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    Hello everyone!,

    Here is something I have been working on for sometime.

    It is a multievent, multicomplex and Multi-floor mega center and it goes by the name CatsCon. Originally it started out small. After all this is the fourth iteration of the building... and probably will be as big as it gets! I stopped working on the project for sometime because it was just so big, and I wasn't getting all of the help I needed... However recently I've got the courage to resume progress on it... but I'll still need some help!!

    But what you came for is to see the build so here you go!! (Feel free to add suggestions, ideas, or comments!)

    I wish I could add more photos, but the limit is 5. If you are good at building (Modern/ Trad), You can do landscaping/ nature stuff... or you are good at making vehicles I'd love for you to reach out to me (you can direct message me if you like) and I would appreciate any help I can get!!

    Thanks! :)


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    Allo' , fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w here.

    Age: 18

    Discord: fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w-Generation2_OCW#1161

    Roles applying for

    Musician - FL Studio

    Actor - PC Mic , buying Headset in less than a week

    Builder - Built spawns for several friends , and for OutKasted made a few sets

    I have done some acting in 2 series , Tekkit with PandaTurds Season 2 & OutKasted by JaguarFilms.

    Although my regular voice is terrible , I have been working on a different voice for the past week or so , and while it's not perfect , I can hold it for about a minute before I start to have my voice crack. Basically I raise my voice extremely high so it sounds like a child's voice.

    I have done building for OutKasted and have helped a few of my friends with their server's builds , mainly spawns.

    Right now I just have my PC mic , but on September 1st I am going shopping for a legit headset.

    I use FL Studio to create music , though I usually use Non-Copyright Royalty-Free drums , as I cannot make good sounding drums. Everything else is 100% me though in my music.

    Please consider me for the series. I will do the voice-acting there , as I don't know where to send the video to.

    I am available most days.

    Tuesday and Thursday between 17:00 to 21:00 I am unavailable however.

    I am going to put some of my music on youTube (that I haven't already) and I'll put one in the comment in a bit.

    My music (playlist) [Shows just I'm the Potato for some reason]

    Hey it would be awesome for you to join the team, I'll add ya in discord!

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    Hello! Mr_herobrine_JR here!

    I'm sure you read the title , Right? well if you did you know why your here! If not.. maybe look at the title :)

    Anyway, sarcasm Aside Me and others are Recruiting people to help in a film series called " The Server Series" and Episode one is called "BANNED" When applying for these roles please keep in mind that you need to know Good English, and also (if applicable) Need to be decent at acting, Listening is another big thing when making something like this, communication is vital, If you are interested in any of these positions, please Message me on the fourm, We would request that you do have a Discord account so you can be invited to the server to make communication even easier.
    If you have acted, or done something for other Minecraft films on YouTube or Machinimas, that is a huge plus. But we are happy to give everyone a chance! All of these Jobs can be somewhat demanding so keep that in mind :)

    We are Looking for


    Amount- Two Editors

    Job/Role- Editors will be the ones that will record, and Edit the video that is recorded. This is a fairly demanding role, keep in mind you should be able to record AT LEAST 30fps with shaders, mods, and a Texture pack, Although 60fps is preferred. You also need to be available as often as possible, of course stuff happens, and its fine if you cant make it. We need at least one editor around Europe, and one near the USA. You should also have sufficent experience editing things, in your preferred program

    What you'll need- for recording OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) [Free] , Bandicam [Payed], or Even better if you have a Capture card. For Editing, as much as we like it Movie Maker does NOT count as an editing program. But anything else should work ( Premier, Camtasia, etc). For Shaders You will be running SEUS Renewed v1.0.0 (Make sure you can run them! :P) , The texture pack is Faithful 32x, and as of now the only Mod we are using is the Custom NPC's Mod.


    Amount- Ten Actors

    Actors will be Voice Actors and/ or Body actors ( In game with your Minecraft character- * skin change may be required though!) Not too hard of a job, For recording just use your phone Laptop or Mic, if you have something good, record it ever so how, and send if off to us. For "body acting" this can be a little more challenging, it required a lot of listening but can also be a fun job ( Bloopers included)

    What you'll need - If body acting, a computer that can run Minecraft ( even if its a potato, I know how it is :/) and you can move around and change skins, etc. If voice acting Just use whats listed above and send the stuff in, you may have to alternate your voice, or do more than one attempt, No one is perfect :)

    Skin artists

    Amount- Two Skin artits

    Job/Role- Skin artists will have the fun role of creating all of the skins in the film series, if you enjoy making skins, and want your work to be showed off ( custom skins for the series) then awesome, we could Really.. really use you!

    What you'll need - Your preferred skin making application, and your awesome Talent


    Amount- One Musician

    Job/Role- Will create the awesome music for the series,

    What you'll need - Whatever you use to create your jams, from it being live performance ( Awesome! :D ) , or being FL studio. Preferred formats are MP3, after music is created and composed

    Co- Director

    Amount- One CO-DIRECTOR

    Job/Role- Basically the role of the director, but You will need to be in the USA, or be extremely flexible to get this position. You will need to direct the film like the Director would do it, and Make sure it turns out well, having two directors on each side of the would would help things get done much quicker

    What you'll need - Your Directing Skillz

    GFX Artist

    Amount- One GFX Artist

    Job/Role- Will create the awesome artwork covers for each Film/Episode

    What you'll need- Basically just the program you use, and your talent, yeah , really that's all,,, wow, this is a, lot , of commas..


    Amount- Two Animators

    Job/Role- Will animate short scenes for the film/series for things that we are incapable of doing in Minecraft

    What you'll need - Your Program and your talent.


    Amount- Two Builders

    Job/Role- Will help create the awesome custom builds in the series!

    What you'll need - Minecraft, time, and your building skill ( Styles that are preferred are - Modern, Trad, Medieval, and any other styles)


    Amount- one extremely passionate/ good writer

    Job/Role- Will create the amazing story and adventure for future episodes ( there is a baseline, and Ideas that have already been put out)

    What you'll need Paper, Pencil, Eras- Wait, this is the 21st century, you'll need a computer that you can type on for writing, you may also by chance help with scripting. And of course Your Skill and compassion.

    Good luck, Hope to get some new people :)

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