui.bookcase=Книжная полка
    gui.cookiejar=Банка для печенья
    gui.shelf=Деревянная полка
    gui.label=Деревянная табличка
    gui.potionshelf=Полка для зелий
    gui.typeset.selectbook=Пожалуйста, выберите книгу
    gui.table=Деревянный стол
    gui.case=Демонстрационный кейс
    gui.toolrack=Стойка для инструментов
    gui.desk=Деревянный письменный стол

    //Tape Measure Texts
    tape.measurenorthsouth=Длинна с севера на юг =
    tape.measureeastwest=Длинна с востока на запад =
    tape.measureheight=Высота =
    tape.nomeasure=Нет замера.
    tape.measure=Длинна =
    tape.startmeasure=Начало змера.
    tape.mode0=Режим переключён на "С севера на юг, с востока на запад, и длина".
    tape.mode1=Режим переключён на "Абсолютный замер".

    lock.creativeonly=Только для творческого режима
    lock.notowner=Вы не являетесь хозяином этого блока.
    lock.locked=Этот блок был заблокирован.
    lock.unlocked=Этот блок был разблокирован.

    // Blocks
    CookieJar.name=Банка для печенья
    tile.BiblioType.name=Типографский стол
    tile.BiblioPress.name=Печатный пресс
    tile.BiblioArmorStand.name=Стойка для брони
    OakBookcase.name=Дубовая книжная полка
    SpruceBookcase.name=Еловая книжная полка
    BirchBookcase.name=Берёзовая книжная полка
    JungleBookcase.name=Джунглиевая книжная полка
    OakPotionShelf.name=Дубовая полка для зелий
    SprucePotionShelf.name=Еловая полка для зелий
    BirchPotionShelf.name=Берёзовая полка для зелий
    JunglePotionShelf.name=Джунглиевая полка для зелий
    OakShelf.name=Дубовая полка
    SpruceShelf.name=Еловая полка
    BirchShelf.name=Берёзовая полка
    JungleShelf.name=Джунглиевая полка
    OakWeaponRack.name=Дубовая стойка для инструментов
    SpruceWeaponRack.name=Еловая стойка для инструментов
    BirchWeaponRack.name=Берёзовая стойка для инструментов
    JungleWeaponRack.name=Джунглиевая стойка для инструментов
    OakLabel.name=Дубовая табличка
    SpruceLabel.name=Еловая табличка
    BirchLabel.name=Берёзовая табличка
    JungleLabel.name=Джунглиевая табличка
    RedLinedOakCase.name=Дубовый демонстрационный кейс
    BlueLinedOakCase.name=Дубовый демонстрационный кейс
    GreenLinedOakCase.name=Дубовый демонстрационный кейс
    BlackLinedOakCase.name=Дубовый демонстрационный кейс
    RedLinedSpruceCase.name=Еловый демонстрационный кейс
    BlueLinedSpruceCase.name=Еловый демонстрационный кейс
    GreenLinedSpruceCase.name=Еловый демонстрационный кейс
    BlackLinedSpruceCase.name=Еловый Демонстрационный Кейс
    RedLinedBirchCase.name=Берёзовый демонстрационный кейс
    BlueLinedBirchCase.name=Берёзовый демонстрационный кейс
    GreenLinedBirchCase.name=Берёзовый демонстрационный кейс
    BlackLinedBirchCase.name=Берёзовый демонстрационный кейс
    RedLinedJungleCase.name=Джунглиевый демонстрационный кейс
    BlueLinedJungleCase.name=Джунглиевый демонстрационный кейс
    GreenLinedJungleCase.name=Джунглиевый демонстрационный кейс
    BlackLinedJungleCase.name=Джунглиевый демонстрационный кейс
    OakWritingDesk.name=Дубовый письменный стол
    SpruceWritingDesk.name=Еловый письменный стол
    BirchWritingDesk.name=Берёзовый письменный стол
    JungleWritingDesk.name=Джунглиевый письменный стол
    OakTable.name=Дубовый стол
    SpruceTable.name=Еловый стол
    BirchTable.name=Берёзовый стол
    JungleTable.name=Джунглиевый стол

    whiteLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    lightGrayLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    grayLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    blackLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    redLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    orangeLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    yellowLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    limeLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    greenLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    cyanLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    lightBlueLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    blueLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    purpleLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    magentaLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    pinkLantern.name=Золотой фонарь
    brownLantern.name=Золотой фонарь

    whiteLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    lightGrayLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    grayLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    blackLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    redLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    orangeLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    yellowLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    limeLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    greenLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    cyanLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    lightBlueLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    blueLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    purpleLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    magentaLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    pinkLamp.name=Красивая лампа
    brownLamp.name=Красивая лампа

    tile.case.redline=Красная подстилка
    tile.case.blueline=Синяя подстилка
    tile.case.greenline=Зелёная подстилка
    tile.case.blackline=Чёрная подстилка

    lamp.hood0=Белая крышка
    lamp.hood1=Светло серая крышка
    lamp.hood2=Серая крышка
    lamp.hood3=Чёрная крышка
    lamp.hood4=Красная крышка
    lamp.hood5=Рыжая крышка
    lamp.hood6=Жёлтая крышка
    lamp.hood7=Лаймовая крышка
    lamp.hood8=Зелёная крышка
    lamp.hood9=Голубая крышка
    lamp.hood10=Светло синяя крышка
    lamp.hood11=Синяя крышка
    lamp.hood12=Фиолетовая крышка
    lamp.hood13=Пурпурная крышка
    lamp.hood14=Розовая крышка
    lamp.hood15=Коричневая крышка

