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    posted a message on How do you put a screenshot on here?
    First of all, you gotta upload the screenshot to a image hosting website, i'd recommend imageshack.
    It will give you a direct link for the picture, then just click the small picture with a tree on your post options and insert the direct link in there, imageshack for example will give you a forum link, just paste it, should work too,
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    posted a message on New Creative Mod Features
    Quote from Portadiam

    I wasn't talking about survival mode. Even in creative the idea is to build your world block by block.

    Oh, i'm sorry, then, there could be an alternative gamemode only for this kind of building...would be really useful.
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    posted a message on New Creative Mod Features
    Quote from Portadiam

    Useful but defies the Minecraft idea of making things from scratch

    But...that is the survival..a worldedit vanilla would just help to build in the creative mode...
    and the creative mode was meant to build things =P
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    posted a message on New Creative Mod Features
    So, yea it's me with another suggestion.
    What if we could have better creative mode features?
    Have you ever heard of worldedit?

    "WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer, that lets you:
    • Quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds
    • Level an entire mountain and replace it with natural looking terrain (with brush tools)
    • Generate spheres, cylinders, cuboids, forests, pumpkin patches, and snowy areas
    • Use your compass to quickly teleport to areas by left clicking or using /jumpto
    • Choose an area and have it instantly restored from backups
    • Copy areas, paste them, load them, and save them as .schematics"
    What if we could have this in creative vanilla?
    Atleast a command to make walls!
    Wouldn't it be useful? Leave your opinnion below!
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    posted a message on Mirrors!
    Quote from Terrorizer231

    When I said "What do they look like?", I meant the models for the mirrors (the item "Mirror" and its corresponding block "Mirror").

    Owell..hmm imagine a glass pane, reflecting...is that what you mean?
    If not, don't worry the banner is comming soon
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    posted a message on Mirrors!
    Quote from Droideka30

    Do you realize how much coding that would require and how much lag that would cause?

    It wouldn't need that much of coding...just saying...
    It could possibly cause lag...if they would make light also reflect...
    Quote from Terrorizer231

    Several things:
    • It could also be used for a funhouse/ mirrored maze.
    • If two mirrors face each other, what would they show?
    • Are they placed like glass panes?
    • What do they look like?
    • Why sand? Why not iron or some other reflective material?

    1.Great Idea!
    2.They should turn black...so it won't causes problems.
    5.No idea xD
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    posted a message on Mirrors!
    Java...reflections...hmm...they could atleast try it...
    The main problem is the lighting...that doesn't affect reflections much, does it...?
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    posted a message on Mirrors!
    Howdy'all, so as the title says...we could have mirrors as a decoration!.
    The idea is very simple to understand...it's a ...mirror in minecraft!

    Is this needed?

    Of course it is! Not only because of the decoration...

    But...you need to know what do you look like
    before dating that sexy pig!

    But...yea...decoration mainly!

    Crafting Recipe:
    Waiting for more ideas!
    Banner Comming Soon
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    posted a message on Telescope ( just for fun :) )
    Perfect idea!
    I might do a banner for it soon =)
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    posted a message on Anvils, Repair the item that Repairs YOUR items.
    Super epic idea!
    useful...just useful!
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: Mr_danpain
    Age: 13
    Previous RP Experience: None, it's my first rp server =)
    Why do you wish to join?:I wanna try rp so much, and this server...it just looks really GOOD CONCEPTED to me, it's just...great.
    What can you bring to the server?:I can bring a player, wich will bring more players for sure...
    I can also try to do some design / programming if you guys need me to.
    Wanna check some works?Look at my sign, and click clicky Website
    Name: Danpain
    Age: 15
    Appearance: He is tall, and strong...he's not pretty...at all, he does have huge ears, and a big nose too!His face, is full of dark and red spot, no one knows why. He was born blind, but due to a secret potion, he's finally able to see now. His hair is pretty big, and it's brown, his color is between brown and white, but more on the brown. his cloths are messy! they are rally dirty, the clothes colour, is soft green.
    Personality: He might seem to be a bit rough, but...try to know more about him, he's a really soft and kind person. Since he was born in a small village...he isn't very adapted to other cultures, or big groups of people.
    Background Story: Danpain was born on a poor small village on the Aurelia Planet, everyone had to work in there...
    ​he started hunting and mining when he was 8, when day...he wen't minning too far away...and a soft voice atracted him to somekind of a mistic room...The voice then told him, he was born in one planet, and he could step in the portal to get a new life in the Iriliath planet...but he couldn't bring anything or anyone with him...he then walked into the portal.there were dangers in Iriliath, but it was also a very good place for him to make his own village! he was scared when he reached that land...there was dragons...
    he never saw one of those...now everything is okay for him.
    Since the moment he found this place, his life has been transformed into another reality.
    Sorry if the description isn't very good...it's the first time i play something wich is about fantasy.
    If you see something wrong, please correct me.
    Plus, my grammar isn't great, english isn't my native.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Sounds Distorted
    Could you please try to record the sounds and link them here?
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    posted a message on The copy machine
    This, sir, it would be super useful.
    Nothing much to say, just useful and great.
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    posted a message on Which Material Should I Use?
    2nd one in my opinion, i guess it looks better than the other ones, may i ask what block is it?
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