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About me OooOoOOH...

Hey, My name's Daniel Monteiro and i'm a teenager who loves everything IT related, software mostly.

No, i do not like hardware much, sorry :C.

So, as i said up there, i really do love computer science, and obviously coding(You saw that comming!). Yea, i really do love to see useful things comming out of pieces of code.

My favorite language is Python, Python, Python and Python, but don't forget that beside those, i also do enjoy Python.

No, but seriously...python's awesome and i recommend it 100% I also do code some VB and Javascript..

On my free times i do coding, obviously, gaming, and there's also something called [email protected]:

Mhm, it's true, it's something that you hangout with friends and such, google it!

About the games i play, i usually like many types of them, from FPS to MMORPG, so, there goes a listy list.

Toribash, Tibia, Warface, League of Legends, Call of Duty MW3, NFSW, Minecraft.

That's pretty much me.

-Thank you for reading this.

Interests Programming; Art; Design, Music, Gamming [email protected]:

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