    lantern.candle0=Белая свеча
    lantern.candle1=Светло серая свеча
    lantern.candle2=Серая свеча
    lantern.candle3=Чёрная свеча
    lantern.candle4=Красная свеча
    lantern.candle5=Рыжая свеча
    lantern.candle6=Жёлтая свеча
    lantern.candle7=Лаймовая свеча
    lantern.candle8=Зелёная свеча
    lantern.candle9=Голубая свеча
    lantern.candle10=Светло синяя свеча
    lantern.candle11=Синяя свеча
    lantern.candle12=Фиолетовая свеча
    lantern.candle13=Пурпурная свеча
    lantern.candle14=Розовая свеча
    lantern.candle15=Коричневая свеча

    // Items
    item.tapeMeasure.name=Измерительная рулетка
    item.tape.name=Колёсико Измерительной рулетки
    item.BiblioChase.name=Каркас печатной пластины
    item.PrintPlate.name=Печатная пластина
    item.EnchantedPlate.name=Зачарованная пластина
    item.BiblioRedBook.name=Красный камень: том I
    item.BiblioGlasses.tintedglasses.name=Солнцезащитные очки
    item.BiblioCreativeLock.name=Замок и ключ
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    posted a message on Magic Bees: Magic themed bees for Forestry; The Successor to ThaumicBees
    Hello there, Myst! Can I ask you a bit of a technical question? How do you test thaumic bees? Do you compile it with MCP, and put into .minecraft folder with thaumcraft 3 every time, or is there a way to include thaumcraft into MCP environment so you can test it with MCP's script? And yes, I know, you can't run deobufuscated minecraft with obufuscated mods, but if there are addons for mods, then there should be a way to make testing them more convinient...
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    Quote from Dadlewis

    I would love to see a return of the terrain effects from taint back in the days but with an easier way to control the spreading. I had so much fun messing and testing with the tainted areas.

    PFFFF, don't be a *****! Easier way to control the spreading would make everything too easy! HARDCORE!
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Suggestion: add a sloth. And make mallards/ducks give advices. Like ingame tutorial for all the basic things in your mod. Cuz advice mallards would be EXTREMELY AWESOME.
    Quote from severin119

    Hello! I really want to add mo' creatures to a technic modpack that i am using, but whem i launch my game, i get a grey screen. i have forge and gui api installed, as well as these mods: backpackmod, bibliocraft, divinerpg, enchanting plus, extabiomesxl, mobspawncontrols, mobdismemberment, mofoodandcrops, mysticpackv1, thaumcraft 3, twilightforest, wars mod, weather mod v1.3, witches and more. any help is very much appreciated.

    Hello! I really want to add mo' creatures to a technic modpack that i am using, but whem i launch my game, i get a grey screen. i have forge and gui api installed, as well as these mods: backpackmod, bibliocraft, divinerpg, enchanting plus, extabiomesxl, mobspawncontrols, mobdismemberment, mofoodandcrops, mysticpackv1, thaumcraft 3, twilightforest, wars mod, weather mod v1.3, witches and more. any help is very much appreciated.

    Use FTB launcher and chose the ultimate pack. Add it through the launcher's mod adding menu. FTB Launcher have auto ­ resolver, and any ­ that happends get fixed automaticaly. feed-the-beast.com
    Technic/tekkit sucks. It's illegal.
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    posted a message on The end of real servers?
    Why would anyone need real servers when you have a quick and easy way to play with your friends for some cash? Realms instead of real servers are a lot better! People just pay da money, and get a server with bunch of mods/plugins (minecraft API, right?) they want, capable of holding up to <amount of money paid>/100 people! You just open realms menu, find server you like, and press join! Real servers will still be used by people, who want to play with their friends without paying money, but it is hard to open a port on router for some people..... So yeah, people who are too dumb, too lazy, or just don't have fast enough computer or quick enough internet connection will pay for realms server, that's all!

    And everyone's favourite Project Ares will be avaliable for all people to join through the realms menu, in "PVP and game maps" tab or something.

    See? It's not a problem! It's the future! And if you are scared of changes, you can play minesweeper on windows 2000, it never changes :)
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    Quote from d95

    Please,stop this... Ever since the obj importer stuff started, ive seen many models that are far too realistic / round for minecraft.

    Minecraft is blocky, so maintain the artstyle by making stuff blocky and not shoth/round because it doesnt fit in mc.

    Azanor uses/used techne, and the results have isnspired me for a long time.i love the blockyness of thaumcraft and all the details and i dont want smoth shaded models to take the blocky models place.

    I use techne for all my models, and the results are great and they fit the game perfecly compared to more... Highpoly models that make mc look like quake 1(wich is a bad thing)

    Obj don't mean round! You can make far more advanced blocky models with obj loader, noone asks for round and curvy models! If you want to create a 3D item like in your hand in techne, you have to create >9000 little cubes, and with obj models you can do it with a texture and a magic 3DS max tool. It's just more easy to make blocky cube models in 3DS max or maya, than techne.
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